Surgical Tech Healthcare Jobs

The job of a surgical technologist in the healthcare sector is sensitive and demanding because it involves surgical procedures to save humanity. 

It is essential that you are skilled and have undergone at least four years of extensive education about everything concerning Medicare, surgical methods, and all equipment used in the operating room.

If you are a healthcare professional searching for a surgical tech speciality job, this is the right article for you. 

In this article, you will find 10 of the most relevant surgical tech job vacancies, so please hurry up and apply so you can also save lives.

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Surgical Tech Healthcare Jobs

1. Anesthesia Tech At Norton Healthcare

Norton Healthcare was founded in 1886 and is located at its headquarters in Louisville, KY. It is a non-profit organization having up to 10000+ staff.

Norton Healthcare is searching for professional anesthesia technicians to employ and is offering a competitive salary of $31,000 – $57,000. 

They are also offering employee benefits like paid time off and vacations, health insurance, maternity leave, and paternity leave.

Anesthesia Technician’s Responsibilities

  • The anesthesia technician will be responsible for providing the surgical lab with all the equipment used to carry out anesthetics and sedation.
  • The anesthesia technician will try to assist with patient care when there is barely any healthcare team around the premises to take care of the patient.
  • The anesthesia technician will carry out all preparations and handling concerning the hospital’s physiological monitors. 
  • The successful candidate will maintain the hospital’s gas machines and cart supplies of anesthesia.
  • Based on experience and knowledge of anesthetics, the technology will be responsible for administering the age-appropriate dose of anesthesia to every patient who needs it. 

The Career Qualifications Desired

  • At least one year of experience working in a surgical specialty setting.
  • A GED or high school diploma
  • A college degree in health science 

2. A Surgical Tech (CST) At Park Nicollet

The Park Nicollet healthcare sector was founded in 1892 and is located in Burnsville PN surgical center, and its headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN. 

They are currently offering a casual/OnCall surgical service and technical support job position with a salary Compensation of $36,000 – $50,000. 

They are also offering employee perks such as Health insurance, 401k plans, and retirement plans. 

Responsibilities Of The Successful Candidate

  • Administer anesthesia by applying the principles of sterilization methods and aseptic techniques.
  • Assist in applying CPR to a patient when it is required.

Educational Qualifications Required

  • A BLS certificate is required to attain this job
  • A Post-secondary certificate is acceptable 

For the sake of a work-life balance, your time off requests will be confirmed only based on the number of years you have been out of medical school and not based on Preferential treatment as a result of the number of years you have been at the organization. 

3. An Anesthesia Technician At Baylor Scott And White Health

Baylor Scott and white health is a private company located in Plano, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Their healthcare sector was founded in 1903.

Baylor Scott and white health care are looking to employ a professional in their anesthesia service unit. 

The employed anesthesia technician will set up necessary equipment/instruments/drugs & supplies for procedures pertaining to anesthesia administration. The technician will clean all equipment used to administer anesthesia and also clean the work area used. He will restock the operating room when the surgeons are out of anesthesia supplies. 

The salary compensation for this job is $35,000 – $60,000. 

Here Are the Basic Tasks Required Of The Anesthesia Technician

  • All used laryngoscopes, blades, oxygen masks, and humidifiers should be washed, sterilized, and dried up before use.
  • All carts used to supply anesthesia for surgical procedures should be adequately restocked before the process begins.
  • After completing every surgery, the technician is required to tidy up the work areas, tables, and surgical & anesthetic equipment. 

Career Qualifications Required

  • A high school diploma is required of every job applicant 
  • Every job applicant should have at least one year of anesthetic surgery experience 
  • A basic life support certificate or license is compulsory 

Employee Perks They Can Offer

  • You will be immediately eligible to benefit from health and welfare plans courtesy of Baylor Scott and white health care.
  • A 401 (k) savings plan benefit.

Please Note: These benefits vary, though, depending on your type of position and your level in the healthcare sector.

