Does QuikTrip Drug Test?

QuikTrip operates in over 900 locations across the country. Many travelers have QuikTrip while traveling. 

Some QuikTrip stores are located in the Southeast and Midwest. It is one of the most top employers in the country. 


Interested persons looking to get employed should be on the watch because you may be surprised by a drug test.

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Does Quiktrip Drug Test New Applicants?

Now to keep up to the standard of being one of the best convenient stores in the world, QuikTrip must hire the best workers.

The wrong workers could be a problem to the company, thereby depriving them of achieving their goal of not just been one of the best stores by the best in the country. QuikTrip aims to maintain its reputation as one of the best employers in the United States. 


They have put in place a strict drug testing policy to enable them to maintain good employees and staff. This is because they want a great experience for employees and customers.

Before getting a job in QuickTrip, applicants are usually tested for the drug. Also, some QuikTrip employees will be subject to random drug tests.

Even after being employed, you can still be subjected to random tests once or twice a year, depending on the store or company. 

This is to ensure that workers do not use illegal or hard drugs so that the company will not be affected as a result of the negative impact of the drug on the worker in question. 


Most QuikTrip employees are part-time workers who will not be randomly drug tested. Still, workers could be tested under certain circumstances.

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Interesting Facts About Quiktrip

The company was established in 1958 and had stores at many locations across the country. Of course, because of the numerous branches, many people must have stopped by one of the stores. 

While more people stop by QuickTrip to buy gas, the store also sells snacks, milk, drinks, coffee, chips, salads, and more.

The company was once recorded to be one of the 100 best companies to work for, attracting many workers to them. 

QuickTrip has various stores, and different products are sold in their store, so job opportunities for job seekers may exist. 

Quiktrip Job Posting

If you are looking up to apply for QuikTrip, you should look out for the positions available. As the company grows and expands, it will need new workers to occupy different positions and replace existing workers found wanting.

You can use google to check out for new jobs as it is one of the easiest ways to search for jobs on QuikTrip.

You can also visit the company’s website to see if there are any available job opportunities. Using the websites makes it easy for you to search for jobs like shop jobs, warehouse jobs, maintenance jobs, or corporate office jobs. 

It will be stated if these jobs are available for you to apply for. If you selected which position or category you wish to work in, you can now choose the location you want to load your application. 

Fill out and submit the application. Once you do this, your application will remain active for 30 days. While you wait for the process to be completed, you will have to state your citizenship status, age, and whether you want a full-time or part-time job. 

Quiktrip Employment Benefits

As an employee at QuikTrip, there are several benefits that make your work worthwhile. Irrespective of if you work part-time or full-time, you can take advantage of some generous benefits.

Full-time workers receive some insurance benefits, including dental, vision, and health insurance. Part-time workers are not left behind as they can enroll in the benefits plan once they have worked for QuikTrip for one year. 

They also have financial benefits as employees can benefit from company 401k plans, employer profit-sharing contributions, and employee stock ownership plans.

Also, there are also the vacation benefits taken care of by the company. A full-time worker receives a two weeks vacation after working for one year. This is to say that the longer you stay committed and work with the company, the more vacation you get. 

QuikTrip Pre-Employment Drug Tests

Immediately after you apply for a job at QuikTrip, the pre-employment process begins. The HR of the company will call you as a new employee. They will ask you some questions to get to know you and your work experience. 

An interview will be scheduled for this purpose. If the interview is successful, you will likely get a job. After this, you will be asked to submit a drug test. The drug test will determine if you will work with QuikTrip or not. 

What Drugs Will Quiktrip Test For?

Applicants should find out which drugs are to be tested to be on the safer side, but you will be given a five-panel drug test designed to detect the five most commonly abused drugs, which are; 

  • PCP
  • THC
  • Amphetamine
  • Opiates 
  • Cocaine. 

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Types Of Drug Tests Used By QuikTrip

The company has access to several types of drug tests. Most companies prefer using the saliva drug test because it is cheap and effective. 

Urine drug tests are effective and cheap but will take longer than the saliva test, and QuikTrip uses the 5-panel urine drug tests.

Samples will be collected from the applicant and taken to a third-party clinic, where the samples will be sent to a lab to determine what medications the applicant has been taking.

If your drug test comes out negative, you stand a high chance of getting the job, otherwise, you will lose the job. 

How The Quiktrip Drug Test Works

The process of the QuikTrip drug test is more difficult than the saliva test. Visit a nearby facility since the process is a urine test. 

Your urine sample will be collected in a medical clinic. After which, you will receive paperwork and instructions to complete a drug test. 

You will be asked to pee in a cup and take it back to the clinic. Make sure you follow every instruction you were given correctly. 


QuikTrip uses the 5-panel urine drug test to detect the intake of drugs of their applicants and the type of drugs. 

If you are interested in applying for a position in QuikTrip, then make sure your system is clean and free from any type of abusive drug. 

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