What Does A Chief Diversity Officer Do?

A Chief Diversity Officer is the chief executive of the company’s various programs, which include diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

This C-level chief executive creates DEI strategies to ensure the various appointments and promotions in the organization, as well as the various staff training programs.

They use good payment methods and monitor results to measure progress. What does a chief diversity officer do? This role aims to ensure an equitable working environment for all employees.

The position of the Chief diversity is relatively new, but it benefits as most companies seek to create diverse, inclusive staff.

The diversity of managers and job titles included has increased by 113% since 2015, according to data from the Business to Business (B2B) intelligence platform ZoomInfo.

About 40% of Fortune 500 companies now have dedicated DEI managers.

Often reporting to the executive manager of the organization, various senior executives work in private companies, government institutions, and educational institutions.

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Duties And Responsibilities Of A Chief Diversity Officer

This position usually requires the ability to do the following:

  • Creation and management of DEI programs, including those related to promotions, hiring, wage equity, staff training, and more
  • Analyze the results of DEI programs to measure progress and propose improvements
  • Hiring managers to run programs, collect and analyze data, and support employees.
  • Manage budgets and be prepared to be approved by the entire top team
  • Stay on top of trends, rules, regulations, and other factors that affect DEI programs.
  • Advising the management team on issues related to diversity and inclusion
  • Speak for the organization at industry events and at meetings

A chief diversity officer is the main point of diversity programs and inclusion in any company.

This means that they are responsible for creating, managing, and executing all efforts related to making the workplace fair, equitable, and conducive for their employees.

They create analyses of the results of existing programs, propose improvements, and act as advisors on DEI issues throughout the senior team.

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Salary: Chief Diversity Officer

The salary of a chief diversity officer varies from place to place and level of experience, but people in this position often benefit more than average.

  • Average annual salary: $ 126,000
  • Top 10% annual salary: $ 206,000
  • 10% minimum annual salary: $ 70,000

Many employers select candidates with advanced qualifications such as master’s degrees with a focus on business or human resources. When picking this career, focus on the cost of higher education. 

Education, Training, and Certification

The need for education and training in this growing field will no doubt continue to grow.

While employers may differ on which qualifications they value the most, other backgrounds, certificates, and experience may enhance your ability to compete with other selected people in the industry. These include:

Master’s Degrees

While some employers are satisfied with a bachelor’s degree, others prefer the option of having a master’s degree in business administration or human resources.


Universities like Cornell and consulting companies such as Diversity Training University International have developed a variety of programs and certificates of inclusion.

These programs help managers learn how to create effective DEI programs for their organizations.

Work Experience

Perhaps the most important training for this position takes place at work. Employers looking for different key executives usually select people with several years of experience in designing and implementing DEI programs.

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The great skills of different officers can often be found in job lists, resumes, and cover letters:

Strategic Planning

A very important aspect of this work is developing and implementing strategic plans that support diversity and inclusion.


Chief diversity officers should be able to come up with new solutions to the challenges, whether it is to get managers on board transparency of salaries or to make old HR systems support new initiatives.

Building Consensus

DEI officials need to be bought by every senior team and staff at all levels.

Public Policy Information

Changes to laws and regulations affect DEI programs in real-time. Staying up-to-date with the latest developments is important.


Various senior executives often work in an office environment.

They may have an independent office, cubicle, or work in an open office. Depending on the company’s policy, they may operate on-site or remotely.

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Work Schedule

Many different officers work full-time during normal working hours. This job can be very stressful and require lots of hours.

Executive managers often work weekends and evenings as needed.

How To Find A Job

To increase the chances of getting a job as a diversity officer, explore the following options:


The Ladders (Management job site), Indeed (General job site), and LinkedIn (Professional social network site) all help in promoting these job recruitment.


Come prepared to discuss your successes in developing and managing DEI plans and answer questions about your management style, past challenges, and goals.

Resume And Cover Letters

Focus on keywords that reflect your knowledge and qualifications. Make sure you measure your results using a variety of programs, especially those that reflect employee intelligence and engagement.


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Hopefully yes. Are you looking for a job as a chief diversity officer or something related?

Following the guidelines above will prove to be a good start-up.

Good luck!

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