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Who is a Health Information Technologist?

A health information technologist is essentially someone who has recognition for applying information management expertise to the health care sector.

The practise tends to support health information processing through computerised systems and safe health information sharing between patients, payers, suppliers, and quality monitors.

2021 is an excellent year to start applying for a career in health information technology. WHY IS THIS SO?

Because of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which has ravaged the healthcare sector, more practitioners will need to fill the void.

CNBC ranked health information technology as the sixth most high-demand healthcare work in 2015; however, the availability of health information technology practitioners falls short of meeting the industry’s increasing demand.

Health services are constantly searching for ways to use the expertise of health information management experts while simultaneously ensuring the confidentiality of their patients’ data and adhering to privacy regulations.

Working as a health technology technologist is an excellent way to get into the rapidly expanding health care sector.

Health Information Technology Salary

This segment will discuss how high a health information management wage is this year.

The average annual health information management wage in the United States is $75,775 as of May 16, 2020.

However, depending on the type of health information management position, the pay will range from $165,500 to $22,500.

Remember that all health information management wages are determined based on national averages and an applicant’s actual position.

Wondering What kind of role to seek as a health information technologist?

The top five highest-paid health information management salaries are below.

1. Chief Information Officer ($123,000 – $208,517)

Chief information officers have the medical information that enters and also exits healthcare institutions.

They usually lead the internal information management department and collaborate with other C-level executives to decide the best plans and tools for managing the growing volume of digital health data.

Chief Information Officers in healthcare receive an average of $208,417, according to a study commissioned by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.

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2. Chief Technology Officer ($117,500 – $164,934)

These individuals are in charge of the implementation of emerging technologies in a healthcare facility.

They are responsible for providing a thorough understanding of the technologies in use and considering their contribution to health care.

According to Indeed, Chief Technology Officers receive a total of $117,000 a year.

Health Information Technology Consultant ($79,147 – $140,971)

They are employed to collaborate with end-user communities to solve technical issues in healthcare organisations.

They aid in the analysis, planning, and implementation of system improvements and introducing new goods and other market initiatives.


However, the better part is as a Health IT Consultant. You have the choice of working for a company or having your client base!

Health IT contractors receive an average of $140,971 a year, according to HIMSS Compensation.

3. Chief Security Officer ($73,000 – $112,670)

CSOs are in charge of ensuring the confidentiality and safety of patient data in a healthcare entity.

They aid in the evaluation of system flaws, as well as the planning and implementation of security solutions and policies.

Currently, the average annual salary for a health IT chief security officer is:

  • $146,791 – Payscale
  • $159,968 – Glassdoor

4. Software Engineer ($79,457 – $100,690)

In the healthcare sector, health IT software engineers assist in designing and modifying computer software that aids in improving healthcare delivery.

They can also create the right healthcare apps, smartphone devices, or user-friendly tools to support electronic health records and information exchanges.

Health IT software engineers also take on project management positions for major software applications, directing developers who write the code for the programs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor, the average wage for a health IT software developer in 2015 was $100,690.

Currently, the annual wage for a health IT app developer is:

  • $93,500 – Payscale
  • $94,195 – Glassdoor
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Skills and Responsibilities of Health Information Technology

In general, health information technologists must be accurate in computers and information systems and possess sound science, coding, and data processing skills.

A health information technologist must also have the following qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Medical data management for patients via centralised electronic records.
  • The use of record keerecord-keepings in the protection of EHRs from unauthorised entry.
  • Understanding of administrative guidelines governing health record retention, disposal, and archiving.
  • Understanding healthcare information technology terminology and acronyms, as well as EHR classification schemes.
  • Taking on the responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of electronic health record databases.
  • The ability to review computer data and provide accurate information into illness trends and patient effects.
  • Specialised health information management practitioners also support hospital billing, patient record labelling, and cancer registry upgrades.

When it comes to the qualification standards for a health knowledge technologist, they are as follows: A minimum of an associate’s degree in health information technology is relevant, but advanced positions may include a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate in information management.

Pathophysiology, medical terminology, medical information systems, and healthcare management courses may be necessary as well.

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Certifications for Health Information Technicians

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) was established in 1928 and is the leading certifying body in health information management.

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) provides various respected degrees for electronic medical record providers and healthcare technicians with varying levels of expertise and career specialisations.

The following AHIMA certifications for Health Information Technicians are highly desirable:

  • RHIT: Registered Health Information Technician
  • RHIA: Registered Health Information Administrator
  • CCA: Certified Coding Associate
  • CCS: Certified Coding Specialist
  • CHDA: Certified Health Data Analyst
  • CHPS: Certification In Healthcare Privacy and Security

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