Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test?

Hobby Lobby provides job opportunities for individuals with varying levels of experience. However, potential employees keep asking  the primary question, “Does Hobby Lobby drug test?”

Drug tests are becoming more and more common in the job world and If you’re contemplating joining the hobby lobby team but are worried about drug testing policies, you’re going to find many answers to your questions or concerns in this article.

Hobby Lobby is primarily a crafts supplier but also sells baking equipment, framed artwork, embroidery, jewelry, fabric, presents, baskets, craft kits, wearable art, wedding and home decorations, holiday accessories, and other merchandise. 

Hobby Lobby’s headquarters houses more than 10 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and office complexes in Oklahoma City, USA.

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Does Hobby Lobby Conduct Drug Tests?

Well, a straightforward answer to the question “Does the company conduct drug testing” is yes.

Hobby Lobby is a well-known brand. Hobby Lobby must be protected, and the workers need to be happy.

Use of drugs or alcohol during work is a forbidden issue on the job at Hobby Lobby, as the company is intolerant of any consumer complaints about employee conduct. 

Your supervisor will also be notified if you are intoxicated during your work shift.

If you’re subjected to a drug screening at Hobby Lobby, they will search for any listed substances in your system marijuana, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates, and benzodiazepines. Having any of these in you can invoke disciplinary actions.

What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Hobby Lobby Conduct?

Hobby Lobby has adopted the use of mouth swabs to help identify illegal drug use by its employees. It’s noninvasive. All you have to do is refrain from eating and drinking anything for up to 10 minutes before taking your salivary sample. 

A sponge or absorbent pad will be placed on the end of a stick and then placed against the insides of the cheeks to abrade the lips; the swabbing process lasts for up to three minutes.

The lab may perform the analysis on-site or take the sample to a lab. If it is an on-site evaluation, the results are obtained immediately, but if it has to go to a lab, your samples likely need to wait for 24 hours. 

A mouth swab can analyze substances used for 48 hours before testing your sample, and the method tends to be 97% accurate.

Compared to other drug-detecting tests, urine tests are not as effective as tests that can detect drug levels that have existed for over 48 hours. However, an opportunity for 97 accuracy is not guaranteed. 

It relies on a number of factors, such as the drug being tested, the expertise of the person conducting the test, the test center, and the analysis location.

Nevertheless, a mouth swab will detect alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, opioids, barbiturates, PCP, and tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Hobby Lobby does not use a mouth swab alone to vouch for its workers. It also performs urine tests.

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Does Hobby Lobby Conduct Random Drug Testing Or  Pre-Testing?

Hobby Lobby does not test for illegal drugs at random. It will perform drug tests for workers who may be suspected to be involved in incidents that cause the death or injury of other employees or customers. 

If you display misconduct that is consistent with drug use, your  supervisor will also conduct a drug test.

Since the company performs drug tests for managers before they allow them to become managers, they’re likely to test you for illegal drugs well before the promotion. 

It might make sense for you to refrain from drugs for no less than a month before getting into a promotion to make sure that your promotion isn’t at risk.

Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Full Time Employees?

Hobby Lobby does not typically conduct drug screening for full-time staff unless they are suspected of drug use.

These suspicions may be brought about from your lagging performance compared to your fellow employees, tardiness, aggressiveness, etc. 

Along with that, it’s also advisable to appear clean on the drug test during the interview, as this could assist your chances of overcoming any suspicions that the interviewer may have.

Drug tests is  administered to everyone are required as part of their employment in any managerial capacity specified in the test. Information about past and present employees is used to assess which supervisors should be compelled to undergo a drug test.

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Does Hobby Lobby Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

Hobby Lobby does not drug test staff members who are not full time, but the manager or anyone else on the job may demand a drug screening if they have a suspicion regarding drug use.

Is Hobby Lobby A Drug Free Workplace?

Hobby Lobby is a drug free workplace. And typically, only performs drug tests following suspicious behavior. Normally, in the form of a post incident drug test.


Hobby Lobby drug testing is mandatory for potential employees and existing staff members working for the company. It provides you the chance to make sure you’re complying with drug regulations and security regulations.

 It is necessary to be aware of the types of Publix drug tests to complete drug screenings successfully.

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