Are You Self-motivated?

Are You Self-motivated? – This question throws many candidates since it is wide and easy to misread, and it might throw you if you haven’t thought about it ahead of time.

The greatest responses to interview questions regarding your motivation are honest, but they should also relate to the position you’re applying for by implying that you’d be a good fit for it.

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Why Interviewers Ask – Are You Self-motivated?

This is an excellent question to pose to your potential boss. Why? Because different people have different motivations.

However, applicants seldom consider motivation, let alone how to inspire oneself, thus the way this question is framed can be a surprise in the interview and catch a candidate off guard.

Interviewers question what motivates you as a means to understand how well you know yourself, similar to asking about your biggest talents and shortcomings.

An applicant who can immediately offer a well-crafted, natural explanation of what keeps them motivated on the job is likely to be a self-starter who understands how to stay on track.

Other possible answers to this question are as follows:

What motivates you to perform your best?

What makes you feel inspired?

What is it that you are deeply interested in?

What motivates you to come to work each day?

Best Tips To Answer – Are You Self-motivated?

Give examples of situations when you encouraged yourself to achieve at a greater level. This can occur at times of difficulty, but it does not have to be in that context.

You can simply provide a method through which you encourage yourself on a regular basis to finish tasks and deliverables. Avoid using personal examples unless you genuinely do not have any work examples.

If you are fresh to the job market or changing careers, you are not required to provide a job example. Instead, think back to a time when you performed admirably because you were enthusiastic about the assignment.

Perhaps you arranged and led an event for your extracurricular organization, or you worked hard to polish a school project. You may even discuss how you were self-motivated to become more active in the field in which you are presently looking for work.

For example, you might have joined and engaged in a professional group, or you could have conducted a number of informative interviews with individuals at the top of your industry.

In your cover letter, emphasize that you were driven not just by a desire to acquire a job, but also by a desire to learn more about an industry that you are interested in.

Are You Self-motivated? Sample answer

Sample answer 1

“As a marketer, I’ve always been inspired by innovative initiatives, collaboration, and the ability to link my efforts to the organization’s bottom line.

One of my favorite aspects of my previous work was seeing the outcomes of our team’s efforts and seeing how the leads we cultivated turned into customers. One of the reasons I was so eager to apply for this position was the ability to lead campaigns from concept to launch.”

Sample answer 2

“When I leave work at the end of a shift, I know I’ve made a difference in the lives of my patients and their families, and that motivates me. Seeing their grins and seeing how much they’ve improved makes me want to go to work. That’s why I became a nurse and am now pursuing a pediatrics career.”

Sample answer 3

“My greatest motivator is the satisfaction of accomplishing a challenge. For example, math has never been my strongest subject, but I took calculus in college despite the fact that it was not necessary for my degree because I wanted to prove to myself that I could handle it.

The course was challenging, and I spent many late hours studying, yet I received an A. The sense of success that comes from achieving difficult targets is what drove me to a sales career.”

Sample Answer 4

“I am aware that I am self-motivated. I give my all to every endeavor and am constantly looking forward to the next one.

It’s really thrilling for me to complete one job and go on to the next. I am enthusiastic about my profession and look forward to achieving the next major objective.

For example, after finishing a team project ahead of schedule, I immediately sought out and requested to join another team on a project I had been interested in for some time. I’m always on the lookout for the next project into which I can devote my heart and soul.”

Sample Answer 5

I’ve always been a self-starter. No one in my family had gone to college, but I was determined to be the first. As a result, I was able to complete undergraduate and graduate school with no financial assistance from my family.

In the workplace, I apply the same passion to project management and meeting deadlines. I know how to establish and attain goals for myself.

Sample Answer 6

Yes, I am very self-motivated. Because of my enthusiasm for journalism, I always put in additional work in school, especially in my journalism classes.

One course, for example, asked us to produce an article on a specific topic. I went above and beyond, conducting several interviews and researching the issue at the local archives.

This essay was eventually published in a magazine. This self-motivation and love for journalism, I feel, will make me an excellent assistant editor for your publication.


Maintain an optimistic attitude. Your response should always begin with an affirmative. It also helps to be passionate and optimistic.

Give instances. It will be compelling to provide examples of times when you were self-motivated.

Do not lie, please. Lying is never a smart idea, but even if you occasionally need a shove to get going, this is not the moment to admit it.

No one-word response. Sometimes inquiries regarding motivation are presented as yes/no questions, but it doesn’t mean that replying with a single word is adequate.

No pay-check interest. In general, your response should avoid external motivators, such as a salary or bonus, and instead focus on how you found inspiration in the work or project.

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