Paid Training Travel With Housing No Experience Jobs

Paid Training Travel With Housing No Experience Jobs are available for those interested in working for a company committed to your success. 

Companies are looking for people with no experience to enjoy the benefits of paid training travel.

Sit back as we give you the best options.

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Best Paid Training Travel With Housing No Experience Jobs

Many jobs offer paid training travel. Some of these jobs include the following:

1. 2023 Hang Gliding Instructor- Free Training, Employee Housing Available Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc. – Nags Head, Nc.

Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc. is a hang gliding school in Nags Head, NC, that offers free training to people with no experience. 

The company provides housing for its employees and provides them with flight instructions as well. 

The company also has an open-door policy where you can apply for any position, even if your resume doesn’t say much about your experience with hang gliding or flying kites.

If you want to work for Kitty Hawk Kites, Inc., fill out their online application form here at https://www.kittyhawkkitesincorporated.com/careers/

If you’re accepted into this program after completing your training sessions at their facility, it will become part of your resume when applying elsewhere (i.e., to other companies).

2. CCNM – Crew Member, Summer 2023 Conservation Legacy – Las Cruces, NM 

If you are a Conservation Legacy Crew Member, you can work on conservation projects in Las Cruces, NM.

This position requires physical labor and other duties as assigned by your supervisor.

The Conservation Legacy Program is a summer internship program that provides an opportunity for college students and recent graduates.

Suppose you have no prior experience to gain valuable hands-on experience in conservation biology. 

In that case, the program offers housing with meals provided during regular work hours (6:00 am-3:30 pm). 

We ask that you provide transportation to and from work sites and any equipment needed for your job assignment.

3. Customer Service, Rep-Self Storage Mgr Public Storage – Milwaukie, OR

Public Storage is a privately held company headquartered in Milwaukie, Oregon. 

The company operates over 1,600 locations in 40 states and Puerto Rico. 

Public Storage offers various self-storage products and services to residential customers, commercial customers, and self-storage renters alike.

The successful applicant for this job position will be responsible for providing exceptional customer service to both new and existing accounts.

They do so by answering questions about storage units and units available on-site during normal business hours (Monday through Friday). 

The person selected should have good communication skills.

They must be computer proficient at providing accurate information via phone or email when customers request it.

These customers need help deciding what size unit would best fit their needs at any given time throughout the week or month, depending upon how busy things get during peak season months.

4. White Mountain Trail Crew Member, Appalachian Mountain Club – Gorham, NH

If you’re looking for a job as a White Mountain Trail Crew Member, Appalachian Mountain Club – Gorham, NH is the place to be.

The essential functions of this position include the following:

  • Performing maintenance on trails and trail sides with the use of shovels, rakes, and other hand tools.
  • Maintaining equipment such as snow plows, chainsaws, and telephones that are used in maintenance activities.

You must have experience performing these tasks before applying:

  • Ability to perform heavy physical labor; 
  • Skilled at using hand tools;
  • Knowledgeable about various types of machinery (e.g., tractors);
  • Ability to lift to 50 pounds repeatedly over shoulder height for extended periods without resting.

5. Seafood Processors/Crab Pickers, Lindy’s Seafood – Woolford, MD

Seafood Processors/Crab Pickers is a fast-paced environment, with many different types of seafood to process every day, including tuna, shrimp, and scallops.

You’ll be working with many different types of equipment as well.

You’ll be using forklifts and pallet jacks to lift heavy loads onto conveyor belts, where you can grab them off the belt and put them into the appropriate bins or boxes for processing later on down the line at your site location.

6. Vegetation Management Crew Member, Conservation Legacy – Durham, NC 

The Conservation Legacy – Durham, NC, is a nonprofit organization that works with local farmers and landowners to preserve the land. 

They are looking for crew members to help with vegetation management projects.

The job description reads like this: “You will be responsible for collecting data on vegetation health across our managed farms and natural areas using GPS coordinates.”

The pay can vary widely depending on your experience level, but it’s generally between $10 and $15 per hour ($1-$2 per hour). 

Housing is provided as part of this position; however, no other benefits or perks are offered except housing stipends. 

