Top 10 Behavioral Interview Questions And Sample Answers

Have you ever been in an interview session where the hiring manager asked behavioral interview questions?

As a candidate how would you answer the question ‘’how will you respond or behave in a situation at work like this?’’

You should be aware that, Interview sessions like this help the employers measure the experience and accomplishment of a candidate in solving different problems at the office.

Nonetheless, this piece was written to address the answers to behavioral interview questions that you would most likely be asked during an interview session.

Let us take a look at what a behavioral interview question is, before stating the kind of questions you should expect.

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What Is A Behavioral Interview Question?

A behavioral interview is a stage of an interview where the hiring manager assesses a candidate’s general behavior in a particular situation to know how they view things or react to a situation.

Such a behavioral examination of the candidate helps the hiring manager anticipate their future performances and how they would behave in the workplace.

These general questions do not have a static or completely fixed answer but pivot around how you think about a circumstance.

By asking you such questions, employers evaluate adaptability towards work, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and other soft skills that are needed in the workplace.

Now let us go through some of the behavioral interview questions and answers.

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Behavioral Interview Questions And Sample Answers

I have provided a list to assist you, in answering some behavioral interview questions.

1. Can You Take Me Back To A Situation Where You Handled A Challenge?

In this situation, the hiring manager wants to understand how you would respond whenever you are in a challenging situation.

Through this question, you must sell yourself. Let them know how you would approach the situation.

Sample Answer:

I have faced so many barriers in every part of my career and education.

One situation I can remember is during my final year. I was writing a project and my partner had to leave for an emergency at home.

A huge portion of the project was left for me to finish up, and the deadline to submit was fast approaching. 

In that situation, I and my other teammate divided the work equally and added more working hours to our work schedule.

My teammate and I provide submitted the best project at the appropriate time without losing out team spirit.

Answering an interview question like this would show the interviewer your ability to adapt to changes and achieve a good result.

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2. Can You Work Effectively Under Pressure? If Yes, How?

The interviewer can throw a behavioral interview question to you on how you will respond when you are under pressure at work.

Through this test, the interviewer wants to know if you would still carry out your responsibilities if you are under pressure.

Sample Answer:

I have had a couple of experiences when I had to deal with a high-pressure workload.

I can also remember during my internship when my manager reduced the time frame of a project I was working on

He stated, ‘’ develop and submit this work on or before the new deadline’’

When I heard this, I allocated my task properly and developed a new approach to the project. I was able to submit the work to my supervisor on time.

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3. How Do You Set Goals?

This behavioral interview question helps the hiring manager know how you project your objectives and set a procedure for what you want to achieve.

Sample Answer:

Regardless of whether your answer is a personal goal or a work-related goal, you should make your answer short and impressive.

You should end at the point you achieved your set goals with a compromise

4. Can You Handle Criticism?

This behavioral interview question helps the hiring manager assess your character towards the responses you get from supervisors, seniors, and colleagues.

Sample Answer:

Your answer should be, ‘’I accept corrections and criticism from my colleagues and supervisor because I see it as an opportunity to learn and improve myself at work’’

5. How Do You Handle A Mistake Pointed Out To You? Is There Any Specific Scenario You Want To Highlight?

The hiring manager asks this behavioral interview question, to acknowledge the strategy you take to not repeat a mistake you made before.

Sample Answer:

I remember an incident when the IT department pointed out an issue.

Immediately I apologized and accepted my mistake.

After the incident, I sat down and pointed out why I shouldn’t do such a thing again and the implication of making such a mistake.

6. What’s Your Ideal Approach If You Disagree With Someone At Work?

Such a question is direct to asses your tolerance level at work. 

This question would also showcase if you get annoyed when someone doesn’t agree with your view.

Sample Answer:

A few months ago during my internship, my supervisor wanted us to solve a problem according to the normal process. 

I informed him that I have already tried it out, but he didn’t believe me. After some time, I walked into his office and critically explain why we should use some other procedure, he saw reasons with me and agreed to my suggestion.

7. What Is The First Approach You Can Come Up With If You Have To Manage A Team-Based Project?

This behavioral interview question would assess how you approach solving various issues at the office in general.

Sample Answer:

First, I will critically study the project so that I can understand it properly.

Then draw a map and check out the employees that are fit to accomplish this project.

Finally, I will request that they join my team so that we can together come up with different ideas, that would offer the best solutions to the issue at hand.

8. Do You Have Any Bad Habits?

It is a behavioral interview question, where you can showcase your strengths to the hiring manager.

Sample Answer:

Since I’m an idealist who wants my team to deliver our project with complete perfection and effectiveness, I missed some of my classes during my college days.

9. How Do You Spend Your Leisure Time After Work?

The hiring manager wants to check out your method of relaxation after work hours.

Through this question, they access your resting attitude outside working hours.

Sample Answer:

I hang out with my best buddies after working hours. Sometimes I can choose to see a movie, read a book or scroll through the internet.

This help in managing my stress level.

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10. Is There A Time When You Failed In Anything?

The main goal of this question is to evaluate how you learned from a mistake you made. So don’t be afraid o state that you have failed at some point

Sample Answer:

Yes, failure is bound to happen at some point because I’m human.

But ensure that I learn from every experience I go through.

I failed to deliver a project, during my internship days, and I was sad because I got scolded at work.

After work hours I went back home and mapped out the solution to my action. I discovered the steps I should have taken and corrected myself.

The next day at work I apologized to the management and retraced my steps.


We hope this composition has given you a sample of behavioral interview questions & answers that are often asked during an interview session.

You should properly conduct your research about the job and the company when preparing for your interview.

However, if you have any questions regarding this, please drop your comment in the comment section.

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