Finding Work As a Single Parent

I sincerely feel like being a single parent shouldn’t really stop anyone from pursuing their passion, aiming high at their careers and succeeding generally in life.

Working as a single parent can be quite challenging though, you’d need to do a lot of smart work, balancing and keeping your mental health intact also.


It’s not easy raising a child all by yourself and having to work twice as hard and also be the mum and dad altogether, entails a great amount of strength.

Life is filled with so many uncertainties, and unplanned events, and sometimes they just come at you and you just have to live with it. 

Being a single parent is a very tough ride Because kids will never be adults when they’re still kids so you can’t rush the process where all the work lies.

Whether you lost your spouse or got a divorce and you’re still trying to be happy and raise your child all by yourself while looking for a means to make money I must commend your effort and say that your doing absolutely well and if it somehow gets overwhelming just know that you’d be fine and very soon those days will eventually pass.


If you’re a single parent looking for good jobs and tips on how to succeed in your job then this article is definitely going to provide you with all you need to know so keep reading!

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How To Find A Job As A Single Parent

When Finding a job as a single parent, it is expedient that you find a job that helps you maintain a healthy balance between work and personal responsibilities.

Regardless of the nature of the job, you will need enough personal time and work flexibility to be able to successfully work and be a parent so that there is a balance between your job and your parenting.


Cool Job Ideas For Single Parents

If you’re a single parent, below is a list of cool jobs that you could do while parenting at ease I’d explain a few

  • Virtual assistant
  • Social media manager
  • Copywriter
  • Teaching
  • Sales representative
  • Marketing representative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Customer service representative
  • Data entry clerk
  • Childcare provider
  • Coder
  • Graphic designer
  • Phone interviewer
  • Blogging

1.Virtual Assistant

Primary Roles include offering administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually from the comfort of your home. They perform tasks such as; scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.

2. Social Media Manager

Primary roles include providing social media services such as managing multiple social media accounts, advertisement, reply to customers enquiry regarding goods and services, post links to relevant videos, articles etc. They help to increase a company’s social media presence.

3. Copywriter

Primary Roles include writing persuasive written content for advertising and marketing online or print. Copywriters write copy and provide consumers and clients with information about a particular service or product.

4. Graphic Designer

Primary role includes Creating Attention grabbing art work or designs used in advertising, print media, web pages etc.

They use editing software and design knowledge to produce the company’s or client’s requests. Typical requirements for this position are creativity and a strong knowledge of photo editing programs. Several websites offer project-based graphic designer roles, making the job very flexible.

Tips On How To Succeed At work As a Single Parent

Create A Balanced Routine: Oftentimes, the major reason why we become less productive and have burnouts is because we don’t have a routine fixed in place to guide us.

As a single parent trying to care for your child and also succeed at work, you definitely need to learn the mastery of creating a balanced routine.

Create a Routine that strikes a balance between caring for your child and also being stable at work.

Since you’re the only one Acting as both father and mother, you need to know how to handle your plans creatively.

You don’t want to give your child the notion that you’re unstable in decisions or promises.

So if you promised to take them out ensure you create a Routine that accommodates you taking them out and your job is still very much stable.

  • Talk To Your Employer

If your employer isn’t already aware that you’re a single parent, try explaining to them and see if you can agree to a mutually beneficial flexible working arrangement.

For example, you could start work earlier so you can leave earlier, or complete some work from home.

Note: you have the right to request flexible working arrangements with your employer.

  • Be prepared for the short and long-term future 

Being a single parent means being able to predict when your child might have a need in the short-term or long-term future.

For example, on days when you’ll be spending time with the child at a restaurant, you might bring their favorite toys and a few snacks to keep them happy and entertained. It’s also important to prepare for the long-term future.

For example, you might take an hour out of the week to teach them about certain etiquette, understanding outdoor signs or things you feel they need to learn about.

This could help ensure the child is growing up with certain good behaviors and it’ll definitely help strengthen their confidence level and build a bond between both parties.

  • Speak To Them About Your Unavailability.
  • Kids will always be kids, so don’t expect them to be adults, when you have an unplanned event that will take your attention or a meeting at work that is very essential, learn to speak to them about your unavailability and make them see reasons why you won’t be around and it’s not that you don’t want to be available but the circumstance is beyond your control. Don’t just act like they aren’t part of your life so ask them for permission before taking certain steps.
  • Build a support system and ask for help

Being a single parent can lead to feelings of isolation.

No matter how strong you are and how much you’ve achieved to date, you won’t be able to go through the entire single parenting process alone so you need to ask for help.

You’ll need a support system which could be your family member, your mum, siblings and maybe people from your church or people you trust.

Once you have built a support network of positive people, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Being a single parent can get tough at times and you need all the help you can get.

  • Be an Active Staff

Even if your company isn’t that strict and accommodates a lot of your excesses as a single parent, you should still strive to do your best at work. When you’re at work, so long as there isn’t a crisis with your kids, doing your job should be your primary focus.

Even the most understanding employer and company still has a bottom line that’s related to the company’s success, and work getting done. 

  • Learn From Others

No matter what you’re going through, someone else has passed through that circumstance and has done better so be open to learning from others and gaining more experience on how to go through with it.

  • Find A Caregiver

Trust me, it gets really overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have kids that are very demanding or Require a lot of attention. You could try finding a card giver to support you in your journey, most times caregivers cannot really do 100% of the major stuff for you but it’ll help reduce the pressure you’d be into by some percentage.

  • Be Mentally Stable

So many times because of the uphill kind of life we tend to live when we are trying to strike a balance between work and taking care of the kids, we tend to neglect ourselves which is absolutely wrong.

You should always take care of yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally and in any other way you can.

Your life doesn’t really end there on being a single parent, so you need to keep your body and soul in a very cool state.

  • Give Yourself Grace And Patience

You don’t really have to be a PRO at all this, you just have to be intentional about doing what you can do and remember that you’re still learning day by day so ensure that you’re being patient with yourself.

  • Trust The Process

I think the last thing I’d say is just trust the process, and see how beautiful it’ll be with time.

Hardest Part of Being A Single Parent

I think the hardest part about being a single parent is knowing that hope and dreams are possible even in the face of tremendous fear.

And realizing that you can’t really Avoid the process. To pass through this phase, you’d need to surround yourself with those who feel the same way and don’t be afraid to seek help if it gets overwhelming.

Negative Effects Of Single Parenting

There would definitely be a striking difference between a child who grew up with two loving parents, each knowing their roles, than onem

growing up with a parent trying to make ends meet.

 Here are some of the well-known risks for children growing up with single parents: lower school grades, more discipline problems and school suspension, less high school graduation, anxiety, depression.


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