How To Become A Certified Office Manager

If you or your loved ones desire to become certified office managers, you are in the right place.

The fact is there are thousands of people like you who want to get certified, but not everyone knows where to start.

This article will show you ways on how to become a certified office manager and what steps you should take along your journey toward achieving your goal.

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Certified Office Manager Career Information

A certified office manager is responsible for the day-to-day activities in the office. A manager’s duties vary by type of organization and may include processing receivables and payables and some administrative work, such as scheduling meetings. 

Office managers also perform human resources duties, train employees, and delegate tasks. 

Many office managers work overtime, and some may be on call for issues that may arise outside of working hours. Office managers can become certified, but most must have a few key skills. 

These include management, customer service, administrative, communication, and organizational skills, and a working knowledge of QuickBooks software, accounting, word processing, databases, and spreadsheets. 

According to the United State Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative services managers earned a median annual salary of $96,180 in 2018.

Tips On How To Become A Certified Office Manager

If you are looking to become a certified office manager, make sure that you have some of the necessary items:

  • You need to have a degree.
  • You need to have a degree in business administration.
  • You need to have a degree in office management.
  • Or even better yet: two degrees.

1. Get An Office Management Or Associate Degree 

In order to become an office manager, you will need to get a degree in office management. 

This can be done by attending a business school, going straight to the source, and taking courses through your community college’s local chapter of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

The best way to choose which program is right for you is by looking at its curriculum. Some schools offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees; others only have one-year programs leading to getting their master’s degree after graduation. 

If possible, look into whether there are any other options available if this doesn’t work out for you, such as distance learning or online programs where students may work from home, as these could help streamline things even further.

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2. Take Courses In Business Administration

If you want to become an office manager, but don’t have the time or money for a full-time course of study, consider taking business administration courses at your local community college. 

These courses are usually taught by instructors with years of experience in the field and can help you learn how to run a successful office.

Alternatively, if you’re already enrolled in one of these programs but would like more information on how to apply them to your situation and perhaps even find out what kind of salary range is appropriate, consider taking online classes through one of these sites.

The online course platform, Udemy, offers hundreds of free education options; Coursera offers many great options; edX offers even more.

All three platforms offer extensive lists covering accounting and finance management topics. 

They also provide certificates upon completion, which show that someone who took their classes completed them successfully with high marks (for example, A+).

Finally, if neither option seems like something that works well with your schedule, then it may be best just to stick with online tutoring services since they allow access to students worldwide.

3. Get Office Manager Certifications

You should know that the most important step to becoming an office manager is getting certified. Certifications are a great way to show your skills and knowledge, which will help you get a job or move up in your current one. 

They also give employers confidence that you have the necessary qualifications for the role they’re hiring for.

It’s important not only what kind of certification you have but also when it’s earned so that you’re ready for whatever comes next.

4. Consider A Lifetime Membership To The IOFM Group

A lifetime membership to the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM) Group is available for $1,500. 

This includes a subscription to the IOFM Group e-newsletter, access to the IOFM Group Job Board and Career Center, and a place on their Wall of Fame.

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5. Master Microsoft Office Suite Programs

While there are many different versions of Microsoft Office, the most important programs to master are Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 

If you want to become an office manager in today’s world, you must know how to use these three applications properly. Microsoft Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office. 

It has been designed specifically for business users who don’t have access or need their own computers with all this software installed on them. Using Microsoft Office 365 will help you manage your business better than ever.

6. Receive The Latest Updates On Office Management Certification Exams

Once you have decided to take a certification exam, staying up-to-date with the latest news and updates is important. You can do this by subscribing to an official certification news courier.

7. Take On Professional Development Courses To Boost Your Career Prospects

If you want to better your prospects of standing out in the workplace and advancing your career, take on professional development courses. 

These can teach you new skills, keep up with the latest trends, allow you to get ahead at work, and build a network.

8. Grow Experience By Looking For Internship Opportunities

You can also look for internships. Internships and probation training are great ways to get valuable experience and make contacts, which can help you land a job offer after graduation.

9. Become A Member Of A Professional Organization Or Join A Community Group

The first step to becoming a certified office manager is joining a professional organization. There are several options available, including:

  • The American Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCAP) is an association of professional accountants who have passed the Uniform CPA Examination.
  • The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) is a global community of over 100,000 members dedicated to advancing administrative professionals worldwide through education, research, and advocacy.

You can visit their official websites if you want more information about these organisations membership benefits or how to join one in your area.

10. Attend Conferences And Networking Events

Another best and most exciting way to learn about the industry is to network with other professionals. Many conferences and networking events are free, so it’s worth attending even if you don’t have time for the full conference.

At these events, you can get a chance to meet experts in the field who will share their knowledge and help answer any questions you have about certification requirements and standards, if applicable.

You can also make connections that could lead to future job opportunities or referrals for other jobs in your field of interest.


How Many Years Of Experience Do You Need To Be An Office Manager?

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Five years of experience in office administration. Experience with office management. Proficient computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

How Do I Start My Own Office Manager?

Most entry-level office managers have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, or a related field and some related work experience. 
If you are about to start college, you may want to look into an office management degree program that can increase your chances of being accepted.

Is Office Manager A Good Career?

Overall, this is a great career for anyone who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and is directly responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly. An office manager can earn $41,886 annually, ranging from $29,971 to $60,611 annually.

What Degree Is Best For An Office Manager?

A bachelor’s degree in business or a related field is the most common educational requirement for office managers. Generally, bachelor’s degrees require students to complete 120 credits, including general education, a major, and a concentration.

What Position Is Higher Than An Office Manager?

The Administrative Director is in charge of the Administrative Manager and looks after the “major” administrative functions between department. The responsibilities of the Director of Administration include Long-term strategic planning. Delegation of tasks to other employees.

Is It Hard To Be An Office Manager?

Although this job can be very demanding and stressful, office managers oversee the various functions of the office and ensure that it runs smoothly. Must be good problem solvers with strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

What Is The Difference Between An Administrative Assistant And An Office Manager?

An office manager supports the entire office, and an administrative assistant exclusively supports directors, senior managers, or other team members.

Can You Be An Office Manager With No Experience?

No formal training is usually required to become an office manager, but these professionals tend to have a previous office and administrative experience.

How Much Do Most Office Managers Make?

The average salary for an Office Manager in the US is $65,088. The average additional cash compensation for an Office Manager in the US is $6,015. The average salary for an Office Manager in the US is $71,103.

Can You Become An Office Manager Without Experience?

Anyone who passes this in-depth exam will be recognized as a master in the field. If you lack experience, this certification will help you build skills and prove to the world that you have them.


If you need ways on how to become a certified office manager, then it is important that you take steps to ensure your success.

By following these tips and ensuring that your first step is getting an office management degree, you will be well on the right track.

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