Does Planet Fitness Drug Test Employees?

Planet Fitness is a gym center that offers memberships at super low prices and a “judgment-free zone.”

They have become successful by marketing to out-of-shape people who want to lose weight. Drug testing is not a priority for Planet Fitness as overall employee wellness is not something they actively pursue. 

To know if Planet Fitness Drug Test Employees is unlikely even though drugs are not allowed on site (at least legally).

Planet Fitness has locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. They provide cardio machines, tanning beds for members to use, and free pizza on the first Monday of each month.

They even have a “lunk alarm,” which sounds when members grunting or moaning are too loud!

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Factors Influencing Planet Fitness Drug Test

Some factors influence Planet fitness’ decision to do a drug test. Some of those vital factors to keep in mind include:

  • Line Of Business 

Even though drug testing is not a priority for Planet Fitness, its focus is on its business. It is easy to see why they do not seriously consider drug testing employees. 

Their business model is not to provide a healthy lifestyle, nor do they provide a safe and secure environment for their employees. They don’t actively pursue employee wellness by offering specific discounts but just general health tips (like being more active).

Planet Fitness’s business model offers cheap memberships to people who want to lose weight.

Planet Fitness’s business model supports a healthy lifestyle, and they provide a safe and secure environment for their employees.

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  • Job Positions 

If you work at Planet Fitness, you can expect to be expected to help with cleaning the equipment and general facilities upkeep. 

Planet Fitness doesn’t tell anyone they’re drug testing. 

A position like this at Planet fitness doesn’t need someone who looks nice or is in shape but just an employee who can show up on time and do their job correctly.

Planet Fitness has become successful by marketing to out-of-shape people who want to lose weight, which means they don’t have any real incentive for drug testing since they don’t want employees using drugs while working there anyway! 

But since they are a retail business, some local stores may want to test applicants for marijuana as well as other drugs before hiring them. This could mean taking urine samples, so make sure that goes along with your lifestyle!

They may also want to test for other drugs.

Overall, Planet Fitness does not drug test its employees. They are a business and want to make money. 

However, using drugs is bad for your health and could lead to an accident, costing them more money than they’re already spending.

  • No Drug Testing Policy 

You should know that Planet Fitness does not have a drug testing policy, and this means that it is unlikely that Planet fitness will ask for drug test results from applicants or current employees. However, below are things you can do if you’re worried about getting tested:

  1. Get your doctor to sign off on the form. Then, notify them about any medications or supplements you regularly take (or occasionally). If there’s something unusual about your medical history, be sure to mention it!
  2. Talk to management at Planet Fitness as soon as possible if they ask what medication(s) are involved in helping manage conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders. It will help keep their hands off any additional questions related because someone has used these types of drugs before applying for work at their gym!
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Planet Fitness Policy

Planet fitness employees have unlimited access to the company’s home club and friendly support and help from knowledgeable staff whenever needed.

Working at Planetary Fitness benefits employees – multiple paths and opportunities for an employee.

As a Planet Fitness employee, you are expected to wear an employee t-shirt, black or khaki pants, and sneakers or black shoes.

Planet Fitness Job Requirements

Planet Fitness hires applicants with a good level of work experience with approximately five to six years of experience.

Some official requirements include a high school diploma, critical thinking, computer skills, good communication, and interpersonal skills, and a sound mind.

To become a fitness planet employee, you must have the physical ability to walk, be over 18, stand for long periods, and be able to shift about 75 pounds, and must not be recessive to chemicals.

Responsibilities At Planet Fitness Company

All employees are expected to perform primary duties, meaning that regardless of the variety of work each office performs, there are some typical responsibilities in all positions.

Such is the ability to provide adequate customer service to guests, customers, and members, engage in basic cleaning and tidying up, transfer weights, communicate respectfully with other staff members, and access the company’s point system.

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You can expect to get a job at Planet Fitness if you are looking for a job or want to join their gym.

It’s not likely that Planet Fitness will ask for drug test results from applicants or current employees as they don’t really care about employee wellness. 

If you’re going to work there, then it’s best not to use drugs while working there because they may not hire someone who used drugs while trying out on their property.

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