10 Happiest Doctor Specialities That Offer The Best Lifestyle

Choosing a doctor’s speciality is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in medical school. 

There are factors you will have to put into consideration, like, Which type of doctor has the best lifestyle? What medical field is the happiest? What medical field has the highest satisfaction? Which speciality has the most doctors?

All activities from your life during medical school, to your residency life, to your life beyond residency as an attending physician are all dramatically influenced by the singular decision of determining your doctor’s speciality. 

This article covers the 10 happiest doctor specialties that offer the best lifestyle and the processes and practices you should engage in to ultimately determine the happiest doctor specialties you would love for yourself.

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Happiest Doctor Specialities

1. Family Medicine

This primary care medical speciality provides continuous and extensive health care for individuals and the family members under their care. 

Family medicine specialists enjoy high satisfaction with their profession, a positive work-life balance, and a suitable lifestyle.

2. Dermatology

A dermatologist’s core focus is skin, mouth, external genitals, hair, and nails complications 

This profession, just like family medicine, allows pre-arrangements (Scheduling) and undisturbed interaction opportunities with patients to understand them better.

Dermatology is a smooth profession, easy money-making, and rare emergency situations. Dermatologists experience maximum happiness with the job as it offers a satisfactory lifestyle.

3. Anesthesiology

Some anesthesiologists have a personal life and enjoy it because the individuals pick jobs to suit their work-life balance. 

These anesthesiologists choose to work in centers where patients come to the hospital on their schedule, so they won’t have to experience overnight shifts, weekend shifts, or get calls from home.

However, there are some other anesthesiologists that choose to work tight schedules in hospitals and tend to more complicated cases like heart surgery, neuro surgeries, brain surgery, anatomical surgeries, etc. 

These anesthesiologists have a very busy lifestyle because they have always chosen to work very hard.

4. Pediatrics 

When picking a doctor’s speciality, some people would advise you to consider the choice of being a pediatrician wisely.

This is because tending to a frustrated and crying child is not as fun as playing with him/her, and you may require patience to deal with the field of medicine. 

However, the field of pediatric medicine offers very good income, fame, work-life satisfaction, low-stress level, and a satisfactory lifestyle. 

5. Psychiatry

Psychiatry professionals are also referred to as rehab doctors; they manage all the hospital’s physical and occupational therapy divisions. 

They are stress-free and blessed with the option of picking their own rehab patients, their own care routines, and prognosis. Psychiatrists are actually very important to society. 

6. Clinical immunology/Allergy

Immunology entails a very pleasing work-life balance. 

These professionals are not required to be in the hospital except when they are on duty because the medical field tends to only patients with less stressful medical dilemmas.

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7. General/Clinical Pathology 

Clinical Pathologists rarely have any experience with pathology emergencies and always have spare time to take walks, go out for lunch, or even take naps. They never need to rush out for night shifts or weekend shifts, so they always have spare time, enabling them to spend quality time with their loved ones.

The doctor lifestyle of a clinical Pathologist is a satisfactory one if you ask me, 

8. Otolaryngology

The Otolaryngology doctor speciality is particularly rewarding to an individual’s lifestyle.

Despite having a wide variety of demands like nose examinations, sinus tract examinations, ear examinations, or removing stubborn ear wax, otolaryngology complications can be diagnosed rather quickly. 

In most cases, only one hospital check-up can be all that a patient needs because the otolaryngologist positively impacts the first visit.

This doctor’s speciality lifestyle has to be one of the most satisfying and happiest ever.

9. Ophthalmology

Opticians, as they are majorly called, specify in treating eye and vision complications. They have a set schedule with patients, and their diagnosis takes no time at all; lenses or eye care drops are prescribed, and the patient is good to go.

Professionals like these usually enjoy relaxing weekends and are blessed with the opportunity to pursue other interests outside of their jobs.

10. Clinical/Diagnostic Radiology 

A Clinical radiology doctor’s speciality promises an easy and stress-free lifestyle. They are only responsible for pre-operation diagnostics, which means patient interactions are minimal. 

Although technical work is more for them, the diagnosis is usually made in no time.  

Ways To Figure Out Which Medical Speciality Is Best Suited For Your Personality 

In a future doctor’s life, there are few decisions that are as important and nerve-wracking as deciding on a medical specialty.

You get to ask yourself questions like, How much money will you make? How much family time will you create for your family? Will you always be burned out and miserable, or will you love your chosen specialty? 

Read further to ultimately determine the happiest doctor speciality that would suit your professional interest and offer you a satisfactory lifestyle.

