How To Make Money On Wattpad 2024

Since its launch, Wattpad has gained popularity as a reputable online community for authors and readers who have a strong love for the written word.

Wattpad is the best place to start if you’re a writer who writes fiction, fan fiction, or nonfiction and you want to share your works with like-minded people who might even be prepared to pay to read your books.

Although it was established in 2006, making money on Wattpad Books was just introduced in 2019. 

This article provides all available information on Wattpad and how you can make money on Wattpad in 2024.

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About Wattpad

Toronto, Canada-based Wattpad is a reading site and an online community with both writers and readers. 

The hugely well-liked global community of Wattpad serves as a creative area for authors to publish their stories and for readers to appreciate unique content.

Authors that post to Wattpad and gain a following discover that the platform does provide a platform for exponential growth as a writer.

Readers are also welcome to offer suggestions and comments regarding books, and authors are free to respond to them directly. 

Engagement with readers is essential for success in the Wattpad Star and Wattpad Paid Stories programs and is a sign that the platform is going in the right direction.

Unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, Wattpad users are more devoted to the platform. 

That’s because they are not merely loving or following because of a single post, but they have read your Wattpad stories and appreciated them so much that they want to read more.

As a result, Wattpad can serve as a springboard for a successful writing career.

Some of the well-known authors who began their careers on Wattpad include Anna Todd, Beth Reekles, and Abigail Gibbs. 

These authors produced consistent and compelling stories on their Wattpad sites and established a significant fan base. 

Their popularity on Wattpad resulted in publishing deals that made these authors famous all over the world.

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How Does Wattpad Work?

Wattpad is an amazing platform for writers to publish their work and have it read by devoted readers.

With Wattpad, you don’t even need to go through a self-publishing process or publish your work through a publishing business. 

Authors on Wattpad have the option of directly uploading their work to the website to make it available to readers.

Making an account is the first step for writers, then you can upload your stories and start getting followers.

Wattpad offers over 50 writing resources for writers, so even if you are just starting or writing your first novel, Wattpad is there to help.

Like other social media sites, Wattpad functions similarly, so you can share your work, whether it be nonfiction or fiction, and develop a following after you have an account.

You can get more attention and stand out among Wattpad writers if you have a big fan base that is dedicated to your work.

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Can You Make Money On Wattpad?

As a writer on Wattpad, there are several ways you can earn money.

But writing on Wattpad is not the best approach if you want to make money quickly because writing on this platform is a journey.

However, if you have a strong desire to write, you enjoy what you do, and you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to create fantastic stories that win the support of a dedicated readership, Wattpad may be a fantastic opportunity for you to make money from your passion.

Essentially, it takes time to earn money on Wattpad.

How To Make Money On Wattpad

1. Become a Wattpad Star

One of the best ways to earn money on Wattpad is through the Wattpad Stars program, which is not for those hoping to take advantage of the program and make quick money.

You must be a consistent Wattpad user with a body of work already published and an active fan following to become a star. 

Wattpad will evaluate your profile for interaction and popularity as well as the kind and caliber of the content you publish.

To become a Wattpad Star, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must have uploaded a narrative story to your profile that is at least 50,000 words long.
  • You must have begun a new story once in the last 365 days.
  • In the previous three months, you must have edited or revised a section of a piece.
  • In the last 60 days, you must have logged into Wattpad.
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2. Patronage

A patron is a devoted supporter who appreciates your work and wants to give you money so you may keep doing what you do. 

Patrons have traditionally played a significant role in the life of artists and patronage is one way to indirectly earn money on Wattpad.

The Wattpad Paid Stories program is Wattpad’s on-site patronage system.

Some of your Wattpad stories can have a paywall built in front of them so that only those who are eager to read and prepared to pay can access them. 

Although for these benefits, you must already be a Wattpad Star. 

Wattpad claims that Wattpad Paid Stories is the answer to readers who desire the chance to support the authors they adore.

A writer can get small sums of money from a base of supporters rather than relying on royalties or advances from a publishing business advertisement or other methods of making money.

A writer may have a small number of readers, or they may have hundreds but your interaction with a devoted fan base is crucial.

Although it may not seem like much, the more customers you have, the more money you will make.

3. Wattpad Books

Popular authors have the chance to have their works published on the platform through Wattpad Books. 

The editorial team at Wattpad is always on the lookout for the best authors and those who consistently produce high-caliber material with a sizable following.

So, continue to write stories and post them to the platform if you want to take advantage of Wattpad Books. 

And remember to develop a devoted following that will frequently visit your profile to view new books.

Wattpad pays special attention to consistent audience engagement.

The Wattpad editorial staff is more likely to notice and accept your application to publish through Wattpad Books if you can communicate with your readers in a way that keeps them returning to your profile.

4. Wattpad Studios

Like Wattpad Books, Wattpad Studios can give an amazing opportunity to get your work published and start making considerable income.

However, monetizing your work through Wattpad Studios can take some time, much like on Wattpad Books. 

To work at Wattpad Studios, you must be a writer with a large following of engaged, devoted readers and a body of previously published work.

Wattpad can connect you with specialists in the TV or film industry, where there is a chance to have your work adapted for the screen if you have Studios and a successful profile.

5. Brand Partnerships

One of the best ways to earn money on Wattpad is through brand partnerships.

Relevant brands can profit from your popularity if you have a sizable audience in a particular niche.

Once again, you need to be a Wattpad Star to use the brand collaborations.

If you are not a celebrity, a brand will probably not work with you because they want to reach a larger audience.

Finding a brand willing to sponsor can take some time, even though brand collaborations pay more.  


Wattpad has been in existence for a while now and it’s easier for writers to make money online through this platform.

You can develop a devoted following to raise your chances of being published with Wattpad Books, put on screen by Wattpad Studios, or work with brands.

Remember that consistent uploads show that you value and care about your writing, increasing your exposure and giving you more chances to develop.

Last but not least, be patient with Wattpad because it’s a writing journey and you can’t make money with it overnight.

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