Does Kroger Drug Test?

One of the biggest employers in the American retail industry is Kroger.

Before making employment offers to qualified candidates, they typically run background checks.

This is why prospective Kroger workers may be concerned if drug testing is required as part of the background investigation procedure.

With more than 465,000 workers spread across its numerous sites, Kroger is a recognized employer.

There are frequently open part-time and full-time positions, with salespeople and cashiers receiving the most postings.

Given all this, you might be curious about Kroger’s hiring procedure, many might also simply ask, does kroger drug test?

Keep reading to learn the primary response to your query, which this article provides.

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Does Kroger Drug Test?

Kroger’s Drug Test Policy

When you apply for a job at the supermarket, you should be prepared for a drug test since Kroger is concerned about how its customers view its employees. 

According to the company’s Code of Ethics, Kroger expects all its employees to adhere to the highest moral and legal standards.

As part of the pre-employment screening process, Kroger tests job seekers for drugs and runs a quick background check. 

Although Kroger employees claim that passing a drug test is a condition for employment, they also claim that this isn’t always the case (some stores do it while others do not). The decision about whether or not a drug test is required is left up to the company.

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What Type Of Drug Test Does Kroger Use?

Using a straightforward mouth swab is one of the most often employed procedures at Kroger for drug testing new hires. 

Saliva is collected with a cotton bud and then sent to a lab for analysis. For up to three or four days after ingesting a substance, a mouth swab test can find drugs in your saliva.

Which Drugs Does Kroger Test For?

Kroger drug testing searches for various mind-altering chemicals that affect a person’s behavior. In these tests, the following five chemical panels are frequently looked at:

Cocaine, methamphetamine, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP)

What Will Happen If My Drug Test Comes Out Positive?

Employees at Kroger who fail a drug test risk losing their jobs. It is therefore recommended to refrain from using drugs when you are being interviewed at Kroger if you are a regular user. 

According to experts on drug use, if you refrain from using drugs for at least four days to a week, you can pass a drug test.

Be aware that Kroger may require a drug test before making you an offer of employment, so be informed that your job is just temporary until you pass the test. 

Since you don’t know when you’ll be tested, you should refrain from getting drunk during the entire procedure (starting a few days before the process begins).

When Do Kroger Drug Test Employees? 

A Kroger store manager may request random drug testing in the following circumstances:

1. Post-Accident Drug Tests

If you work for Kroger, you might also have to take a post-accident drug test. Your shop manager will ask you to submit a drug test in the case of an accident at work as per company policy to guarantee a great customer experience.

2. Random tests 

Even though random drug testing is relatively uncommon, Kroger stores may, by company policy, request random drug tests from all employees.

3. Suspicion tests

If management deems an employee’s behavior to be inappropriate or if they exhibit signs of drug addiction, they may be asked to submit to a drug test. Also, keep in mind that as an employee, you will be subject to random drug testing at any moment by your employer.


You will be asked to take a drug test to prove that you weren’t intoxicated if you hurt yourself, a coworker, or a client. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is the shop manager’s choice and that tests are frequently carried out as part of a random or monthly evaluation of workplace safety.

What States Do Not Allow Drug Testing?

Some states, including Ohio, Arizona, New York, Colorado, and Connecticut, have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

There are various responses to this issue, and Kroger errs on the side of caution when testing for THC. THC testing is done in some establishments since its use could be a liability for the business.

For about a week after a drug test, THC can still be found. Therefore, please refrain from doing it for at least a week before a Kroger interview.


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