Top 15 Starbucks Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

Preparing for a Starbucks Interview? Starbucks is a famous American multinational coffee company and the world’s largest coffeehouse chain.

Its mission statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.


The corporation is rated as one of the best places to work in the world and year after year hundreds of people submit applications for job placements. 

Starbucks interviewers ask a series of behavioral and competency-based questions to assess your skills and judgment. Revising, studying, and learning some Starbuck interview questions will help you give effective answers during your interview. 

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Starbucks Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Here are the top 15 Starbucks interview questions and suitable sample answers.


1. Why Do You Want To Work At Starbucks? 

Starbucks company culture and my experience here is something I’ve always loved. I love coffee and I firmly believe that Starbucks will allow me to explore my passion for coffee and bring the same experience I’ve had to others. Also, I feel the company cares about its employees as they offer several benefits including health and stock. 

2. What’s Your Favorite Drink At Starbucks?

I love the Frappuccino. The blended iced coffee drink with a whipped cream topping is my favorite and it tastes even better with the spices sprinkled all over. 

3. How You Handle An Issue Where A Customer Says His Drink Is Wrong?

I’d ask the customer to explain the problem and tell me what he ordered and find out what drink he got. If the drinks got mixed up, I’d apologize and make a new one.

If they complain about something more particular like the sweetness or temperature, I’d ask them how they prefer it and then remake it. 


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4. What Does Customer Service Mean To You? 

To me, customer service is about ensuring customer satisfaction right from when they step into the coffeehouse to when they leave. It’s about empathy and active listening to address a customer’s needs and deliver an incredible experience. I want them to feel special and come back because of the quality of care I provide to them. 

5. What Would You Do If You Made A Customer’s Drink Incorrectly? 

I would apologize and immediately apologize to the customer. If it’s possible, I’d make small talk to make him feel at ease then apologize again for the mistake.

6. If We Ran Out Of An Ingredient Or Product, How Would You Tell A Customer? 

I would politely tell him that we can’t make exactly what he asked for and then give him a few alternatives by going through the menu and offering similar options. 

7. Are you Comfortable Working With Other People?

Yes, I am. I love working with people and collaborating to get a job done. I’ve worked with teams in the past like sports teams and group projects and we worked together and attained our goals. In this position, I know that I need to rely on my teammates to get orders taken and completed and be reliable as well. 

8. Why Do You Think You Are Suited For This Role?

Active listening and patience are skills I am well equipped with and I believe that they can help me work effectively with customers as well as with my teammates.

I am also detail-oriented which helps me make fewer mistakes and happier customers plus, I am friendly and great at communication. 

9. How Do You Fare Under Pressure?

I work well under pressure and I can multitask. At my last job, I was responsible for the front desk of a doctor’s office, so I had to juggle scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, filing out paperwork, greeting patients, and checking them out. I am confident in my ability to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment.

10. How Would You Practice Good Customer Service?

Good customer service is about ensuring the customer is happy and satisfied. I would greet them with a smile and try to learn their names. If they are regulars, I’d know their usual drink and try to make them feel special whenever they step into the coffeehouse. 

11. How Would You Handle A Rude And Angry Customer?

First, I listen to the customer and try to learn why he is upset. I’d then respond to him calmly and address the problem. If I cannot handle the situation effectively, I ask a co-worker or manager for help. 

12. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years’ Time?

I see myself as the Shift Manager of one of your locations after working my way up from barista. I love that the company provides opportunities to grow and id like to take advantage of that. 

13. If There Is A Long Queue, What Would You Do?

I would apologize to the customers for the long wait, and reassure them that they will all be attended to, and take their orders.

I would see if my coworkers could start taking on another register and if not, make sure the customers know that we are very sorry about the wait. 

14. How Do You Handle Conflict With Coworkers?

If a conflict arises, I would talk things out and see if we can resolve it on our own. If it doesn’t work out, I ask a friend or the manager to mediate.

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15. Do You Have Any Questions For Us? 

  1. How would you describe your ideal candidate for this role?
  2. What do you like best about working in Starbucks?
  3. How would you measure my success?
  4. What can I do to meet your expectations?


Starbucks is very big and successful with great company culture, working ethics, and benefits. During your interview, you will be accessed across many areas including behavior, competency, and leadership.

It is important that you study Starbucks interview questions before your interview to prepare you to give adequate responses. 

We wish you all the best! 

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