How To Foster Employee Motivation

How can a manager foster employee motivation? These are one of the frequently asked questions amongst companies.

It’s Monday morning,  your workers are strolling into the office with disappointed faces and whenever it gets to Friday you would always find them rushing home.

One factor is clear, none of your workers are eager to come to work.

This should tell you that you have a problem, and you need to solve it very fast. Before it shuts down your company.

Remember, the key to securing a successful company is having a unique set of workers that are always motivated toward work.

Every employer works hard to keep his workers motivated and happy from time to time. 

However, no identified process can always keep them happy. 

There are a few strategies when implemented that can increase your workers’ motivation toward work.

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How To Foster Employee Motivation.

1. Open Communication.

Properly communicating with your workers is very essential to enhancing employee motivation. This would further help in the growth of your company.

Nobody wants to work under an autocratic boss.

Applying all the strategies of communication would adequately increase your employee’s motivation toward work.

Show them you care about them. An employee who is devoted to working would have lots of inquiries to make.

Giving them unlimited access and constantly developing means that would help them in speaking to you.

An employer must create a medium where workers would air their views and Contributions.

This Would increase your employees’ motivation toward work.

If you own a company you must follow up on the complaints of your staff, handle their grievances and let them know that you are always listening to them. 

Through this, in the coming months, they wouldn’t be scared to come to you.

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2. Create An Agile Working Environment.

Another notable way to increase employee motivation is by creating an enabling environment for your workers.

As a manager, you must always engage your workers with projects and proper technologies, to help them produce faster and more reliable results. 

A conducive environment is important in motivating your employees because they would be actively engaged in work due to the kind of environment you have created. 

You must motivate your workers to take risks, and assist and guide them to always move further in their area of work.

One of the results of an agile work environment is that your workers would never be scared of trying again even if they fail. 

This would Further increase their potential and their input into the company 

3. Be Someone You’d Want to Work For.

Even if your workers are doing their dream jobs, working with a very bad manager can ruin their work.

In addition, an employer should treat his workers the way he would want to be treated by his boss. This and many more would increase your employees’ motivation towards work.

It’s proven that smiles are very important in a working environment. So if an employer remains positive and happy towards work, your employees would follow suit.

Workers wouldn’t want to work properly for someone who can never be happy with what they do.

Furthermore, As an employer, being compassionate and knowing that your employees are also humans and not machines is very important in keeping your employees motivated.

A worker who is always scared of asking his boss questions is never going to give your company his best.

However, On the other hand, if the same worker knows that his boss is always there to guide him.

He would be very happy to work. Thereby increasing the growth of your company 

As an employer, being understanding is important in motivating employees. Having a personal relationship with your workers would always help your company to grow.

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4 . Develop Employee Career Paths.

Workers feel motivated when they are constantly advancing in their careers.

If an employee is due for a promotion you must grant him that promotion. It would increase an employee’s motivation toward work.

Workers feel motivated when they have a career goal and advance higher in their career path.

Every worker should be given a chance to grow with a firm, this would enable them to put in their best.

5. Incentivize The Workplace.

Giving your workers gifts and rewards whenever they complete their task is a great way to increase employee motivation.

An average employee spends more than 30 hrs every week at work with the same group of people.

As an employer, making sure your workers are comfortable with the people that they are working with is very essential in maintaining their motivation toward work.

Furthermore, you can increase your workers’ relationships by giving them group tasks. This would make them work together as a team.

Ensuring that your employees are on good terms with each other increases their commitment to work.

6. Conflict Management At The Office.

Managing employee conflicts properly is a virtue you must possess as an employer.

If there’s an issue at your workplace, who should be available to solve the situation without taking sides and being biased. 

7. Invest In Your Workers’ Happiness.

Happier workers are more resourceful for your company.

Ensuring your workers are in the right frame of mind, and keeping them excited about work will always increase employees’ motivation.

Furthermore, Balance your workers’ work life. Stressed people would never be excited to come to the office or work every day,  thereby reducing the productivity level of your company.

Your workers would be eager to work if they feel safe and relaxed at the office.

However, As a manager, it might look weird whenever you applaud, or commend an employee. 

You must know that recognition is important in the growth of a company.

In addition, When you give a reward for a task well done, your workers would be inspired to double their effort.

Workers love to feel appreciated, so sometimes take your time and commend them for a job well done.

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8. Provide Regular Training.

Training is an important process in the growth of a company.

Training your employees, to help them improve their attitude to work. 

Shows that you understand the importance of employee motivation in your workplace.

It shows your commitment to assisting your workers to learn new things about their job 

Furthermore, Training outside of their normal area of jurisdiction is also a great way to increase employee motivation toward work.

Subsequently, It would help your workers to expand in other areas of life. An example is training them on first aid.

In addition, appointing supervisors and mentors to the new recruits is a great way to increase your new employee’s motivation toward work.

9. Give Your Employees Autonomy.

Trust your employees to carry out their tasks properly without constantly checking up on them.

A good employer establishes this while letting his workers know that he is always here to assist them whenever they need his help.

Giving your workers that space to properly do their job would reduce tension in the office. Therefore, increasing your employees’ motivation.


When an ideal work-life is achieved, employees’ motivation would be the order of the day.

Your workers would be able to properly work and concentrate without having to worry about anything. 

I am convinced that this article has answered the question of “how to Foster employee motivation”.

However, it’s up to you the employer to properly establish principles and procedures that can develop employee motivation in your firm.

In addition, It’s important that you pay attention to the activities of your workers, hear their worries and grievances, and settle your employees’ disputes.

If you do all these right, your employees would always be excited to be at work.

To learn how to deal with your employees, you can stay on our page.

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