Qualifications include the following:

  • Minimum age 18 years old; 
  • Valid driver’s license; 
  • Ability to pass a written test administered by Conservation Legacy at the time of hire.

7. Program Supervisor, Rent Assistance Housing Inspection Team Home Forward – Multnomah County, OR

Please apply if you are interested in the Program Supervisor – Rent Assistance Housing Inspection Team. 

This position is located in Multnomah County, Oregon.

The vacancy announcement states that it is a temporary to permanent assignment with opportunities for advancement and training within this department. 

The pay rate is $45-$55 per hour, depending on experience level (starting at $40 per hour). 

Hours of work range from 8-20 hours per week but may vary based on business needs and seasonal demands of your position leading up to school closings year-round due to low enrollment. 

Benefits include the following: 

  • Paid medical/dental coverage plus vacation/sick time accrual; 
  • 401k retirement plan through Employer funded contributions; 
  • Short-term disability insurance policy available upon request by submitting an application form along with proof of insurability under normal circumstances, which may include previous employment history plus references(s).

8. Recreation Fee Technician, National Park Service – Mammoth Cave, KY

You will work as a Recreation Fee Technician at the National Park Service. 

The job focuses on assisting visitors in planning and booking activities at Mammoth Cave National Park. 

You will also be responsible for maintaining records of visitors’ payments, ensuring all fees are collected accurately, and issuing receipts.

As a Recreation Fee Technician, you must have excellent communication skills.

It will be useful when answering questions from customers on how to use their admission tickets or park passes so they can understand your answers clearly. 

You should also be able to multitask well while working with multiple people simultaneously.

It’s common for this position to be staffed by one person during busy times like spring break or summer vacation season when more than 100 people are coming through at once.

Some qualifications include the following: 

  • High school diploma or equivalent experience; 
  • Two years of related experience preferred but not required (such as volunteer positions). 

The salary range begins at $24-$28 per hour, dependent upon qualifications.

9. Warehouse Loader, H2B Dole Food Company, Inc. – Springfield, OH 

You will be responsible for loading and unloading trucks as a warehouse loader. You will also perform other duties as needed.

The pay rate is $14 per hour plus overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

In addition to this base salary, you may earn bonuses based on your performance.

However, these bonuses are not guaranteed.

You’ll be working with a team of people who are experienced in this line of work and have been trained by Dole Food Company’s training program before being placed on the job site.

This means that no matter what happens during your shifts or when they end, both parties know what needs doing next, so there won’t ever be any confusion about what needs doing next either.

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10. Park Ranger, US National Park Service – Luray, VA

Park Rangers are responsible for maintaining parks and other public lands. 

They perform duties such as trail maintenance, firefighting, and law enforcement. 

The National Park Service (NPS) is a federal agency that manages more than 400 sites across the country. 

The NPS has operated since 1916 when President Woodrow Wilson founded it during World War I to protect battlefields from vandalism or destruction by souvenir hunters. 

Today’s park rangers enforce park rules and regulations, educate visitors about the natural environment at their employment site, assist in emergencies like fire prevention or search & rescue operations if needed, etc.

The application process begins on Oct 1 of each year through your local NPS office near you.

It is usually within a 20 miles radius; please check local requirements before applying online. 

There are different types: 

  • Seasonal/seasonal resident; 
  • Regular employee; 
  • Temporary employees (this includes volunteers); 
  • Seasonal workers who work less than 30 days per year. 

Some positions require additional training before starting work, while others do not require any special preparation before employment.

However, they may request specific skill sets, such as cooking skills which might be required depending on what type of position you’re applying to.

It’s always best if applicants fill out all forms completely before submitting them, so ensure everything looks good before submitting anything else.

For example, something like “I am interested in this job because…” makes sense but instead, use something like “I want this job because…” 

It will help show off how much interest there is behind those words rather than just saying “I’m interested” without adding anything else.”

11. AmeriCorps Crew Member Conservation Legacy – Chattanooga, TN 

AmeriCorps is a national service program of the United States government. 

It allows people to give back to their communities through volunteer work while gaining valuable experience and building skills that will help them pursue careers in any field.

AmeriCorps members are placed on teams with other AmeriCorps members, who provide leadership and support throughout their service. 

