Explore Jobs For 50-Year-Olds With No Experience

You’re not alone if you’re over 50 and looking for work.

Many people who’ve retired at or after 50 find themselves with no job experience, but there are plenty of jobs for 50-year-olds who still need to gain experience. 


We have some jobs that might be a good fit for someone in your situation.

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Jobs For 50-Year-Olds With No Experience

There are a lot of jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience. If you’re looking for something that requires no experience, there are plenty of options. Some of these options include:

1. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are responsible for keeping track of the financial records of a business. 


They help to ensure that the company’s accounting is accurate and up to date, helping the owners make informed decisions about how to spend money in their businesses.

Bookkeeping entails much more than simply tracking numbers.

It means analyzing those numbers and coming up with solutions on how best to use them. 

Bookkeepers often have advanced degrees in business management or accounting.


Some even go onshore at corporations instead of offshore because they want greater accountability over their work product (and less time away from home).

2. Create Podcasts

There are several ways to make money with a podcast; the most obvious is through advertising on your show.

You can also sell merchandise or other products from the episodes, which can be lucrative if done well.

But there’s another way that many 50-year-old job seekers haven’t considered before: creating your original content for free.

Creating podcasts is easy; it’s basically DJing with someone else’s music (and sometimes even their voice).

You’ll need equipment like mics, mixers, and speakers; software like Audacity or GarageBand; and an internet connection so people can listen in when they want. 

3. Retail Jobs

Retail jobs are a great option for 50-year-olds who want to work with people. 

Retail workers get to make a lot of money and can also earn more if they have experience and training in the field.

Retail jobs require physical activity, so you must be healthy enough to do them. 

While some retail positions may require you to stand or walk for long periods, others will give you plenty of opportunities to sit down and relax between tasks.

4. Artist or Craftsperson

As an artist, you can make a living as a self-employed contractor and work from home and on commission. 

You may not have the skills needed to land a full-time job in your field, but you may be able to find work as a part-time tutor or freelance writer—or even get paid by selling art online.

If you’re looking for more of an independent lifestyle than working for someone else and want the flexibility of being your boss, consider becoming an artist or craftsperson.

5. Teach Older People the Skills They Need to Use Technology

If you are looking for a job that will help older people enhance their skills and independence, teaching them how to use technology is a great option.

Technology has become increasingly important in our everyday lives, so older adults must learn how to harness its power. 

By teaching them how to use it, you can give them more control over their lives and more freedom than ever before. 

This can be done through online courses or in-person workshops where you work with your mentor, who will guide each student through different aspects of using the Internet.

This includes the following:

  • Social media accounts and email addresses; 
  • Setting up calendars; 
  • Creating budgets; 
  • Finding jobs or looking for freelance opportunities within the community; 
  • Managing finances (including credit cards); 
  • Banking transactions such as payroll checks are deposited into bank accounts regularly instead of waiting until payday arrives each month.

All these tasks require planning ahead because if something goes wrong during one transaction, another may need to be done because money may have been spent.

This is while waiting until payday arrives again.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who performs tasks online without having to leave their home. 

These tasks can be anything from data entry and research to social media management and project management. 

Many VAs work remotely as full-time employees of companies or organizations that hire them through digital platforms such as oDesk or Elance.

If you’re interested in becoming a VA, take note: it requires no experience and only some basic computer skills—but it does require dedication to your career goals.

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7. Tour Guide

If you’re looking to work with people and explore your city, consider becoming a tour guide. 

A tour company usually hires tour guides, but they don’t have to be affiliated with that company. 

They must be knowledgeable about the area they are visiting and be able to navigate busy streets and crowds. 

The average salary for this job is $28 per hour.

However, some companies offer higher pay based on experience level or other factors (such as being fluent in another language).

8. Substitute Work In Retirement Communities Or Nursing Homes

You can also work as a substitute worker in retirement communities or nursing homes. 

As a substitute worker, you’ll be paid for doing what you love: helping the elderly and disabled with their daily tasks.

Working as a substitute worker can offer many opportunities for advancement in the future.

It is an opportunity to make more money than those without experience working with these populations.

You will probably encounter many people who need help with their daily activities, such as bathing or dressing properly, because they are physically unable to do so themselves. 

You may also come into contact with cognitively impaired people who cannot communicate clearly on their behalf.

This means that it could be difficult at times because communication between yourself and these individuals might not always go smoothly or quickly enough due to linguistic barriers.

9. Veterinary Assistant 

A veterinary assistant is a person who helps veterinarians with the care of animals. 

They may also be called “veterinary technicians.” 

The responsibilities of a veterinary technician include the following:

  • Providing patient care, including examining patients, performing diagnostic tests and treatments, cleaning wounds and wounds from surgery (if necessary), and administering medications as directed by a doctor or veterinarian.
  • Following strict safety guidelines when handling animals and equipment in order to prevent possible accidents that could result in injury to patients or other people working at the clinic.

10. Childcare Provider

Childcare providers are needed in many different situations. 

They can work part-time or full-time for a child care center, a family, and/or a private home. 

Providers need to be able to deal with children of all ages and have patience because they have an impact on the lives of many families.

The best childcare providers have a passion for helping children grow and learn. 

They can provide activities that meet each child’s needs while keeping them safe. 

This is an important job, and parents should look for someone with experience working with young children.

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1. Is It Hard For A 50-Year-Old To Find A Job?

It can be especially challenging to find a new job in your 50s and 60s.

2. Do Companies Hire 50-Year-Olds?

Many employers value skills and experience when making hiring decisions, according to a 2021 AARP survey of human resources employees. 

The survey found that companies particularly value workers who are 50 or older for their professionalism and problem-solving skills.

3. Why Companies Don T Hire Older Workers?

Many companies don’t offer the flexibility many older workers want later in life. 

4. Where Should I Be Financially At 50?

Are your retirement savings on track? While each situation differs, CFP Brandon Opre, founder of TrustTree Financial in Huntersville, North Carolina, offers a rule of thumb: 50-year-olds should have four to six times their annual salary saved.

5. How Much Money Should A 50-Year-Old Have?

One suggestion is to save five or six times your annual salary by age 50 to retire in your mid-60s. 

6. Can A 50-Year-Old Study Abroad?

Yes, international student visa applications are flexible regarding age eligibility norms.

7. Is It Worth Getting A Degree At 50?

One of the most compelling reasons to return to school at age 50 or later is to improve your financial health.

8. What Job Is Low Stress And High Pay?

Dental hygienists and Audiologists are some of the best low-stress jobs that pay well.

9. What Is A Good Career To Start At 55?

Some of the best jobs for women over 50 are in real estate, education, and the financial sector. Healthcare jobs with soft skills are a sought-after career for people in their 50s.

10. What Age Is Considered Old?

Age 65 or older.


There are a lot of jobs for 50-year-olds with no experience, but not all of them will be right for you. 

You might need some extra training or experience before starting your new career. 

Once you have that down, however, plenty of opportunities exist.


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