Best Travel Radiology Tech Jobs – Make Up To $2800/Week

Did you know that with your Radiology Tech specialty, you can make up to 2800$/week with our Best Travel Radiology Tech Jobs recommendations?

Travel Radiology tech specialties differ broadly, and the specialties involve the professional use of medical equipment that can diagnose and treat patients by analyzing their images the career fields are quite lucrative.

Some of the career fields in radiology tech specialties are Radiation Therapy and Sonography. Seeing as you may be interested in acquiring a career in the radiology field, it is essential that you learn about the different radiology specialties and salary ranges.

This article serves to explain various radiology jobs by pointing out, at most, the best 8 travel radiology tech specialties, their salary Compensations, and job responsibilities.

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Best Travel Radiology Tech Jobs

1. Travel MRI Technologist

Travel MRI technologists are medical specialists who diagnose patients with contrast agents like dyes. 

They inject the patient with the dye, and an image appears on magnetic field imaging scanners. Basically, the contrast agent makes the image appear on the screen of the magnetic resonance scanner. 

Some cities pay high salaries to Per Hour MRI technologists; the salary ranges from $53.79 – $67.67 hourly, which can sum up to $12,000 per week, which means an MRI Technologist can make up to an average salary of $2,800/week. The average salary per year is $61,370. 

2. A Travel Radiologic Technologist 

You will find these professionals handling responsibilities such as using resonance imaging scanners (also called MRIs) on patients in the radiology departments. 

The MRI scanners emit radio waves and a magnetic field that serves the purpose of creating images of the organs and tissues of patients to observe underlying health conditions like pelvic pains, heart conditions, liver cancers, stomach aches, joint pains, brain tumours, ovarian cysts, breast cancer and other issues that require medical care. 

Afterwards, they record the patient’s health information and hand it over to them to talk to their physician about wellness solutions. The radiographic technologist’s salary range falls within $58,801 – $75,000 annually. 

According to ZipRecruiter, radiologic technologists earn from $923 – $1,451 weekly, which can sum up to roughly $5,000 weekly. 

This means that a Radiologic Technologist can make up to an average salary of $2,800/week. 

3. Travel Cardiovascular Technologist

The Annual Average Salary of these medical professionals is $77,740. These healthcare professionals specialize in emergency circulatory issues/heart attacks and can also be called vascular technologists.

The medical procedures these professionals perform can be very complex, some of which are Tests to observe heart diseases, Cardigan defibrillation, Cardiac Pacemakers, electrocardiograms, Holter monitors, and stent placement/implantation. 

They are trained in specific educational courses like Anatomy, Physiology, Non-invasive and invasive cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology, cardiovascular technology, pharmacology, and echocardiology. 

ZipRecruiter On April 13, 2023, estimated -based on the recent technologist job search activities- the most current weekly salary range, the low percentile earns $1,760 in Lagos and $1,759 in the United States and on average scale $1,806/week while the top earners earn $2,548 every week.

4. Travel Sonography (Sonographer) 

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic medical test technique involving medical ultrasound that emits high-frequency sound waves to yield images of Body fluids, tissues, organs, and glands within the body system. 

The sonographer places a transducer device on the skin to send high-frequency sound waves. 

An echo may or may not be heard during this process, a computer system then translates the ultrasound waves, and an image is formed; structures in the image will be observed and studied by the sonographer, and after the structures are identified, measured, and read, the issue at hand can be diagnosed for medical solutions.

This is a very complex job, so sonography technicians are among today’s highest-paid travel radiology tech specialists. 

The highest-paid ultrasound technician can earn an average salary of $3,200 per week and $166,400 annually, while the low percentile can earn $1,517 per week and $78,884 annually.

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5. Travel Radiation Therapist

Healthcare professionals that treat cancer patients using radiation are called radiation therapists. 

Radiation therapists are usually paired with oncology specialists like registered nurses, physicians, and doctors to detect cancerous cells in patients using radiation in large quantities. 

They are responsible for finding and observing the infected areas that require medical treatments, handling the radiation therapy machines, and watching patients closely to observe their response to treatment.

Physicians specializing in the study of cells(Oncology) are responsible for giving directions to the radiation therapist on duty for performing treatments. 

According to ZipRecruiter, the weekly salary compensation range of senior-level radiation therapists is $1,808 on an average scale, and per hour is $45 on an average scale.

Please Note: Radiation Therapy can be quite risky as you are liable to deal with a lot of toxic radiation effects; it is advisable to professionally use personal protective equipment for yourself and your patient before you proceed with the medical treatment.

6. Travel Nuclear Medicine Technologists

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, the estimated hourly wage for nuclear medicine technologists ranges between $47.31 – $29.11, the monthly salary is $8,542, the average annual salary is $93,624, and the weekly salary is $1,979.

Nuclear medicine specialists perform medical tests for diagnostic and medical research purposes by administering radioactive drugs in small doses to their patients. 

Afterward, they record the structures of the radioactive materials in the patient’s body using high-quality imaging and radiation-detecting scanners/equipment. 

After this process, the nuclear medicine technologist should ensure that he disposes of the radiopharmaceutical drug after usage.

7. Traveling Mammography Technologist

The mammography technologist is a licensed breast cancer specialist who is responsible for using MRI scanners to yield images for breast cancer scanning and diagnostic purposes. 

The mammography specialist prepares the patient for the scanning procedure and makes sure that they are seated in such a way that the exposure to radiation will be minimized. They are also in charge of sterilizing the equipment before the procedure and cleaning the equipment after usage. 

After scanning, the mammography specialist takes down records of the patient’s breast condition and provides counsel, health, and emotional support before they submit the report to the doctor. 

The traveling mammography technologist job database estimates that the average weekly salary for the technologist ranges from $2,200 – $3,600 per week, which means that a very successful mammography specialist earns up to $2,800/week.

8. Traveling X-Ray Technologists

X-ray machines, Magnetic resonance imaging scanners, ultrasound machines, and CTs in all medical facilities are operated by licensed X-ray technologists. 

An X-ray technologist is responsible for diagnostic imaging of a patient’s internal anatomy to observe underlying health conditions such as; illnesses, diseases, or internal injuries. These procedures should be done only under the direct orders of a doctor. 

The patient should be given personal protective equipment to wear and taught how to lay or stand before the procedure to be protected from the harmful toxicity of exposure to radiation. 

The average median salary of an X-ray technologist ranges from $1,700 to $2,800/week. 


Travel radiology technicians choose the profession just so they can explore new places while earning satisfactory salaries. 

Judging by the employment location, the radiologist’s speciality, and their experience, on average, the salary of a radiologist ranges from $1,000 – $4,000/week. 

Some of the best travel radiology professionals, like mammographers and computed tomographers, earn at most $4,000/week from their jobs, with other employee perks such as all paid trip expenses and accommodation allowances.

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