Upwork Connects: How I Earn 100$ In A Week 2024

Upwork is a freelance website with an American background founded by Odysseas Tsatalos. 

Upwork is currently the second-largest freelancing marketplace in the world creating a secured setting where customers and clients can work. 

Upwork permits its clients to conduct interviews with and recruit its workers, so on Upwork, a lot of freelancers earn money. 

Similar to a mobile recharge, when you have Upwork connects, you can converse and send texts, or submit an application and a proposal.

This article provides all available information on Upwork connects and how to earn money on this platform.

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About Upwork Connects

On the freelancer marketplace Upwork, you can either operate as a freelancer or as a client who employs freelancers.  

Freelancers submit their proposals for projects offered in the Upwork marketplace via Connects. 

Upwork offers free connections to freelancers each month, allowing them to apply for employment. 

However, you cannot apply for any positions on Upwork, so connects is a way to control how many positions a given freelancer can use each month.

The lowest paying positions just require one to two connections, whereas the highest paying jobs require six connections. 

It is based on an internal evaluation of several variables, including the client’s Upwork history.

Therefore, if you wish to submit a bid for a specific project, make sure you have the necessary number of connected users, then carry out the standard bid procedure. 

Just describe your education and experience, then respond to any inquiries about the position raised by clients in their description.

The specified number of connections will be taken from your account after you submit your bid.

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How Many Connects Do I Get On Upwork Per Month?

Upwork offers some free connections each month to assist in obtaining more clients. There are two options which include the freelancer plus accounts, which receive 70 connects each month, and basic freelancer accounts, which only get ten free accounts.

How Many Connects On Upwork Are Needed To Make A Project?

When you come across a project that interests you, you can leverage your connections to submit a proposal.

The proposal gives you the chance to introduce yourself to a reputable client and highlight your qualifications. 

It also gives you the ability to impress clients by submitting a message along with an application.

There are probably between two and six connections required to submit any proposal.

Where Can I Find The Connects Needed To Make A Proposal Submission?

For each proposal to be submitted, there must be a minimum of two connections. 

Therefore, you can readily decide how many proposals you can make each month if you know how many connections you have. 

To count your connects, you must first log in, then arrive on your home page where you’ll see a sidebar if you look to the right. 

In that sidebar’s bottom right corner, there are connections. The number of connections available will determine whether you can apply or submit a proposal.

Ways To Get Free Connects 

1. Register For The First Time 

Upwork offers you 40 free connects when you sign up for the first time to assist you in contacting clients. So you can then submit some proposals.

2. Upwork Readiness Test

Upwork runs a readiness assessment and there are ten questions on this test, so you have two minutes to do them. 

Upwork Readiness Test offers the safest procedures and best practices that the best freelancers use to grow their businesses. 

You will receive 40 free connections if you pass this test.

3. Win An Interview

You get contacted for an interview by a client after submitting a proposal for a job or answering their direct query. 

It is not a given that if you submit a proposal, you will be contacted for an interview. But if you are called in for an interview, you will get a bonus of ten connects.

4. Complete An Upwork Skill Certification

A skill certification from Upwork demonstrates your ability in one or more abilities on your profile. 

Currently, only web development, software development, and mobile are eligible for this certification. 

Obtaining this certification entitles you to a one-time Connects bonus.

5. Earn A Badge

These badges are awarded to some agencies and freelancers who perform well and receive positive feedback on Upwork. 

Obtaining the Upwork talent badge may entitle you to additional Connects.

How To Buy Connects On Upwork?

You can use your Upwork earnings to purchase additional connects when your current ones are almost done. 

Go to Settings—Membership & Connects—Select a bundle and add Connects to purchase a connection. 

Upwork offers two different sorts of accounts: a standard freelancer account, where you get fewer connections, and a Freelancer plus account which offers more connections.

Buying connects helps a lot of individuals make a lot of money, but it depends on your abilities, including how in demand they are, how effective you are at marketing, etc.  

Upwork Connects Price

Around 10 free Connects are given away each month to Freelancer Basic customers while about 70 Connects are given to Freelancer Plus accounts each month. 

Connects are available in bundles of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80, with prices ranging up to 0.15 USD for each Connect.

You can work as a freelancer or as an employee of an agency team on Upwork and you can establish long-term partnerships through connects.

You will now get a bonus of 10 Connects after the interview if you submit a proposal to a customer and are chosen for one.  

Importance Of Upwork Connects

Connect is a tool that freelancers use to submit bids for jobs listed on the Upwork marketplace. 

This enables independent contractors to apply for jobs without doing so for each posting on the Upwork marketplace.  

It’s also important to remember that different jobs require different amounts of Connects. For instance, certain assignments call for contractors to use no Connects, while others will insist that they utilize one or two Connects. 

This information is essential to understand because soon the price will vary depending on the task and the number of connections required.

Freelancers that sign up for Upwork are sent to the connects website and the freelancer will stop submitting proposals for the rest of the month after these connections are exhausted.

There won’t be any new connections provided to current users each month due to a recent change in Upwork’s connections policy.

Even if you are enrolled in this plan, you can still purchase additional Connects by purchasing a bundle.  

It’s also important to remember that Connects have a one-year validity period, so don’t buy more connects if you don’t need them. 

Your Connects will carry over to the following month if you don’t use them all in one and any free Connects you already have in your account will be carried over to a fresh program.

While Upwork does not sell individual connects, it does provide a range of bundles from which a freelancer can choose to acquire connects.

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How To Use Upwork’s Appropriate Job Filter

You can use a variety of search methods to find jobs that match your skills, and you can save the ones you wish to apply for later. 

Job Search filters include the ability to filter projects by an hourly wage range and jobs that require several freelancers. 

Using Hourly Rate Filters To Improve Job Search

Users of Work Search can now filter results by job type, hourly or fixed price, and budget for fixed-price assignments. 

Depending on the criteria chosen during this trial, certain freelancers and agencies will filter hourly assignments using more precise rate filters. 

By filtering by the hourly rate range, talent will be able to look for possibilities within the hourly rate ranges that employers have set on job posts.

You can select a minimum and maximum range to get a list of jobs that pay that much per hour or get a list of occupations that pay at least that much per hour by entering a minimum wage.

When choosing “Hourly” or “Fixed-Price” as the Job Type, enter or select rate ranges, although results may differ from what you anticipated in cases where clients construct a range for a job ad that is within the parameters you’ve set.

Using The Multiple Freelancer Jobs Search Filter

The only way for talent to find work requiring several freelancers is to scroll through projects and look for a text box indicating the number of freelancers needed. 

Using the “Freelancers wanted” search option, there are two ways to filter multi-freelancer jobs:

  • Depending on the number of freelancers in the range, checkboxes can be used to filter jobs.
  • You can choose between one and many freelancers to filter projects by.

Upwork Plus Membership

Organizations can easily find top talent with Upwork Plus, and they can swiftly and effectively use freelancers and agencies across teams of employees. 

With Upwork Plus, devoted advisors will collaborate with you to comprehend your company’s hiring requirements, help you identify candidates, and offer best practices for project monitoring.

Upwork Plus is a monthly membership for clients that costs $49.99/month, excluding the 3% payment processing fee and administrative fee.


No matter how they were made, connects always end one year after being linked to your account.  

Freelancer Plus accounts receive 70 Connects including 10 for free each month, compared to Freelancer Basic accounts’ ten free Connects each month.

If you pass the Upwork Readiness Test, you’ll receive an additional 40 Connects, and if you submit a proposal to a customer, are selected for an interview, and answer, you will receive a bonus of 10 Connects. 

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