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Are you looking for the best area manager resume examples? If so, this article is right up your alley. 

With a little guidance and help from this, you can create an amazing area manager resume that will land you a job interview. 


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Area Manager Resume: Sections

Below are some crucial sections you must put into consideration when writing an effective Area Manager Resume:

1. Professional Summary

A Professional Summary is a short but descriptive piece of writing explaining your company’s role and responsibilities. 


It should highlight how you can add value to the organization and showcase any accomplishments or experience that will help you land an interview with a prospective employer.

The Professional Summary is often used as an opportunity for applicants to sell themselves in order to stand out from other candidates. 

It’s important not to make claims about skills or abilities that aren’t true.

If they are false or exaggerated, employers will know immediately without even reading your resume.


2. Skills

Skills are the skills and abilities that you have gained over time. They should be relevant to the job, and they should be quantifiable. 

For example, if you’ve worked in sales before, your skills on a resume must include examples of what exactly made you successful in this position (e.g., how many clients did you close?).

As far as specificity goes, make sure that your skills are specific enough so recruiters can see how well they fit into their company or industry’s culture.

However, it must not be so specific that it becomes obvious what type of work experience is required for success at each position (i.e., if an organization values creativity above other types).

Finally, make sure any professional references mention specifically why those people would hire someone with these qualifications.

3. Work Experience

When it comes to including your work experience, you have a few options. 

You can start with the most recent job and list your duties, accomplishments, and skills related to that position. 

Or you can go back in time and include both current jobs and some broader experiences that may help tell a better story about your career path.

When highlighting specific accomplishments from previous jobs, make sure they’re relevant to the position being sought by the potential employer, and don’t forget to include references and contact information.

4. Education

You should list the schools that you attended and the degree or awards you received. 

You can also include any relevant coursework, internships, and other activities.

If you’re a recent graduate, make sure to include your GPA and any honors or awards you may have received.

You can also include the names of professors who can vouch for your skills and what they think of them.

Key Tips For Writing An Area Manager Resume

When writing an area manager resume, you want to highlight your strengths and skills. 

If you’re an expert in project management and have worked on several high-profile projects in the past, this is a great way to show off your accomplishments:

1. Impeccable Formatting

To ensure that your resume is easily readable, follow these tips:

  • Make sure it’s easy to read. Use a clear and consistent format for each section of the resume

If you’re applying for a job where candidates are expected to speak about their experience in front of a group, make sure your formatting fits this requirement by using bullet points or bolding as appropriate.

  • Use simple fonts like Arial or Helvetica rather than fancy ones like Helvetica Neue or Times New Roman. 
  • You can also use plain black ink on white paper for maximum impact but don’t forget to keep paragraphs spaced evenly throughout.
  • It may be tempting to use different fonts and formats (such as bold or italics) when creating your resume but resist this urge.

It’s better not to clutter up the page with too many different formatting styles so that it looks cluttered instead of professional. 

If possible, keep things simple by using one font throughout all sections of your document. 

2. Relevant Experience

Relevant experience is an important part of a resume

It’s not just about the job title but rather how you’ve contributed to your organization and how that has helped move things forward.

  • What projects were you involved in?
  • How did you contribute? Was it through a project that was ongoing or one-time only?
  • How did your contributions make an impact on other departments or teams (if applicable)?

If you’re unsure how to answer this question, look at your resume and think about the projects you were involved in. 

Try to remember what the project was about and what your role was. 

Then, try to think of how that project made an impact on other departments or teams.

3. ATS-Friendly

The ATS software program can screen resumes and determine whether the applicant has the skills necessary for the job. 

Using keywords and phrases relevant to your industry, try to keep your resume ATS-friendly by using action verbs and quantifying your achievements.

For example, instead of saying you “improved customer satisfaction,” try to quantify that by saying, “Increased average customer satisfaction index by 10% in six months.” 

This will increase your chances of passing the resume screening process and getting an interview.

4. The Right Skills

The thing you need to do is list the skills that are relevant to the job. 

This may seem obvious, but it’s easy for people to forget what they know or how they could use those skills in their current job. 

For example, if you’re applying for a marketing role at an advertising agency, then you might want to include the following:

  • Writing copy. 
  • Designing ads and brochures (or website layouts).
  • Working with clients on marketing campaigns and strategy. 
  • Understanding of how technology and social media can be used for marketing. Working with a team to meet deadlines and deliver results. 

