How Do You Find Current Trends?

What’s a current trend online?

Knowing the current trends is important if you want to be aware of current major events or to prepare marketing content for your business.

This article acts as a guide on finding current trends, provides tools that can help you find current trends and other related information.

As a blogger, an effective way to engage your audience is by providing content on current trends consistently.

Not everything you publish has to be related to a current trend but using trending topics will make it possible for your blog to trend on both search and social media platforms.

Most websites display the current trends on their homepage keeping their users up to date with current trends.

Applications like Google and Twitter have made it easier to get easy access to current trends worldwide.

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Current Trends

Current trends are topics that are the most talked-about online currently. 

Current trends can be of these two types:

  • Popular hashtags  

Websites like Twitter keep track of hashtags that are used consistently used and retweeted currently.

These popular hashtags are labeled as current trends.

  • Keywords or keywords phrases  

Most websites keep track of keywords or keyword phrases that are repeatedly used in articles, posts, and comments.

The keywords or phrases used more frequently are labeled as current trends. 

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Tools To Find Current Trends

Here are 28 tools that you can use to find current trends:

Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best tools to use to find current trends in various industries.

It tracks global search current trends and provides data broken down by date range, geo-location, category, search type, and more.

Google Trends is not only for inputting queries but also for finding current trends based on your interest.


Alltop.com is a news aggregator that gathers current trends from quality websites.

They even have a trends filter so you can search for keywords currently trending.

Youtube Trends Dashboard

The Youtube Trends Dashboard is a good tool for searching for current trends in video content.


Pinterest is a tool for finding current trends in the form of infographics and images.


Buzz feed arranges current trends on social media.

You just have to sign up on its feed or select a trend section to subscribe for like music.

Knowing the current trends of content gives you an idea of what content to write.


Mashable is a great tool for discovering the type of current trends on social media.

They provide sections that show the current trends.

Springwise and Enterpreneur.com

Entrepreneur.com and Springwise.com provide current trends and content for business ideas.

Topsy analytics

Topsy analytics is a Twitter analytics tool that compares trends to get current trends for a month.

Topsy offers current trends that have been retweeted consistently.

Twitter Trends

The current trends on Twitter are listed as hashtags at the side of your Twitter account.

You can narrow down current trends to a particular location and audience.

WeFollow and FollowerWonk

You can find out current trends by finding out the current trendsetters or influencers.

WeFollow suggests top influencers for a keyword or keyword phrase used.

It gets this information from the Twitter handles of its audience. 

FollowerWonk also makes it easy to find current trends influencers.

It provides even more options like influencer rating and the number of followers.


Reddit has its version of current trends.

Although most of its current trends are not useful, you will still get useful current trends content.

Reddit gets many audiences per day and most viral current trends contents begin from here and spreads through the web.

So it’s worth using Reddit charts as a tool to find current trends because you will have an idea of what to expect.

Huffington Post

Huffing Post is a tool for finding current trends online.

Checking the Huffington Post homepage shows you current trends on the web.

To get current trends in Huffington Post, you can also use the trends tags option available.

Offline Resources

Offline resources is an offline written tool for finding current trends.

You can read the latest magazines, books, and newspapers to get current trends.

Think with Google

Think with Google is a tool that provides marketing insights on current trends.

Subscribing for Think with Google to get their newsletter is a way of getting market insights.


TopTenz is another tool for finding current trends.

All you have to do is look at the home page of TopTenz to see current trends.

The list of current trends informs you on articles people are writing about and this will give you ideas on what current trend to write about.

Google Instant

Another Google tool for finding current trends is Google Instant.

Searching for keywords or current trends using these tools can bring up interesting keyword phrases that can be used to write your article.

Exploding Topic

Exploding Topic is a useful tool for investors, entrepreneurs, and business starters.

It provides current trends in businesses and organizations.

To use this tool properly, you will need to subscribe to its newsletter and it should be used with other tools for finding current trends.

Most Shared

When you visit a site or just surf the web, look at the Most Shared links on the sites.

This provides the current trends in general searches or specific sites, it provides the current trends for a specific audience.

SparkToro Trending

Sparktoro is an important tool for finding current trends for marketers.

Sparktoro Trending offers the current trends in marketing and technology articles.

Sparktoro finds these current trends based on the number of its shares on social media platforms.


This tool is one of the best for listing the latest current trends in a place.

All you have to do is to identify the important publications or news sources for your readers.

Feedly is a powerful tool for identifying current trends and helps you publish current trends articles based on your gathered list.

 Some paid features in Feedly include using AI to search the web for certain current trends and following up on newsletters and news feeds.

Podcast Notes

Podcasts notes help identify current trends and keynotes in individual podcasts.

It provides an opportunity to find current trends relating to your readers or industry.

Since podcasts take a lot of time to get the content, podcast notes do the job for you on various topics including technology, finance, crypto, fitness, and nutrition topics providing you with the current trend.


Buzzsumo is an amazing tool for finding current trends and keywords. 

Search for keywords, keyword phrases to find current trends.

Your results gotten for current trends have the highest shares and posts on various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

Buzzsumo can also show you current video trends on Youtube.

The subscription price ranges from $99 to $499+ per month.

Trends. co

Trends. co offers an easy format for understanding current trends in various industries.

The Trends newsletter explains current trends by covering why they matter, the problem that created the current trend, the solution, predictions, opportunities, main players, key lessons, and opposing views of the current trend.

To get more details on current trends, there are paid features and ways to continue research in the Trends community.


Treendly is a tool mush like Google Trends that help you find current trends.

Treendly creates a better user experience from a broader variety of sources.

Product Hunt

ProductHunt offers new digital products used in various industries and takes submission of products from different people.

The ProductHunt community votes and reviews the product for it to rank on the site. 

ProductHunt provides subscriptions to products that include productivity, developer tools, AI, UX, and marketing.


Quora provides personalized information feeds to its users and encourages them to answer questions concerning their area of expertise. 

You can check the Top Stories feed on your home page to see some of Quora’s current trends.

 You can also search for specific keyword phrases and look at the current trends. 

Sprout Social

 Sprout Social is a tool for social media management with features that helps you find current trends.

Sprout Social requires a paid subscription to give you full-time access to its other features like brand monitoring, publishing, scheduling and drafting, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Radian6 is a tool for social media that allows you to listen and engage with current trends, monitor your brands, and get insights into current trends, intent, and more.

Have a great day.

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