4. A Surgical Tech At Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital is a hospital that especially tends to every ill child in Phoenix by providing efficient pediatric care and medicine for the child’s wellness. Its headquarters is in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Phoenix Children’s Hospital needs a surgical technician whose responsibility will specifically be to; 

  • Perform an array of technical functions, from optimizing the performance of surgical equipment to ensuring that all equipment is clean and sterilized before use on patients.
  • Monitor usage of all surgical instruments for malfunctions, damage control, and breakage control.
  • Organize the surgery room based on the surgeon’s preferences and standards. 
  • Provide surgical equipment, sterilize them, and set up the work area with regard to the surgeon’s instructions and standards.

Some Employee Perks That Phoenix Children’s Hospital Offers

  • A competitive salary compensation
  • Pre-tax and after-tax 401 contribution plans
  • A Paid time off (This will accumulate only depending on the number of hours the surgical technician has worked).
  • Paid overtime work hours
  • PHC offers up to three extensive medical plans, among which the surgical technician can choose.
  • Vehicle, childcare, and pet care insurance.

5. A Vascular Surgical Technician At Advent Healthcare Central

Advent Healthcare Central has over 51 – 200 employees, and they are located in winter garden, Orlando, Florida. 

They have an open, full-time job vacancy for a professional vascular surgical technician, preferably an individual with endovascular experience. The work schedule will be from Mondays to Fridays. 

The employee perks will take immediate effect from the day you start working with them, for example, Paid days off and individual well-being insurance. 

The Tasks Required Of The Employed Vascular Surgical Technician

  • The surgical technician is responsible for the maintenance of the sterile field during the operation procedure.
  • The vascular surgical technician is responsible for handing the surgeon all surgical instruments, drug supplies, and surgical equipment whenever he needs it.
  • The surgical technologist will ensure the performance and functionality of all the surgical instruments to be used for the surgery procedure. 

The Surgical Expertise And Experiences You Will Need To Qualify For The Job

  • The surgical technologist must be a graduate of a well-renowned surgical technology college.
  • The surgical technologist must undergo an LPN and RN program.
  • The surgical technologist must complete a military training program in which he successfully learns all surgical technician skills.
  • At least 5 years of on-the-job surgical technology training in a healthcare center.
  • A CORT certificate is required, or a CST certificate.
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6. A Surgical Tech At Standard Healthcare – Valley Care

The standard healthcare – valley care is located at Pleasanton, CA, 500 Pasteur Drive, Palo Alto. They have current job openings for a surgical technologist. 

Any individual looking to acquire a surgical tech job can apply for this job as standard healthcare will employ the most qualified candidate regardless of his/her diversity, culture, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and veteran status.  

The salary offer for the job position is within the range of $40.09 – $50.11. 

Skills, Expertise, And Abilities Required

  • Perfect computer skills
  • Excellent organization and cleaning skills
  • Ability to identify and resolve work-related issues
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skillset

Certification And License Required

  • A certificate from the Association of surgical technologists is required.
  • A certificate from the national center of competency testing.
  • A basic life support certificate from the current American heart association.

Healthcare Experience Required

At least one year -of operating room technician- working experience is required to attain the job.

Career Qualifications Required

  • Every applicant for this job must be a high school graduate
  • Every applicant must have a higher education degree (Bsc) 
  • Certified proof of operating room course completion
  • Click on the link for more inquiries pertaining to the job offer.

7. A Surgical Technologist At Shannon Health

Shannon Health – ASC – South is currently offering a full-time surgical tech job opportunity to interested technical operating room professionals.

The surgical technologist is expected to carry out all necessary technical duties in the surgical/operating room under the physician or registered nurse’s supervision.

Career Qualifications And Experiences Required

  • Graduate and acquire a relevant surgical technology certificate from an accredited college or training program center. 
  • Enrol in a surgical technology training program run by the Army, navy, air force, and united states public health centers.
  • If you are a new surgical technology graduate, you must acquire your certificate for at least 180 days. 

