What Jobs Can You Get With A Social Work Degree In The UK?

Social work is a profession that can help people in need, but it could be more well-paid. 

The average annual salary for a social worker in the UK is just over £31,000 if you have experience and qualifications.

This article will discuss the jobs anyone can get with a social work degree in the UK.

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Jobs That You Can Get With A Social Work Degree In The UK

The job market for social workers is strong, but it’s important to understand that the profession needs to be well-paid. 

Social work jobs can be found in public and private organizations and non-profit organizations. 

Some of the jobs that you can get with a social work degree in the UK include the following:

1. Social Work Administrator

Social Work Administrators are in charge of the social work office and usually have a bachelor’s degree. 

They may be required to complete additional training, like a certificate in administration or management. 

The job description varies based on the size of your company, but you will likely do administrative work such as filing, photocopying and answering phones. 

Social Work Administrators make around £29k, about $41k, with some bonuses based on performance evaluations or sales goals.

To become an Administrator at a large company with several locations across the country may require additional education beyond what most people would consider social work-related degrees.

2. Counsellor

The counselling profession is one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers globally. 

The job can be stressful, but it also offers various career options and opportunities for growth.

The average salary for counsellors is £30,000 per year, and many different types of counselling roles are available. 

If you have a social work degree or diploma from an accredited university, then you can become a counsellor with your degree.

3. Social Work Assistant

If you are looking for a job in the social work field, being a social work assistant can be an excellent option. 

You will work directly with social workers and support families and individuals, helping them with their caseloads and providing administrative help. 

You may also assist with the training and supervision of other staff members and help with developing new policies and procedures.

4. Community Development Worker

A Community Development Worker is a role that has its focuses on improving the lives of people in your local community. 

They can work in various settings, including health and social care agencies, charities and other organizations.

Community Development Workers are responsible for developing and implementing projects that benefit their local communities. They work with others to achieve positive change through partnerships between government bodies and individuals or groups who want to make positive changes within their communities.

5. Social Work Case Manager

A social work case manager works in various settings, providing support and advice to people with various needs. 

They may help people access the necessary services, including benefits, housing or work. 

Case managers can also help people to access social care and other services such as health care.

Although many case managers work in hospitals or mental health services, some will be employed by other organizations, such as schools or prisons, supporting those sentenced to custody.

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6. Equality, Diversity And Inclusion Manager

Equality, diversity and inclusion managers are responsible for promoting equality in their organizations. 

They also ensure that all employees feel supported by the organization and can reach their full potential.

It’s about more than just ensuring that your workplace welcomes different groups of people.

It’s also about preventing discrimination from happening in the first place. 

This means looking at things like unconscious bias, which happens when we subconsciously favour people who look like us or sound like us over other people because we’ve been taught this behaviour from an early age.

The job description is pretty straightforward. 

You’ll be involved with the following:

  • Selecting new hires for your company, 
  • Training recruits on how to do their jobs well enough so they don’t get fired; 
  • Keeping track of complaints made against staff members; 
  • Helping improve diversity within each department within your company through initiatives such as mentoring programmes or hiring more women into senior roles etc.

7. Social Work Consultant

Social work consultants are highly trained social workers who advise and support people who need help in their everyday lives. 

Social work consultants work with clients, families and communities to improve the standard of living for those they serve.

Social work consultants must have a degree in social science, human services, or an allied field such as psychology or law.

However, some may also have bachelor’s degrees in business administration (BA) or health sciences (HNS).

8. Health Administrator

A Health Administrator is someone who deals with the health and well-being of people. 

They ensure that their patients have access to healthcare, whether it’s through vaccinations or mental health services.

Health Administrators work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics and surgeries. 

They may also work for public bodies such as government departments or charities that provide healthcare for people living in poverty areas.

The role requires you to be well-trained in nursing and social care. 

You’ll need good communication skills to liaise effectively with other members of staff within your organization and members of the community they serve – this includes doctors’ surgeries.

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9. Family Support Worker

You can be a family support worker with a social work degree in the UK.

Family support workers help families to help themselves. They do this by providing them with information on how to make changes or improvements in their lives, such as getting qualifications and finding jobs.

Family support workers are trained to support families with special needs children, such as those with learning disabilities. 

They work with children and adults in the community and schools where there are groups for people with physical disabilities or mental health issues.

This means that you’ll be working independently and alongside other professionals, such as teachers or doctors, who may need assistance from time to time when dealing with complex cases within their areas of expertise.


1. Is Social Work A Good Career In The UK?

Starting salaries for social workers in the UK are very attractive.

2. Is Social Work A High-Paying Job In The UK?

Adult Social Workers and Senior Social Workers. These roles have a salary range of £36,282 to £45,519 per annum, based on a 36-hour working week.

3. Where Can A Social Worker Work In The UK?

Social workers work in local authority departments, police, schools and the probation service.

4. Do Social Workers Get Paid More Than Nurses UK?

There needs to be a fixed pay scale in local authorities to match the NHS. However, it is generally accepted that salaries for social workers in local authorities start at between £24,000 and £30,000 a year – usually lower than in the NHS.

5. How Much Does A Newly Qualified Social Worker Earn In The UK?

The national average salary for a Qualified Social Worker is £30,267 in the United Kingdom. Filter by location to see Newly Qualified Social Worker salaries in your area.

6. Is Social Work Stressful In The UK?

Excessive and long-term stress is a risk factor for long-term chronic diseases.

7. What Is Social Work Called In The UK?

Social care.

8. Is There A Shortage Of Social Workers UK?

The findings add to a growing picture of a children’s workforce in crisis, with Almost one in five (19%) children’s social worker posts in England lying vacant as of June 2022, up from 14.6% a year previously, according to the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) research.

9. Are Social Workers Underpaid UK?

Many UK social-care workers are unlawfully paid less than the minimum wage once their travel costs are included and would earn more at supermarkets Aldi and Lidl, a new report on the sector found.

10. How Much Do Social Workers Get Paid In London?

The average salary for Social workers is £43,542 per year in London. The median additional cash compensation for a Social Worker in London is £2,183, ranging from £645 to £7,381.


As we can see from these examples, the job market for social workers is strong.  

You can get many opportunities and jobs with a social work degree in the UK.

It’s important to understand that the profession needs to be well-paid; however, it is available to those who want a career.

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