Top 20 Apple Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

Did you get an interview at Apple? Congratulations! Working at Apple is the dream of most people and getting to this point is being one foot closer to the door.

Apple Inc. is a leading tech company in the world and many job seekers hunt for placement here. 

However, to stand out from the crowd, you will need a winning strategy to ace your interview. Not to worry, in this article, we have compiled a list of Apple interview questions and sample answers that you can study and have an edge over other candidates. 

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Apple Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Revising some interview questions before the day of the interview is smart. Here are some Apple interview questions and sample answers. 

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1. What Is Your Favorite Apple Product? Can You Tell Us Why?

Sample Answer

My favorite Apple product is the Apple Watch. It helps me to be able to stay apprised of incoming messages without having to pull out my phone or Macbook.

Also receiving calendar reminders through my Apple watch increases my efficiency and time management and helps me to stay on target even on the busiest days. 

2. Why Do You Think You Are The Best Person For This Role? 

Sample Answer

I am a strong and effective communicator and I have good organizational skills that help me execute my tasks effectively. I function well as part of a team to attain set goals.

Also, I’m a critical thinker, and I’m able to work in a fast-paced environment. I believe that these qualities will enable me to work effectively and contribute to the success of the company.  

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3. What Does Good Customer Service Mean To You? 

Sample Answer

Good customer service is about making sure that the customers are happy and satisfied with our services including delivery, installation, and sales. 

The elements of good customer service are product knowledge, attitude, efficiency, and problem-solving.

I will make sure to provide strong customer support and gain a good knowledge of the products and services offered by the company. 

4. Why Do You Think Customer Service Is Important?

Sample Answer

Customer service enhances customer loyalty,  increasing the number of times a customer buys from a company. It can also generate a positive word for a company and help grow the number of sales. 

5. Have You Gone An Extra Mile For A Customer?

Sample Answer

Yes, I have. Early in my career, I served as a waiter at a restaurant, a customer placed an order for food that we didn’t have.

I checked with the restaurant down the street for the food then I ordered it and it was brought to the customer, and he was very excited.

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6. Can You Work Under Pressure? 

Sample Answer

Yes, I can. I am more focused and achieve positive results when I’m under pressure. I can multitask and it helps to maintain balance while working in stressful situations. I understand that I need to keep a level head to achieve positive results. 

7. How Would You Describe A Solution To Someone Who Does Not Understand Technical Terms?

Sample Answer

With patience and calmness, I would describe the solution to the person in simple words and do my best to break down complex concepts. I would also make room for questions to clarify any misunderstandings or doubts. 

8. If A Customer With A Slow Apple Computer Approaches You For Help, What Would You Do?

Sample Answer

I would first ask questions to identify the problem like if the customer installed a new program recently, or uninstalled one before the problem started.

I will also check the status of the antivirus and when the computer was last updated. With the information I get, I would be able to identify why the computer is inefficient and then perform the related processes to resolve the problem. 

9. What Will You Do If Your Mac PC Won’t Turn On?

Sample Answer

Firstly, I will check the power supply and make sure the cables are properly connected and ensure no cable is damaged.

If it still doesn’t boot, I will try running Apple diagnosis, running a power cycle, booting in safe mode, resetting the system management controller, and resetting the random-access memory. 

If all these attempts do not work, I will use recovery mode tools or reinstall the operating system and if every attempt fails, I will seek help from the in-house IT expert to investigate the problem.

10. Do You Take Any Steps To Enhance Your Skills Outside of Work?

Sample Answer

Yes, I do. I sign up for industry publications to ensure that I am up to date with emerging trends and make use of various online learning resources to improve myself.

Also, I enjoy doing my own side projects and it gives me a chance to put new skills I’ve learned to work and keep my existing ones sharp.

11. What Do You Do If You Disagree With The Decision Of Your Superior?

Sample Answer

I believe communicating with superiors would be the best thing to do. I will talk to my superior and tell him my point of view and what I think of the situation and then id listens to him and try to understand him from his own standpoint.

12. Can You Describe A Time You Failed And What You Learned From It? 

Sample Answer

At my previous job, I worked with the human resource manager as a tech liaison for a confidential layoff that was happening within the finance and IT departments.

Some of the people who were executing the layoff were abroad so I had to send some documents via email. 

We were working on a tight deadline and I unknowingly forwarded the documentation to one of the employees being fired. This was a grave mistake.

Immediately I noticed I quickly notified the HR manager and IT personnel and the message was retrieved before the person opened his mail. I learned that it was important to double-check before sending any document out. 

13. Let’s Say That I Am An Elementary Kid, How Would You Explain To Me What A Modem And Router Are?

Sample Answer

Supposing you are an elementary kid, I would begin by saying that the two are used to bringing the internet into their home. I would say that a modem is a box that pulls the internet into the home by connecting with an internet company. 

I would also say that a router is a device that sends internet power around the computers at home and it is where the wifi comes from. Both the modem and the router work together to power the internet supply.

14. Previously, Apple Inc Was Known As Apple Computers Incorporated. Do You Know Why The Company Changed Its Name?

Sample Answer

During a speech at an event in 2007, Steve Jobs announced the change of the company’s name. He said that the reason for this change was that the company had shifted its emphasis from solely computers to consumer electronics. At that same event when iPhone and Apple TV were unveiled to the world. 

15. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years?

Sample Answer

I have been working toward taking on more supervisory responsibilities throughout my career and I hope to attain this goal. In the next 5 years, I would like to be at the management level of the Apple Corporation.  

16. If you get hired to work at Apple, What Does Your Current Availability Look Like?

Sample Answer

Currently, I am open and available to take up an opportunity with Apple. I am also willing to work a full-time 40-hour schedule with the possibility of overtime or weekends if need be.

17. Can You Name Three Accessibility Features Available On The iPhone?

Sample Answer

The three accessibility features that are available on iPhone are the  text size alteration, magnifier, and Siri, the digital assistant

18. If We Hire You, Would You Miss Anything About Your Previous Position?

Sample Answer

I will be so happy if I get a chance to work at Apple, Inc. I have always dreamed to join your team and contribute to creating your products but I would also miss some things about my previous jobs like the excellent working relationship we have, my supervisor, and my workmates. Nonetheless, I’m sure I can also find these things here at Apple.

19. We Encourage Innovation At Apple. What Does Innovation Mean To You?

Sample Answer

To me, innovation means being someone who welcomes change and makes the most of the future. It’s about creating a new and powerful idea or simplifying an existing one.

20. Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

Sample Questions For Interviewers;

  1. What do you love about working for Apple?
  2. What skills are required to excel in this position?
  3. Are there any new or unique products the company is currently working on?


In interviews, the major challenge people have is competition, and Apple interviews are no less competitive.

To have an edge over other applicants, you must make a lasting impression and part of it is giving effective answers to the interview question.

Use this checklist as a guide to answering your Apple interview questions. And don’t forget to arrive early at the venue and put on proper job interview clothes

We wish you success!

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