Letter Of Recommendation Template For Employee (With Examples)

A letter of recommendation is an important document for an employee looking for a new job.

It can help a person stand out from the rest, and shows that the recommender knows the person well. 

A company or firm writing a letter of recommendation for an employee is important because it shows that the individual has been thought of favorably by their former employer. 

The letter can also serve as a positive reference when applying for new jobs or promotions. When writing a letter of recommendation, it is important to be honest and unbiased. 

It is also important to remember that the author may not know all aspects of the individual’s job performance.

Therefore, it is best to provide as much information as possible in order to provide a complete picture.

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5 Tips On How To Write A Good Letter of Recommendation For An Employee 

1. Gather Accurate Information On The Individual You’re Recommending 

When writing the letter, be sure to gather accurate information about the individual you are recommending. For example, does employee A have any experience working in your organization? 

What specific skills or qualities does he or she bring to the table? By providing accurate information, you will ensure that your letter is helpful and relevant. 

When crafting your letter of recommendation, keep in mind that it should reflect positively on employee A. Write about their strengths and why they are an excellent fit for your organization.

 Include anecdotes that support your points and avoid giving negative feedback unless it’s directly related to the applicant’s qualifications. 

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2. Be Specific And Objective 

When writing a letter of recommendation for an employee, it is important to be specific and objective. 

 Here are a few hints to help you do this: 

  • Start by stating the facts about the employee. Be descriptive, but avoid giving opinions or evaluative statements. 
  • Summarize the employee’s skills and accomplishments in a few sentences. 
  •  Discuss how the employee has contributed to the team or organizational goals. 
  • Describe any challenges or problems that the employee has faced while working at your company, and how they have overcome them. 
  •  Share any observations you have about the individual’s character or personality traits. 
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3. Focus On Highlighting Their strengths Not Weaknesses 

The letter should focus on the employee’s strengths and accomplishments, not their weaknesses. 

If you are considering writing a letter of recommendation for an employee, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start by describing the individual’s strengths. This will help you focus your words and make your letter more effective.
  • Be specific about what the employee has done that merits praise. Don’t generalize, and be sure to mention specific examples of their skills and achievements.
  •  Explain why you think the employee would be a good addition to another organization or team. Make sure to quantify your reasons with facts and figures if possible.
  •  End your letter by reiterating how impressed you are with the employee’s qualities and character, and imploring the recipient to consider giving them a job or promotion within their company or organization.

4. The Letter Should Be Honest And Unbiased

If you are writing a letter of recommendation for an employee, be honest and unbiased in your words.

 Your letter should be tailored to the individual you are recommending, not just copying and pasting what you think is appropriate for everyone.

 Keep in mind that the recipient of the letter will read it, so make sure your words are sincere and accurate.

5. The Letter Should Be Properly Dated And Signed By The Manager Who Wrote It

When writing a letter of recommendation for an employee, it is important to follow proper guidelines. The letter should be properly dated and signed by the manager who wrote it. 

Additionally, the letter should be tailored to the specific employee and include specific reasons why the manager believes the employee would be a good fit for a new position or continued employment with their current company. 

Lastly, make sure to send the letter directly to the potential employer – not via company email or fax!

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Letter of Recommendation Template For An Employee 

Example 1

April 1, 2022

Collins Harcourt


The Riverbird group

409 Donald’s Avenue

Missouri, CT 4215

Dear Mrs. Emily,

I highly recommend Stephanie West for a position in your company as I have closely worked with her for years and can attest to her qualification for the role. 

She possesses great thinking skills, great work habits, and interpersonal skills as she headed various group projects during her time working with me. 

She has a high intuition and a high thirst for success, which makes her willing to do whatever is needed to improve her personal growth and ensure the success of the firm.

I certainly believe she’ll be a great addition to your firm and help your firm attain even greater heights. 

If you wish to gain more information and clarification on this recommendation do not relent in contacting me.

Yours Sincerely

Collins Harcourt


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Example 2

August 3, 2022

Emily Walters


Fishers Company

208 Bakers Street

Landitong, CT 1178

Dear Mr. Colin,

I am writing to recommend Charlene Peters for a position at your reputable company. I have known Charlene Peters for 5 years during which she worked as a customer care representative and can attest to her great skills, character, and work ethic. 

Ms. Peters is extremely intelligent and highly motivated. She will fully commit herself to a position with your company with a high level of diligence, I am sure of that.

 She can take in a lot of knowledge quickly and has demonstrated this skill. Ms. Peters has proven to be able to express knowledge and thoughts both verbally and in writing.

Charlene has also been successful in getting the media that we reach out to interested. She has demonstrated her ability to produce her ability to be creative and handle all her duties and difficult situations flawlessly. 

Ms. Peters is not afraid to take chances. She will make contact with people and enlist their assistance in projects. I particularly value Laura’s initiative and eagerness to help the workplace.

She would be an excellent addition to your team and I believe would make a significant impact on your organization. 

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding her qualifications or experience. 


Emily Walters


Final Remarks 

Always keep in mind that a well-crafted letter of recommendation can be an essential tool in securing a job or promotion.

 It can also boost your resume’s impact and help you stand out from the competition.

 If you are looking to create a letter of recommendation for an employee, we have included a template and examples above that will help you get started.

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