Interact With Experienced Doctors 

One of the most significant procedures of deciding on a speciality is talking to already experienced doctors about their jobs.

You should ask them questions like, what attracted you to this speciality? What do you love most about this speciality? What are its employee perks? How would you describe your work-life balance since you started working? What would you have done differently?

Find Out What Your Areas Of Scientific And Clinical Interests Are

If you enjoy pharmacology and physiology in school, then anesthesia speciality may be a good fit for you; if you enjoy anatomy, then surgical speciality may be your best bet; if you are fascinated by how the brain works, then neurology or neurosurgery may be a good fit for you. 

Assuming You Plan To Practice Clinically, Would You Want Direct Or Indirect Patient Care?

Indirect patient care would include specialities like radiology and pathology, and Direct patient care would include almost every other speciality.

Assuming you’d love to have direct patient care, determine which you would prefer among surgical, medical, or mixed preference specialities: 

Basically, if you’re going with surgical practice, then the operating room will be the focus of your day-to-day. Surgical speciality examples include plastic surgery, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery. 

If you’re going with medical practice, procedures are often rare in this speciality. Medical practice speciality examples include internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and family medicine. 

On average, these medical practices emphasize clinical reasoning, patient relationships, and a high level of patience. You can also opt for middle-ground practices such as urology, dermatology, ob/gynaecology, and anesthesia.

Consider The Level Of Patient Contact And Continuity That You Prefer

You should consider choosing the internal and family medicine speciality if you enjoy talking to patients and forming long-term relationships. 

If you prefer brief and short-term patient interactions, you should consider emergency medicine, anaesthesiology, and many surgical specialities.

Research On The Work-Life Balance Of All Specialties

This is a common sentiment among pre-med and medical students in today’s world; they overlook work-life balance and only focus on compensations, hourly wages, incomes, etc.

However, when you finish medical school and start practising, you will begin to figure out how important a happy specialist lifestyle is.


What Medical Field Is Happiest?

Dermatologists hold the fame of being the happiest doctors, with 39% of patients feeling “extremely happy” in their work. This speciality is notable for having the most physically fit physicians.

Which Medical Specialty Has The Highest Satisfaction?

Dermatologists have a very high job satisfaction among 29 medical specialties, while internists have the lowest, according to Medscape’s 2022 Specialty Report.

Which Surgical Speciality Has The Best Lifestyle?

Although they tend to be more stressful in medical fields – neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, and orthopedic surgery are also generally considered to provide one of the best lifestyles for doctors.

What Is The Smartest Doctor’s Specialty?

When society generally thinks of doctors, they think of internists. They are often the smartest and most experienced doctors because of the breadth of knowledge they (along with family medicine doctors) often have.

Which Country Are Doctors Happiest?

In 2019, 98 percent of primary care physicians in Switzerland reported feeling extremely, very, or moderately satisfied with the practice of medicine, compared to 84 percent of physicians in the US.

Which Type Of Doctor Is Best For The Girl?

Gynecologist. A gynecologist specializes in the treatment of problems arising in the female genital organs and is the first doctor you turn to if you are dealing with premenstrual, menstrual, or other problems that are mostly related to hormonal changes.

Which Doctor Saves The Most Lives?

A doctor specializing in Preventive and Social Medicine or Community Medicine saves the most lives. It may not be directly visible to the people around them, but when they see them on a global level, they are the ones who make the most significant difference.

What Type Of Surgeon Makes The Least Money?

Pediatric infections have the lowest compensation of all medical specialties, according to Doximity’s “2021 Physician Compensation Report.”

What Is The Safest Surgical Specialty?

Peace of mind with anesthesia. Patients rest in the arms of the safest medical specialty – anesthesiologists – pioneers of quality and patient safety.

What Type Of Doctor Is The Most Knowledgeable?

Family medicine doctors are probably the most experienced of all doctors. Patients often see their family doctor first before being referred to a specialist. This means that family medicine doctors are well-acclimated to diseases originating from all areas of the body.


Your medical career path will influence your lifestyle either positively or negatively. Choosing a speciality that aligns with the work-life balance and happy lifestyle, you desire is best. 

Don’t be in a hurry; research the different aspects of medical professions and then determine which would be most suitable for you, even if you choose to do it all your life. 

Planning to determine/choose a satisfactory doctor speciality that is capable of offering the best lifestyle might be a time-consuming affair, but it’s a path you will have to tread if you want to enjoy a successful and happy professional lifestyle. 

Once you have chosen a career path for yourself, you will see that it was worth the effort and time. 

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