Job Interview Clothes Do’s And Dont’s

Preparing for a job interview and wondering what to wear? Acing your interview is about making a good impression and that partly depends on how you dress. It’s okay to be anxious about what to wear. 

Selecting appropriate job interview clothes can be tricky since you want to look and feel confident and at the same time not over or underdress. 

For a professional look, here are some tips for selecting the appropriate job interview clothes.

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Job Interview Clothes For Women – Do’s And Don’ts 

1. Hair And Make-Up

It’s always best to keep your make-up simple and your hairdo, professional and neat. Here are some expert tips.

  1. Do not show up in unkempt hair
  2. Your hair should be neatly styled and combed, preferably pulled back in a bun or ponytail or tucked behind your ears. 
  3. Avoid a hairstyle that falls over your face. Fiddling with your hair makes you seem unsure and nervous, which will only irritate your interviewer. 
  4. Do not wear sunglasses on your head. It’s very unprofessional.
  5. Avoid heavy make-up. Dark eyeshadows, bright lipsticks, or heavy foundation are distracting and they make you appear frivolous
  6. Keep the makeup simple and subtle. A light touch of mascara, powder and a tinted lip balm works the magic. It gives a refreshed and sophisticated look without even trying. 
  7. Make sure your nails are clean, manicured, and polished with neutral colors.
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2. Skirts And Blouses

The purpose of an interview is to access your job skills, wearing sexy, tight, and revealing outfits are distracting and unprofessional and of course, do not give a good impression. 

  1. Choose a skirt with a hemline just above your knee or at knee level. When you sit, skirts usually go up a little higher. A shorter skirt would make you tug it down during your interview.
  2. Avoid mini and split skirts. They are difficult to sit comfortably in. 
  3. Your outfit should fit properly and not be too tight
  4. Avoid low necklines and transparent fabric. Bra straps should not be on display.

3. Shoes 

Which shoe do I wear? Here are some guidelines for choosing the appropriate shoe for a job interview.

  1. Wear a freshly-polished closed-toe shoe, with the heel no higher than 3 inches
  2. Choose dark or neutral colors
  3. Flats are also acceptable
  4. Avoid open-toe and backless dress shoes.
  5. Leave the flip-flops, stilettos, sandals, and sneakers in the shoe cabinet
  6. Make sure your shoes are not scruffed or scuffed

4. Bags

When selecting a bag, choose a smart one.

  1. Rather than a large floppy bag, carry a small structured purse.
  2. Ditch the canvas, denim, or straw bags. 
  3. A smart laptop bag is also an excellent option. 

5. Accessories

With accessories, you do more with less. Always keep it simple.

  1. Avoid ostentatious jewelry. Large, chunky, danging, and jangling earrings and bracelets are distracting
  2. You can wear a stud, a hoop, or a huggie
  3. Wear a simple classic necklace like pearls
  4. Avoid anklets
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Job Interview Clothes For Men – Do’s And Don’ts


  1. Get a traditional haircut and a clean shave before the interview
  2. If you want to keep your facial hair, make sure it’s neatly trimmed

Shirt And Tie

  1. Wear a button-down dress shirt
  2. Do not wear an itchy fabric
  3. Choose a light color shirt that blends with your suit. It’s been found that colored shirts make you appear more friendly.
  4. Avoid polo shirts and shirts without collars
  5. You can wear a subdued check or pattern but make sure it’s not too bright and flashy.
  6. For ties, conservative colors are perfect. Avoid wearing ties with bright or flashy articles
  7. Choose a tie that is darker than the color of your shirt
  8. The front line of your tie should touch your belt line

The Right Pants

  1. Jeans are not acceptable 
  2. For a business casual look, light-colored chinos or cotton pants
  3. Avoid bright colors. You can wear black, grey or dark blue trousers. 
  4. Make sure your pants are free of lint, holes, and stains
  5. Avoid wearing loose or baggy pants. Loose-fitted clothing creates an impression of untidiness. 
  6. Do not wear your pants below your waistline.

Shoes And Socks

  1. Avoid open-toe shoes such as sandals, and flip-flops.
  2. Do not wear sneakers or trainers
  3. Wear polished dark-colored leather shoes
  4. Black or brown loafers, oxfords, and lace-up dress shoes are acceptable
  5. Avoid wearing athletic socks. 
  6. Wear mid-calf-length dress socks that match the color of your dress.
  7. Make sure your shoes are not scuffed or dirty


  1. Carry a classic briefcase or an intelligent laptop bag. It allows you to carry your documents and a tablet or laptop easily.
  2. Avoid carrying a floppy bag


  1. For the gents, a classic watch and a wedding band or other simple ring are acceptable
  2. Avoid necklaces and bracelets
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Do The Do’s

  1. Make sure your clothing covers all tattoos and body piercings
  2. Do a dress rehearsal. Dress up and see how everything fits including your hair, nail, and shoes
  3. Wear simple jewelry and subtle make-up

Avoid The Don’ts

  1. Do not wear heavy cologne or perfume. It can irritate the hiring managers and that is not something you want to do.
  2. Do not wear headphones
  3. Avoid wearing anything uncomfortable. You do not know how long the interview will take. 


How you dress reflects your professionalism, commitment, and your ability to fit in and it has a large impact on the overall success of your interview.

When selecting your job interview clothes, select one that does not crease easily and that fits well.

Make sure they are clean, and well-ironed. Increase the chances of your interview going smoothly by dressing suitably.

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