8. A Surgical Technologist At UF Health Shanda Hospital

The UF Health Shanda Hospital is looking for a full-time surgical technologist who will join their medical team and be of great assistance and value to the surgeon on duty, the registered nurse on duty, and the anesthesia technologist from Mondays to Fridays. 

The employee will assist in delivering sufficient Medicare to the patient before, during, and after the surgical procedure. 

The main focus of the surgical tech is to assist with surgical instruments necessary for the surgical procedure. All these functions will actually be done under the supervision of the registered nurse on duty.

The salary compensation – is $22.95 – $32.18 hourly.

All Qualifications Required To Attain The Job

Career – Aspiring surgical technologists must be graduates of well-renowned surgical technologist program centers or schools. 

Experience – Some experience in working with surgical instruments.

9. A Surgical Scrub Tech

A Surgical Scrub Tech is required in North Kansas City Hospital, MO 64116.

The surgical scrub tech’s major function is to lend a helping hand to facilitate surgery procedures and organize and sterilize medical instruments to be used pre-surgery. 

All these will be done only under the supervision of a professional registered nurse. The individual will also sometimes assist in providing basic patient care to patients who are in urgent need of medical attention. 

Special Skills Required Of The Successful Candidate

Aseptic technique skills, surgical instrument sterilization skills, and basic computer usage expertise.

Experience Qualifications Required

Surgical Tech work experience of one or two years.

Certificates And License Required

An American heart association’s basic life support certificate, preferably certified proof that you are a surgical technologist.

Educational Qualifications Required

  • Must be a high school graduate
  • A Bachelor of Science degree holder

10. A Surgical Assistant (PRN)

The holy cross health is located in Germantown, MD. They are a Catholic clinic that provides quality health care for sick patients. 

They currently need a surgical assistant who has undergone relevant surgical training, has gained experience, and can be competent enough to lend a helping hand to the surgeon on duty in order to perform a very safe surgical operation on the patient and achieve great results. Also, be in charge of maintaining all surgical instruments and equipment. 

The surgical assistant has to work in regard to the clinic’s policies, standards, philosophy, objectives, and goals. 

All The Knowledge, Skills, And Expertise Required

  • Certified proof that you are eligible to be a surgical assistant is required.
  • A certified proof that you have completed an MD program.
  • A certified proof that you have undergone a one-year surgical specialty training.
  • An American heart association basic life support certificate.
  • Great Physical fitness


What Is The Hardest Part Of Being A Surgical Tech?

The hardest part of becoming a surgical technician is getting certified. There are two groups that grant credentials to become surgical technicians. Both require one to complete school and pass a test.

Where Do Most Surgical Techs Work?

Surgical Tech work in hospital operating rooms, outpatient clinics, and doctors’ offices.

What State Has The Highest-Paying Surgical Tech Jobs?

The districts and states that pay surgical technologists the highest average salary are California ($68,410), Alaska ($65,690), the District of Columbia ($65,250), Connecticut ($65,190), and Nevada ($65,180).

What Kind Of Person Is A Surgical Tech?

Surgical technologists or surgical technicians are individuals who assist surgeons and nurses in operating rooms across the country. From handling surgical equipment to preparing the operating room, surgical technologists play a major role in the millions of surgeries performed each year.

What Is The Difference Between A Surgical Tech And A Surgical Assistant?

Surgical assistants help surgeons with tasks such as making incisions and placing staples. Surgical techs, also called operating room technicians, prepare operating rooms, set up equipment, and assist doctors and first assistants during surgeries.

Do Surgical Techs Need To Know Anatomy?

Anatomy and physiology, a key part of the surgical technology core curriculum, is the central core science course around which knowledge of surgical technology revolves.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Surgical Tech In California?

The cost of a surgical technology program is approximately $2,900 – $3,060

How Long Does It Take To Become A Surgical Tech In California?

12 to 24 months


Having provided a well-detailed article on available job vacancies for surgical tech healthcare specialists, we sincerely hope you find one that suits your professional goals and interests. 

Please make sure you have a very adept understanding of the surgical field before applying and getting accepted. Thank you very much for reading our article.

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