How To Write A Job Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is a formal document that documents your departure from an organization. This paper is typically requested after you’ve indicated whether you’ll be leaving in person or by email.

If you’ve decided to quit your job, you’ll need to inform your boss respectfully.

There are a variety of motives for leaving a career, including the desire to spend time with family or take a role with another organization.

In this post, we’ll go over what you need to know about resignation letters, including how to write one and models to help you get started.

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The Fundamentals Of A Job Resignation Letter

As a show of gratitude, talk personally with your boss before sending a resignation note, whether in person, by video chat, or over the internet.

After you’ve had this chat, it’s also polite to write a resignation letter to provide your company’s HR department with a record of your comment and your boss with organizational details about your departure.

A resignation letter usually contains the following information:

  • Resignation letter from the company
  • The last day of work
  • Expressions of thanks
  • Actions to take next and other important details
  • Authentication (Signature)

In A Resignation Note, There Are Certain Things You Can Avoid Saying.

Regardless of when you’re quitting your work, make sure you tell your boss constructively and politely.

Resignation letters, as a professional text, do not contain any concerns about the organization, your boss, or your colleagues. Only use the material mentioned above and use optimistic or matter-of-fact language throughout to keep it professional.

If you take a few main steps, writing a resignation letter can be a quick task. Before you write your message, check with your immediate boss or HR manager to see if your company has any procedures in place for resignations.

They can, for example, request specific information or direct your letter to specific individuals within the organization.

Include the following detail in this order when you want to write a resignation letter:

Begin With An Introduction When You Want To Write A Resignation Letter.

Using a typical business letter format with the date and your contact details at the top of the page if you’re mailing your letter; if you’re emailing it, this information isn’t needed.

Introduce your letter with a formal salutation, address the recipient by name, and use a regular greeting like “Dear [First name],” or “Hello [First name]” if you prefer.

Next, state explicitly that you are writing to request your formal resignation from the firm, along with the date of your last day of work.

If it is customary to give two weeks’ notice, the employer might have clear instructions for your last day of work.

List the date and weekday of your last day at the company after you’ve gotten this stuff.

For example.


Please consider this letter as my official resignation from XYZ Company as a senior graphic designer. My last day will be two weeks from now, on Friday, February 28.

Add A Thank-you Note To The Mix.

Maintaining healthy working relationships is still a smart career choice. Writing one or two sentences expressing your gratitude for your time with the firm will aid in a smooth transition.

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For example

I am grateful for the ability to learn from and improve as a designer from the best. I’ll never forget the opportunities I had working with you and your squad.

Finish With A Summary Of The Next Steps And A Conclusion.

Have any important details of the transition that the receiver may know? These details should be sorted out in advance by the boss.

If you’re unsure about your transition obligations, clearly state that you’ll do everything you can to help the transition go as smoothly as possible. This kind of gesture is usually well-received.

Finish with a closing sentence like “Sincerely” or “Thank you,” as well as your name.

For example,

In order to make this transition as seamless as possible, I plan to finish my final design project by June 20 and assign all other tasks to the required team members with your permission. I wish you, your team, and your business the best of luck.

Thank you so much for everything.


Letter Of Resignation Template

A sample resignation letter template is provided below, along with the basic details that must be included when resigning from any organization. This prototype should be filled out with your details and tailored to your specific situation.

[First name of the supervisor],

Please approve my resignation from [your work title] at [company name]. My last day will be two weeks from now, on [your last day of work]. I appreciate all of your help and encouragement during my time here, as well as all of the valuable insights I’ve learned. Working with you and your team has been a true joy.

Please let me know how I can assist you with making this transition as painless as possible.

Thank you for everything, and best wishes.

[Your name here]

Examples Of Resignation Letters That Have A Justification

Although it isn’t necessary to state why you’re leaving an organization, you might want to do so. Here are a few example paragraphs that explain why people resign:

I resigned due to a better opportunity.

I’m writing to inform you that I’ve accepted a position with an agency that I think would be a good fit for my future career. Please consider this letter as official notice of my departure from precious Corporation. My last day of work will be in two weeks, [insert last day of work].

Although I will be moving on to a new place, I am thankful for the opportunities to learn and develop that I have had here.”

I had to resign due to a transfer.

“Please consider this letter as my official resignation from precious Corporation. My last day of work will be [insert the last day of work] in two weeks. In the coming months, I’ll be relocating to Calabar to be closer to my family.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn and improve in the accounting department; I hope to find a new job with colleagues who are similarly motivational, supportive, and kind. I wish the business continued prosperity.

And let me know how I can assist in making the transition as painless as possible.”

I hope these tips on how to write a resignation letter help, thanks.


What Should Not Be Included In A Resignation Letter?

Criticisms of your co-workers and any negative opinions you have about them should be left out.

Do You Have To Give A Reason For Resigning?

No, you do not have to provide a specific reason. A notice(written) is usually given to the company where it is being stated that you are resigning from the company and that your last day will be (_____).

Does A Resignation Letter Need To Be Signed?

In order to be legally binding, your resignation letter must be handwritten and must bear your signature.
The name and address of the employer, as well as the date of your resignation, must also be included in your letter.

Should I Talk To My Boss Before Resigning?

Meet one-on-one to tell your manager you’re resigning in person before submitting a notice letter.
It’s best to notify your manager at least two weeks in advance of your last employment date. Remain professional and gracious during the conversation, thanking your employer for the opportunity

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