20 Big Companies That Dont Drug Test Employees

Cannabis is now legal in many states across the U.S. and for good reason: it is a relatively safe and effective medicine. 

Now that cannabis is legal, some companies don’t drug test their employees. 


One of the reasons is that many companies believe that they can’t just ignore federal law and pretend cannabis isn’t legal. 

Also, some companies think that the use of some drugs like marijuana isn’t harmful enough to warrant drug testing.

Regardless of the pressure from activists on employers to drug test employees, some big companies don’t drug test their workers. 

So, if you’re looking to apply for a job in a big company that doesn’t drug test employees, read on as we’ll be highlighting 20 big companies that don’t drug test their employees


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List Of Companies That Dont Drug Test Employees

Below are some big companies with reasonable pay that don’t require a drug test. 

1. Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants in the United States.

 The company has a cult following among foodies and vegetarian/vegan customers for its fresh, high-quality ingredients and vibrant atmosphere.


 Chipotle does not test employees for drugs nor do they ask employees to participate in drug testing. 

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2. Google

Many companies do not drug test their employees. Google is one of these companies.

 This has caused some controversy because many people believe that it is important for companies to drug test their employees to ensure safety. 

Others believe that drug testing is an invasion of privacy and a form of discrimination.

However, Google tends to focus on the employees’ workability and useful contribution to the brand and not on their use of drugs in their personal life. 

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3. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the many big companies that do not drug test employees. 

This has come into question recently, as several scandals have arisen in which employees have been caught using drugs. 

In some cases, these drugs have led to serious health complications for employees. Microsoft has stated that it does not believe that drug testing is necessary or effective for its employees.

As long as your use of drugs does not affect the way you carry out your job, Microsoft isn’t interested in your personal use of drugs. 

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the big companies that do not drug test employees as long as they possess great skills. This policy has been in place for a long time and it has been successful in retaining talented workers. 

 Critics of this policy argue that it allows employees to get high at work and that it puts the company at risk for liability. 

However, Starbucks argues that drug testing would be prohibitively expensive and that its policy allows for much better employee retention.

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5. Whole Foods

Another large corporation that prioritizes work performance over personal activities is Whole Foods

It’s all they ask if you’re a foodie and do your job properly. The pre-and post-employment drug tests at Whole Foods are not mandatory.

 The high-end restaurant business, which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, does not penalize employees who use marijuana or other recreational substances as long as doing so does not interfere with their ability to do their tasks. 

It’s a forward-thinking corporation that cares more about your effectiveness at work than your activities.

6. Apple

Apple is yet another tech business that continues to place more emphasis on workplace performance than on the extracurricular activities of its employees. 

Apple is not known to have drug testing as a criterion for employment. The organization is competitive, and getting a job there is difficult, yet drug testing is not included in the benefits. 

Employees are also unafraid of arbitrary drug testing. Apple is aware that the applicant pool is already tiny enough and that drug testing would just serve to exclude additional applicants.

7. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Another large retail business without a need that employees to submit to or pass a drug test is Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

All they require is that you become knowledgeable about the athletic goods they offer to the general public. Anyone who enjoys taking on new challenges and giving customers outstanding service can succeed in the athletic goods business. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t place much emphasis on probing into your personal life; rather, they are looking for someone with a flexible and courteous attitude.

8. Michael’s

One of the biggest chains of craft stores in the country now is Michael’s

 If you’re searching for a career in the retail industry that doesn’t necessitate clean drug tests, this may be one to consider.

Michael doesn’t demand a drug test before hiring. Nor do they require their personnel to submit to random drug testing.

People who enjoy interacting with customers and are knowledgeable about craft supplies are hired by the business. 

Also, the company offers generous employee discounts, many people choose to work there either part- or full-time

9. Petsmart

Petsmart, one of the nation’s largest retail chains, has announced that it will no longer drug test its employees. 

 This company argue that drug testing is an ineffective way to maintain safety and security in their workplaces. 

They also point out that marijuana is now legal in many states, making it difficult to justify a policy of drug testing all employees.

 Although Petsmart’s decision may be seen as progressive by some, others argue that it sends a bad message to young people about the importance of drugs and work.

10. Target

Target is one of the Big Companies That Don’t Drug Test Employees. They have a policy that doesn’t require drug testing for employees who are not working in safety-sensitive positions. 

This policy has been controversial because some people argue that it is unfair to punish employees who may have used drugs in the past but haven’t done anything wrong since then, while others feel that they’ll be reckless behavior in the workplace if workers are allowed to be on drugs. 

