How To Become A Pediatric Nurse

Are you interested in becoming a Pediatric Nurse? Then this article would be of interest, and value to you as I would be considering 7 relevant steps in becoming a Pediatric Nurse.

Pediatric Nurses play an important role when it comes to health care, child health care, and general well-being.

Pediatric nurses are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, to help them care for children from infancy until they reach adolescence.

Pediatric Nurses are also equipped with relevant information, to educate parents on how to take care of their children.

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7 Steps In Becoming A Pediatric Nurse 

Individuals who wish to become pediatric nurses should take note of the following points listed below;

1. Understand The Specialized Role Of A Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nursing is a unique specialization that requires nurses to be able to speak to children, in a pattern that best comforts them and their parents.

Individuals who have an interest in communicating and playing with children, and want to play an important role in promoting children’s health and well-being would best fit the post of a pediatric nurse.

Pediatric nurses are in charge of administering immunizations or setting an IV in children, but to do that they need to create a distraction so children or infants could keep still.

Pediatric nurses are also given the role of communicating and enlightening parents on the relevance of immunizations, proper nutrition for children, and proper exercise relevant to a child’s health and well-being. 

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2. Earn A Degree In Nursing

A Pediatric Nurse is expected to possess, either an RN or APRN in either an associate or undergraduate degree.

The following degrees are available to individuals who wish to become Pediatric Nurses;

Individuals can earn an LPN to Associate in Nursing degree, to enable them to gain a license to become qualified pediatric Practical Nurses ready to promote their skills and experience.

Individuals could also earn an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degree for entry-level RNs, which they could finish in 2yrs.

Individuals could also earn an undergraduate degree in science and nursing (BSN). This degree can be earned by individuals in about 3 yrs or less.

 3. Pass Your NCLEX Exam

Every nurse in the United States of America is expected to apply, and excel in the National Council Licensing Examination which is also known as the NCLEX-RN.

NCLEX-RN is a thorough examination that is available to students who have already completed any course in Nursing.

NCLEX-RN is an examination that focuses on students’ knowledge of certain areas in Nursing which are; safety and practical care environment in pediatrics, health promotion and maintenance in pediatrics, psychological integrity and how to cope with the struggle of being a nurse, physiological integrity and your ability to deliver proper nursing care.

4. Become A Registered Nurse (RN)

Once individuals have passed their NCLEX-RN exam or program, they are expected to possess the relevant requirements or documents in their state, before they would be considered eligible to practice as pediatric nurses.

Once the procedure above is followed, individuals would then be allowed to apply for their first job as pediatric nurses.

However, individuals who want to become experts in Pediatrics as a Nurse should apply for a post at either a healthcare center or hospital that treats or focuses on babies and adolescents.

A lot of times, you might not find a job that perfectly suits you but that’s perfectly okay, it’s your first time trying. Individuals must be focused on their present job and prepared even as a better opportunity finds them.

5. Earn Clinical Experience Working In A Pediatric Facility

This is another step in becoming a Pediatric nurse, where individuals would be expected to work in a facility where children are present so they could practice and gain certain prospects on how to care for children.

Individuals are expected to work in the facility for about 1800 hours before they would be verified as pediatric nurses.

Individuals must gain experience in taking care of parents both directly and indirectly such as; teaching, administration, clinical research, or consultation in pediatric nursing.

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6. Pass The CPN Certification Exam

Individuals should note that the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, also known as (PNCB), is in charge of awarding certificates to verify Pediatric Nurses who are professionals and have proven themselves beyond all reasonable doubt to be able to handle children and adolescents.

The Pediatric Nursing Certification Board was created in 1975 and is focused on effective outputs in pediatric health by promoting integrity, advocacy and respect for Pediatric Nurses focused on performing their tasks correctly.

The PNCB exam questions cover about 175 various choice questions with a duration of 3 hours to answer no more or less.

Once individuals have passed the PNCB exam questions they would join a total of 25,000 certified nurses, who possess a certificate from PNCB Certified Pediatric Nurse.

7. Begin Your Career As A Certified Pediatric Nurse!

Research has shown that making a difference in a child’s life isn’t what just any nurse can do unless they are well trained as a pediatric nurse.

Please note, that before an individual could become a Pediatric Nurse they need to possess the patience, love for children, and compassion and must be calm and sensible to handle children in a case of emergency.

Therefore, if you wish to pursue Pediatric Nursing with all your heart, then you might want to start it by gaining Pediatric Nursing education.


Individuals who are interested in becoming Pediatric Nurses are advised to follow the 7 basic rules listed above.

Kindly drop all questions and comments in the gaps provided below.

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