10 Things To Do Right In An Interview

There is no unique formula to things to do right in an interview, and it is always a memorable experience, whether a mock interview or a professional one.

Nevertheless, an interview is a unique arrangement that one must give his best shot. After all, it makes no sense to go for an interview if your preparations are half-hearted.

Understandably, most people have no idea of things to do right in an interview. 

Some are confused about how to give responses to the interviewer, non-verbal behaviors, or even fear since it is their first time.

Acting right in an interview is essential because your responses will enable them to measure your experience, motivation, and skills, which are instrumental to your chances of getting the job.

Without wasting time, read through as you get better knowledge.

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Things To Do Right In An Interview

There are so many things one can do in an interview. However, below is a comprehensive list of things to do right in an interview:

1. Respect Your Interviewers 

Giving respect to your interviewer is one of the things you must do right in an interview.

Your interviewers study your answers and behavior. You do not want to give a wrong impression that is contrary to what is on your CV. 

You want to make sure you know before you leave. After meeting your interviewers, you could also say how happy you are with this opportunity.

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2. Good Non-Verbal Behavior   

During the interview, inhale and exhale slowly to control feelings of anxiety and boost your self-confidence.

The interviewer should first stretch out his hand to start shaking hands. Stop, maintain eye contact with him and give a smiling face.

Your handshake should be firm but not crush the other person’s fingers.

See if you are interested in any questions the interviewer asks you.

Practice self-confidence and good body language as soon as you enter the building for the interview. While you sit, put your shoulders back.

3. Be Punctual 

You should make it a priority to be punctual. The company will inform you of the appropriate time, and it will also allow you to check out your answers to the questions and make sure you look good and feel good.

Plan your route to the interview venue to ensure you arrive on time. Consider doing a running exercise. If you are taking public transportation, identify a support system if there is a delay or closure.

4. Know All The Requirements of the Company

You want to prove your qualifications about what you think you can bring to the company’s table for an interview.

Ensure you know all the features and qualifications of the job you are applying for.

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5. Bring Sufficient Resumes

You can bring your portfolios if you have one to showcase your previous work and achievements.

Be sure to submit additional interviews if the company requires another copy.

6. Show Positive Energy With Accurate Information

Showing positive energy with accurate information is something you must do right in an interview.

Avoid lying about anything in your interview. The company will not seek to hire anyone with false information.

Being honest during negotiations can help employers communicate more efficiently with you. Expressing confidence with a smile and body language can help keep the interview simple and constructive.

While it may seem tempting to embellish your skills and achievements, your interviewees find honesty refreshing and dignified. Focus on your main strengths and why your background makes you exceptionally qualified for this position.

7. Show Appreciation To Your Interviewers

Showing appreciation to your interviewers is something you must do right in an interview. 

Interviews can be exhausting, and it is essential not to give the impression that you cannot wait to leave and return home. An interview is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talent and learn about the company; make sure your name and body reflect this.

Please thank your interviewees for their time and consideration in reviewing the job opportunity. Be sure to follow up with your interviews and company after completing your interview.

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8. Dress Modestly

It is imperative to dress modestly.

Always wear appropriate attire, wear well-paid business attire, exercise hygiene, and present yourself as if you want the company to see you.

To please the organization you are negotiating with, you must dress appropriately. You want to avoid wearing your regular day clothes, including yoga pants.

Do not forget the little things. Fill your shoes, ensure your nails are clean and tidy, and check your clothes for any holes, stains, pet hair, and loose strands. Show confident body language and all smiles.

9. Give Appropriate Responses

One must be particularly careful in giving an appropriate response in an interview. 

It would help if you saw yourself achieving this. Don’t hide your accomplishments. Job interviews are not a time for modesty.

Prepare a few specific, tangible examples that illustrate the impact you have had on your previous/current role.

Be sure to prepare a list of possible questions for the interviewer. You can practice your interviewing skills with a friend or sign up for a demo interview app.

Interviewstream will ask questions similar to actual professional interviews, and you can see the answer in your interview.

All you need is a camera, or you can schedule an interview with a demo app. The candidate for the job usually does best in a job interview by showing why they are the best option for the job and the organization.

10. Research About The Organization

It is vital to research the organization you apply for. You can do this by visiting their website. You will learn facts you find interesting and have questions you want to be answered by the interviewer. 

Organizations want to hire problem solvers who overcome difficult situations. If you feel frustrated with your current job, focus on talking about what you gained from your experience and what you want to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Answer Tell Me About Yourself

Your answer should simply describe your current situation, your past experiences in previous jobs, the reason you’re fit for the role, and how you hope to line up with the company policy and values.

What Should Not Be Done In An Interview

1. Not Doing Your Research
2. Turning Up Late
3. Dressing Inappropriately
4. Fidgeting With Unnecessary Props
5. Poor Body Language/Movements
6. Unclear Answering and Rambling
7. Speaking Negatively About Your Current Employer
8. Not Asking Questions.

What To Do If I Arrive Late For An Interview

1. Offer your interviewer a good reason for your lateness
2. Move on with the rest of the interview

Is Being Late To An Interview A Deal Breaker?

Turning up late for an interview without giving any prior notice is definitely going to jeopardize your chances of a successful interview.

What Is A Good Excuse For Missing An Interview

Car trouble or accident happens to a lot of people, is usually unforeseen and therefore is a good excuse.


One must consider things to do right in an interview, which goes a long way to determine whether you will have a successful interview.

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