Members also receive training in skills related to their project or area of focus during training sessions held each week at sites across the country (some locations may require additional training).

The program enables those interested in giving back an opportunity by providing them with financial support for living expenses. 

At the same time, they serve as full-time volunteers doing what they love most: helping others.

This position requires no experience but does require previous college credits/GED certificate and working knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software; please email [email protected] if interested.

12. Park Ranger Interpretation, US National Park Service – Berlin, MD

The Park Ranger – Interpretation is a position that deals with interpreting activities and events related to public lands. 

You will work at parks, historic sites, monuments, or other public places where people may gather. 

You will also help visitors understand how these places are managed by providing information on their history and current use.

The Park Ranger – Interpretation plays a vital role in interpreting natural resources to protect them for future generations. 

They provide educational programs about natural history as well as how visitors can interact with these resources safely so that everyone can enjoy them equally.

13. CCNM Crew Member, Ongoing Conservation Legacy – Las Cruces, NM

CCNM is a program that provides training and work experience for young people with disabilities. 

It’s a great way to get started in the workforce, as they offer paid training, housing, and a stipend.

To apply:

  • Visit their website at http://www.ccnm-programs.org/apply/.
  • Complete an online application form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on the right side of this page (or click here). 
  • You will then see instructions on submitting your resume or cover letter and any other required documents in your job posting.

14. CCNM Veterans Fire Corps, Crew Member Conservation Legacy – Las Cruces, NM 

The Conservation Legacy is a program that honors veterans who have served in the armed forces. 

They invite veterans and active-duty military members to join them to tackle some of our most important conservation projects together.

If you have interest in knowing more about this opportunity, please visit our website at www.ccnm-spring2023-veteransfirecorpscrewmember.com.

15. Southern New England Trail Crew Member, Appalachian Mountain Club – Russell, MA 

 As a trail crew member for the Appalachian Mountain Club, you will maintain trails and campsites in the AMC’s New England region. 

You’ll also help maintain other club properties, such as cottages and shelters.

What do you need to bring? You should bring your work gloves and tools if possible, but they can provide them if necessary. 

If not, pack some warm clothes and other items that may be useful during cold weather conditions, like rain jackets or shawls.

It may also be helpful if you have experience working construction sites since many of our sites are forested areas where trees grow close together.

Many branches could cause injury if not handled carefully enough by experienced workers like yourself.


1. What Is The Happiest Job?

Agriculture and forestry have the highest levels of self-reported happiness—and the lowest levels of self-reported stress—of all major industry categories.

2. What Is The Easiest Work-From-Home Job?

The easiest job positions without any work experience are data entry, virtual assistant, search engine evaluator, English teacher, tutor, and customer support, representative.

3. Is There An App That Pays You To Travel?

Whether you’re commuting to your 9 to 5, going across town to visit friends, or traveling across the country for pleasure, the StowAway Traveler app makes it easy to earn cash on trips you’re already taking.

4. What Country Pays You To Visit?

Sicily, Italy.

5. How Much Does Amazon Pay You To Work From Home?

How much does a Work From Home Amazon Employment make? As of Jan 19, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Work From Home Amazon Employment in the United States is $28.60.

6. Can I Work In Canada Without Experience?

The short answer is yes. You can find a job in Canada even without work experience.

7. What Jobs Are They Mostly Looking For Abroad?

Automation and robotics, mining, alternative energy, and petroleum engineers are among the most in demand. 

8. What Is The Most Lonely Job?

Loneliness is considered a growing epidemic and mental health crisis in modern society. A recent survey found that engineers, lawyers, and scientists are the loneliest professions.

9. How Can I Travel With A Lot Of Money?

You don’t want everyone in line to know you’re carrying much cash. Always keep cash and other valuables in your carry-on bag.

10. Which Country Pays You To Get Married?

A region in central Italy is offering couples money towards their wedding if they marry in the area. 


Hopefully, this article has emphasized paid training travel with housing and no experience jobs.

While there are many opportunities to earn money while traveling, it is important to be aware of housing costs and other expenses that may come with working for a company. 

It is also important to find out if your Employer reimburses you for any housing costs so that you can budget accordingly before deciding whether traveling with them is right for you.

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