5. Quantifiable Achievements

Quantifiable achievements are achievements that can be measured in numbers. 

For example, suppose your company has made a profit of $3 million over the last six months. In that case, this is an easily quantifiable achievement and is something you should highlight on your resume.

Quantifiable achievements include:

  • The number of sales leads generated by your marketing efforts (e.g., 1,000 contacts).
  • The number of sales made as a result of each campaign (e.g., 5 out of 10 contacts converted into customers).

The best way to present these numbers is through bullet points or charts so readers can easily see how much money has been made from each activity.

You should do this without having to read through paragraphs about them individually.

This will also help them understand why certain tasks were completed more effectively than others. 

Area Manager Resume Example


[email protected]


Anaheim, California.


Use this opportunity to impress and draw the recruiter into your resume. With a CV summary, you help them get a quick overview of your know-how, experience, skills, and results.


Area Sales Manager

Waters and Sons

2018 – Ongoing

Anaheim, California

Managing Channel Sales/Area Sales for Business Development, Sales, and Marketing for Software Total Business Management end-to-end solutions.

Achieves a thorough target understanding of business processes and implementing the same.

Understanding customers’ diverse and specific business needs and using product knowledge to meet those needs.

Fixed appointments, directed field visits to potential areas, and did demos/ online demos.

Area Sales Manager


2013 – 2018

Anaheim, California

Helped build and grow a successful business team for a medium-sized hospitality management company (1 Branded, 2 Non-Branded)

Increased revenue by 18%, $5.5 M per year by securing deals with multiple Airline clientele, crew, and extended corporate stay

Proven track record with a sales conversion rate of 25% through Business Transient, B2B, with over $385,000 YOY

Additional 35% growth in revenue by sourcing out leads through targeted SMERF communities and connections 

Gained market share against competitive set through extensive direct sales efforts, therefore, increasing REVPAR for non-branded hotels

Area Sales Manager

Hessel – Ruecker

2011 – 2013

Anaheim, California

Gained market share of over 4% in regions within just seven months of product re-launch.

Retailers gained include 26 store 7-11 owners throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, Max Fuels, Food Giant, Pockets, Forward Corporation, and Spartan Nash.

Grew and maintained relationships with distributors, from launching our product and growing within their portfolios. Distributors include Imperial Beverage, LBH Inc, Euclid Beverage, Webb and Gerritsen, Norman Distribution, and Mahaska.


Relationship Building

Time Management


Research / Information Gathering.



MS Office



Cold Calling


Project Management & Marketing Management

Baruch College – 4.0 GPA

2007 – 2011


Gaining the trust of others

Listen carefully, speak openly, and treat others with respect.

Learn and be curious.

I’ve never learned, and I’m always trying to improve. You are interested in new possibilities and take steps to explore them.

Engaging Personality

Engaging communicators can be persuasive but always listen carefully.







1. How Do I Write A Resume For An Area Manager?

The most successful resume samples highlight assets such as leadership, good math and budgeting skills, analytical thinking, commercial awareness, multitasking, and time management. 

2. What Are The Two Responsibilities Of Area Managers?

An Area Manager, or Regional Manager, is responsible for managing, planning, and growing the company’s regional sales. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Leading the sales team for the area.
  • Developing sales strategies to increase sales of current and new products.
  • Recruiting and training new salespeople.

3. What Are The Ten Responsibilities Of A Manager?

As per Mintzberg (1973), the ten roles are: “figurehead, leader, liaison, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator.”

4. What Are The Manager’s Three Main Responsibilities?

Most of a manager’s job responsibilities fall into one of three categories: planning, controlling, or evaluating.

5. What Are The Five Roles Of A Manager?

At its most basic level, management is a discipline that is made up of a set of five general functions: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

6. What Are The Four Key Responsibilities Of A Manager?

The four functions of management include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. 

7. What Is The Key Accountability Of A Manager?

An accountable manager should provide consistent and timely feedback regarding employee performance.

8. What Makes A Good Manager, First Of All?

Motivating an entire group to strive toward a specific goal is a major part of what makes a good manager.

9. What Is The Most Challenging Function Of Management?


10. Can Shy People Become Managers?

Low and middle-level managers tend to be introverts. 


In conclusion, the Area Manager resume is an excellent place to showcase your skills and experience. 

You can stand out from other candidates with a strong resume and land that next job.


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