However, just like many other big companies, target focuses on the capabilities of their workers and not the use of drugs in their personal lives. 

11. Trader Joe’s

The popular grocery store Trader Joe’s is one of the Big Companies That Don’t Drug Test Employees. 

This policy has been in place for many years and it has been lauded by many employees and customers as a positive decision. 

Many argue that drug testing employees are ineffective and costly, while others feel that the policy protects workers from drug abuse.

 The company has yet to release any official statistics on how often or how many employees have tested positive for drugs, but they estimate that it is very rare.

12. Sprouts

Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the largest organic grocery retailers in the United States. In a recent survey, it was found that Sprouts is one of the top companies that do not test for drug use among their employees.

The results of the survey showed that only 2% of Sprouts’ workers have had drug tests performed on them in the past year.

 This number is much lower than other large companies such as Walmart (who tested 48%) or Amazon (who tested 39%). Reasons given for not testing employees at Sprouts included that they believe it is unnecessary and expensive.

13. Gap

A popular retail chain called Gap does not demand drug testing of potential workers or job candidates. 

 you work for Gap in a state where cannabis is legal, drug testing is not a part of their corporate culture. You’ll be alright as long as you refrain from using the substance while working

 To make sure you’re in a place where it’s allowed, verify with the specific Gap outlet as each one reserves the right to enact rules based on geography. The majority of people don’t worry about drug tests. 

14. Amazon

Amazon does drug tests, but they no longer include cannabis testing in the mandatory battery. 

They could have a problem if you take other drugs, but there won’t be any consequences for using cannabis.

 They see cannabis use as being equivalent to alcohol use. Simply refrain from using it while working, and they won’t mention anything. 

This rule applies to all Amazon positions that are not subject to US Department of Transportation regulations. You could still have to submit to a drug test if you’re a driver

15. Kroger

The grocery store chain Kroger doesn’t often drug test its staff members. Having said that, you should be aware that the employer might be concerned about your criminal history. 

Employees with spotless criminal records are not subjected to drug testing, but those who are already in the system may be. However, they won’t make any trouble for you using marijuana.

 Since they consider it to be legal, they do not test for it. Unless you have a criminal history, you shouldn’t be concerned about drug tests ending your relationship with someone who uses cannabis for recreational or medical purposes.

16. Walmart

According to One More Cup of Coffee, Walmart does not require new employees to submit to drug testing. 

Only “safety-sensitive” positions at Walmart, such as those in the warehouse, pharmacy, lawn & garden, deli, and maintenance, are subject to drug testing. The others don’t demand drug testing. 

The typical Walmart employee needs to be upbeat and eager to give customers outstanding customer service.

17. Facebook

The social media behemoth Facebook employs a wide range of people. Despite the technical nature of many of these positions, passing a drug test is not a requirement for employment.

 Facebook does not also require arbitrary drug tests. Facebook offers a range of employment opportunities. Some of them call for in-person office employment, while others work remotely.

18. Twitter

Just like the other companies mentioned in this article, Twitter does not require a drug test for employment. 

The business doesn’t mandate drug testing as a prerequisite for employment. Neither do they randomly test their employees for drugs. 

Twitter keeps its nose out of your business in the same way as many other social media platforms.

19. 24-Hour Fitness

One of the biggest chains of health and fitness gyms in the nation, according to Med Card Now, is 24-Hour Fitness. 

If you’re interested in working out, you can apply without being concerned about a drug test. Employees are not required to submit to drug testing by the employer. 

The only circumstances that could necessitate drug testing are those that result in personal injury to people or property damage

20. Dollar General

Dollar General is a company that doesn’t drug test employees. This has been a policy for the company for many years and it has not changed recently.

 There are some benefits to this policy, but there are also some drawbacks. One benefit of not drug testing employees is that it can be less expensive to hire new workers.

 This is because it is not necessary to screen potential employees for drug use. 


A Lot of people fear that because they’ve used drugs like marijuana recently or in the past, they may not be able to get a good job from a reputable company due to drug testing. 

However, if you’re in this category, there’s no need to fret as these companies discussed in this article do not drug test their employees, both before and after employment.

Although this decision is criticized by many because they feel it has its downsides, there are also good sides to it. 

So, as long as you have the right skills, and a great work attitude and ensure that you do not let your personal life and habits affect your work life, you stand a chance to get employed by these big companies that don’t drug test employees. 


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