10 Ways To Fight Attraction In The Workplace.

Attraction in the workplace is likely to happen because workers spend close to 30 hours every week in the confines of their office.

Furthermore, attention can occur anywhere and your office is not an exception. Although it can be complex as many workplaces frown at office crush or romances.

However, if you are in such a situation, this article would guide you on the ways to fight attraction in the Workplace .

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10 Ways To Fight Attraction In The Workplace.

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1. Set Personal Boundaries

Map out certain principles for yourself about relationships and attraction in the workplace.

For instance, you should consider dating someone from a different ward or station, but not a colleague that you would hand in hand with.

In addition, Once you have drawn out these principles, it would assist you in maintaining your stand.

If you find yourself getting attracted to someone at your workplace.

2. Talk To A Friend About Your Love Dilemma

When you’re seeking the advice of your friend, you must discuss it with someone who isn’t employed. Your organization.

Talking to someone about your desires and feelings is another way of recognizing the issue. 

In addition, when you discuss with someone, you have gotten a buddy who would assist you with the problem you have at hand.

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3. Discuss Your Concerns.

Even if you and your crush are single and your company doesn’t permit relationships at your workplace, this is the major factor why you should suppress that attraction rather than letting it grow.

Talk about your worries and let the person in question know that you value your job and you cannot afford to lose it.

4. Be Self-Aware of Your Behavior.

Be aware of actions in all situations, most people are lively and amiable which can sometimes be misinterpreted as an attraction.

Always act professionally whenever you’re with your colleagues so ensure you don’t draw any unnecessary attention to yourself.

Furthermore, If you have a colleague that looks like he/she is flirting with you. 

Have a strict conversation with them, and set your boundaries straight, in doing this, ensure that you’re not rude to them.

In addition, don’t let the attraction you have for a colleague distract you from your job else you would lose it 

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5. Create A Plan.

If you don’t restrategize the attraction you are developing for a colleague would grow.

Tell your colleague that you are no longer interested in working in the same team or office with him/her again, this would suppress whatever you are having for them 

In addition, Clearly state what the both of you would do. Work together to create an agreement that would assist you in the next step that you would take.

6. Realize You Might Be The Target Of Manipulation

In the business world, there are many ways a person can forge ahead.

Most people avoid doing anything that’s not related to working with their colleagues.

This pattern would help them concentrate in their workplace.

7. Acknowledge: “The Grass Is Always Greener”

Maybe you’re not as happy as you should be at home, but this doesn’t mean that going into a relationship with your colleague work make you happy.

It’s possible that you might have a good relationship with your colleague, but are you ready to throw away your job for something you’re sure of?

I’ll leave you to answer that quest.

8. Realize Your Brain Can Play Tricks On You

In love with your employer? 

Are you aware of the Stockholm syndrome? 

People who are in high positions often look attractive even if they have the dirtiest character.

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9. Separate Yourself From The Situation

Avoid working with someone you know to whom you have an attraction.

Similarly, you must watch closely and check if you’re getting any attraction at the workplace.

However, If the situation because very hard it’s important that you immediately request a transfer or you move to another department.

Ensure that you Maintain your principles in not allowing your attraction to grow into an improper relationship.

In addition, Resist the feeling of going out on a lunch date or dinner date with a colleague at work.

This can cloud your mind and make it difficult for you to act professionally around them.

Furthermore, in any form of relationship with your married colleagues or people who are in the process of getting a divorce. 

The same goes for you, if you’re married avoid having any personal relationship with your colleague who is of the opposite sex. 

Why? Because most times relationships like these would get out of hand.

10. Talk To Human Resources

Your human resource manager oversees the affairs of the workers in a company.

So if you have any issues, you must complain to them. They would find the best solution that would assist you.

Nonetheless, when it comes to relationships in your company, your company may have strict rules against workers dating themselves in the organization.

This is a law that you should adhere to if your company has such in place.

Furthermore, always remind yourself that you are in a working environment, this would enable you to act professionally whenever you’re with your colleague.


If you decide to ignore an attraction at the workplace and start a relationship with your colleague you are putting your job on the line.

Perhaps, your company permits relationships between colleagues, it’s important that you and your proposed partner set some ground rules.

Don’t use your work time, for your relationship, while at work ensure that you act professionally towards each other.

This would help both of you to maintain your work performance.

However, if you have any questions concerning this article please leave your comment below.

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