How Much Does Linkedin Recruiter Cost

LinkedIn is a popular site that you must have heard about, but you still have questions about what LinkedIn Recruiter is and how it functions.

LinkedIn is a large professional social network that contains a program called recruiter that is used to find and contact the best prospects for a business or job. 

You can purchase a monthly or annual subscription to use LinkedIn Recruiter’s premium services, which will provide you access to many essential features.

Your ideal candidates will be shortlisted for you by a recruiter from LinkedIn, and you can connect your activity with projects, premium profiles, and comments on candidates. 

Through InMail, LinkedIn’s messaging platform, you can even get in touch with job seekers directly.

This article provides information on LinkedIn Recruiter and other related information such as how LinkedIn recruiter works, how to access it, and how much it cost.

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About Linkedin Recruiter

The LinkedIn recruiter is a tool for finding and interacting with candidates in line with source requirements. 

You can easily access all of LinkedIn’s passive and active applicants with the aid of a recruiter, but to use the recruiter, you must have a personal LinkedIn account. 

When using LinkedIn Recruiter and you want to focus on the most qualified candidates, you can use the search filters.


How Linkedin Recruiter Works

You can quickly locate the ideal candidate for your job using LinkedIn Recruiter because, on this platform, candidates can be looked up for a certain position. 

But first, you must develop a project and include all the necessary information in the project for the position you are seeking.

You can find the right applicant using LinkedIn, the largest professional social network in the world. 

The filters make it simple to narrow down the candidates and if you wish to engage the candidates once you’ve narrowed down your list, you can send direct messages and make direct connections with them.

How To Use Linkedin Recruiter

You must have a personal LinkedIn account to use a Linkedin recruiter. 

On the website’s home page, click the recruiter option in the top right corner to log in or create a new Linkedin account. 

Press the button for the recruiter and you can use the advanced search function by going there and entering the job title, location, and skills.

In line with your search, many profiles will be returned, so if you need someone to look for software engineers for your job, you can conduct a search based on your qualifications, geography, etc.

According to your searches, LinkedIn Recruiter will present the top profiles to you and you can look through all of those profiles and decide which ones to hire. 

When you get someone, you can simply send them a direct message using Inmail, which will save a lot of your precious time.

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How To Access Linkedin Recruiter 

You need to have a LinkedIn account to use the LinkedIn recruiter tool and access recruiters on LinkedIn. 

You must pay a monthly or yearly subscription to a LinkedIn recruiter to use all the premium searching features.

How Much Linkedin Recruiter Cost

A one-year subscription to LinkedIn Recruiter costs $8,999 and it costs $825 per month for a monthly plan. 

All capabilities, including advanced search filters and access to all LinkedIn members’ full profiles, will be available to you. 

Additionally, each seat holder will receive 150 InMail messages each month.

You must purchase a subscription, which is extremely expensive, to access all the capabilities of LinkedIn Recruiter. 

But generally, it’s all worthwhile because you can access all the premium features of a LinkedIn recruiter by paying for a subscription to one.

You can look for applicants for your position and send them inbox messages with the LinkedIn recruiter.

Your work will be greatly facilitated by LinkedIn’s recruiter, who will filter candidates based on your needs. 

To hire the ideal applicant for your business quickly, you can contact them.

How To Source More Candidates On Linkedin 

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network; you can use the LinkedIn recruiter to find more applicants. 

You can conduct extensive searches with the aid of LinkedIn’s recruiter, and AI-based recommendations will provide you with reasonable prospects immediately.

You can enter the characteristics you’re looking for in a candidate and based on your search, the LinkedIn recruiter will present you with appealing profiles.

Differences Between Linkedin And Linkedin Recruiter

To have a LinkedIn recruiter account, you must have a LinkedIn account, but it is not mandatory to have a LinkedIn recruiter account before having a LinkedIn account. 

Using your LinkedIn account is free of cost, but to use the premium features of a LinkedIn recruiter account, you must buy a subscription which is a bit costly.

Your personal LinkedIn account will provide you with a professional presence on the web and only you will have access to edit your profile or maintain your network. 

With a LinkedIn recruiter, your team can access LinkedIn’s entire network, including the active and passive networks.

You can synchronize your team’s activities with shared projects, advanced searches, profiles, and candidate notes. 

Using LinkedIn recruiter, you will be able to contact candidates through InMail, which is LinkedIn’s trusted environment for messaging. 


If you or your company wants to hire and recruit the best possible person according to the job you want, you can use the LinkedIn recruiter to find the perfect person in a short time.

This investment is worth it, and using a LinkedIn recruiter is very safe since it is worldwide and saves a lot of time. 

You can even check out everyone’s profile on LinkedIn using a LinkedIn recruiter and it also allows you to send direct messages to the candidates. 

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