What Is ETA In The Corporate World?

When we hear about the corporate world, our minds run far and near special thanks to the movies and the novels we invest our time in. The corporate world is a formal place where work counts more than anything else.

Hence maintaining a professional attitude will help you cope.  It’s not such an easy place to venture into and there is more about it than the crazy CEO movies we entertain ourselves with. It’s a tough place where one has to see everyone as a competitor and if you must be relevant you must have to work hard.

In this world, no one cares about each other all they care about is what can you offer to the company that has hired them, most times one gets to see someone else take credit for their ideas and they can’t do anything because the person is their manager or leader.

But the good side of the corporate world is that it creates a very stable source of income and overtime payments if you overwork yourself. This means apart from the normal salary you are supposed to be paid, if you work overtime, the company will pay you.

Most corporate jobs come with insurance packages like health, dental, pharmacy, vision insurance. Depending on the nature of the job and rank one has attained most companies provide Life insurance and property insurance for their employee. It also provides for a pay raise, bonuses, gives its employees opportunities to meet like minds.

The corporate world is a tough jungle and there are rules to survive there. It’s essential to remember that you are not just in a competition with yourself to do better but you compete with everyone working with you.

You can be laid off anytime so always put yourself first after all they don’t just say jungle-like that. As much as you know it’s a competition, try to fit in. Be nice and not rude, as a manager be approachable. Attend the company dinners, go for company bounding nights, or whatever the company decides to host.

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Now What Exactly Does ETA Mean in the Corporate World.

ETA is the acronym of the word Estimated Time of Arrival. This means the expected time a good, a project is supposed to be delivered. There is a tin line between deadline and Eta in the corporate world.

Deadline as the name entails is when a project is supposed to be due. Let me explain this, for instance Mr Charles of Federal Mortgage and Pensions bank walks into Artex a graphic design firm and asks for their services.

He goes ahead to describe at length what and how he wants the design to be, the colours and words to be used. Then he informs the Artex company that he would be back in a month time with his team mates to see the design.

After he leaves, the manager of Artex gives the file to a new promising hire and tell him to deliver the project on his desk in two weeks time. The deadline for the project is in a month time and the ETA is in two weeks time. ETA can be adjusted but the deadline cannot be moved as it is fixed

Words Used In Cooperate World

Just like every other world, the corporate world has its own language register. This means there are words used in the corporate world that mean something different if used literally. Examples are

  1. Aha moment

Most times when we hear this, or read about it, we circle it or laugh over it and move on. This means that they have discovered something important or something they have missed. This is likened to Eureka used by the scientists in their labs. 

  1. Baked in

One could easily think that this word has to do with pastries or anything sweetened and love but the truth is when this is used in the corporate world it means a certain project is accounted for. When there is an allocation of tasks in the work place and a task has been given to a colleague and the manager forgets and gives it to another person a simple baked in would surface here.

  1. Brain dump

This is one of the oldest in the book. It means that you will be taught. As a new hire in the company, there are things that your superiors will teach you and it is called a brain dump.

  1. Champion

It’s easy to misinterpret this word due to its literal meaning and its constant use these days. When one hears champion in a corporate work place what it means is spearhead or control. I want you to champion this project means that they want you to head the project, control or defend the project.

  1. ASAP:

This means as soon as possible. When this word is used it means that it is in fact very urgent and whatever task as to be taken care of immediately.

  1. Fwiw:

Thjs is usually seen in the emails and letters send out. It means For what It’s worth, it is used to clarify things in the work place.

  1. Corp:

This is the word for Corporate. Instead of fully writing it out or calling it out you can easily just say Corp.

  1. Bant 

When we hear this word our mind go to the conventional twitter, Instagram or even football can’t. The truth is this is a four way famous tool in the workplace especially in the sales representative department. It means Budget, Authority, Need and Time

  1. Fish or cut bait:

This means going straight to the point or issue. While having a presentation the manager could use this word to get a particular information 

  1. In light of the fact:

This long words mean because, immediately after this word is uttered important information follows.

We have ended up giving away too many examples of a few of the multiple words in the corporate dictionary.

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