What Does A Marketing Manager Do?

The act of selling and promoting goods and services. The part of sales that involves proper advertising is what defines marketing.

Marketing has been seen by many to be a hectic and tasking job; however, more can be said on the part of a marketing manager.

This article discusses the duty of a marketing manager. In simple question, What does a marketing manager do? We first take a quick look at marketing and what it involves.

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Marketing is the process of evaluating, creating, and bringing value to meet the needs of a targeted audience.

This can come in terms of goods and services which may include, targeted audience selection, selection of specific features or themes that will be emphasized in advertising, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns like attending trade fares and public events, product design and packaging attractive to consumers, setting out the terms of the sale, such as price, discount, warranty, and return policy, product placement of media or individuals believed to be influential in the purchasing practices of others, agreements with retailers, supermarkets, or retailers, and efforts to raise awareness, honesty and constructive feelings about the product.

Sales are usually made by a seller, usually a seller or a manufacturer. Sometimes jobs are contracted by a dedicated sales company or advertising agency.

Marketing has been made to fall into four categories, otherwise called the marketing mix, which is the;


The amount of money charged for a product or service, or the number of prices that consumers exchange to benefit from owning or using a product or service. Price is the only source of income, while the other three factors represent the cost.

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All the products and services a company decides to offer to its customers are known as a product mix. Product is part of the assistance in developing an integrated marketing strategy that includes price, promotion and location.


This refers to distribution. This is because the production area is not the same as the use area. Companies are developing mechanisms that use distribution methods to overcome this gap between producers and the consumer market environment.


This is seen as the binding factor to the other mixes. It connects members of the target audience with the behaviour and links suppliers and consumers. Promotion is also referred to as communication.

These mixes are key elements involved in marketing goods or services, and they interact significantly with each other.

How To Be A Successful Marketer

Provide Better Content

When good advertisers create effective content, it brings results by increasing audience numbers, audience engagement, leads and sales.

Some of the key components of good content creation are using a content marketing strategy, creating better content than your competitors, finding the best way to promote content and giving the audience the content they want.

Use Effective Data

Knowing how to use effective data is just as important as using the data itself, so understanding how to use data effectively is a great help for good advertisers.

Understand Social Media Marketing

Effective communication marketing comes from understanding how social networks work, applying policies to different networks and knowing which networks to focus on.

Get Involved in Visual Marketing

Customers may engage in additional marketing activities for visual effects such as photographs, infographics, videos, and animation. These visual assets can be an important part of the content depending on the target population and their preferences.


The stack of marketing technology is what advertisers call their collection of software and applications to analyze performance and facilitate collaboration and interaction with colleagues and customers.

Good marketers are working hard to keep growing their technology stack for better performance and improved results.

The job of seeing a successful marketing job lies with the marketing manager. Who are you? What does the marketing manager do?

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is solely responsible for leading the marketing efforts of a business, service, or product.

They balance market demand and lead a marketing team to develop and implement creative and unique strategies that drive customer interest through multiple media channels.

What Does The Marketing Manager Do?

Marketing managers have various responsibilities. Although there are standards applicable to a particular sector, there are general functions to be performed by all sales managers:

  • Do market research to understand the community’s interests and determine the sale of products and services.
  • Create clever and unique marketing strategies for many channels such as social media, tv, billboards, and newspaper articles.
  • Create detailed marketing programs with results and objectives.
  • Create comprehensive budgets and cost estimates.
  • Talk to potential clients and partners to prepare sales and marketing contracts.
  • Manage public relations and resolve problems when they arise.

Marketing managers are solely responsible for training their team members on campaign-specific marketing programs.

They will recruit new staff to join their team, selecting those they believe will meet the intended objectives of implementing the product strategy.

They work with all team members, encouraging them to reach goals while guiding and delegating tasks.

To be successful in their careers, marketing managers follow a similar process. However, each step in that process requires a different approach depending on the product, service, or business.

Idea Generation

Marketing Manager
Idea generation

Marketing managers approach the idea of ​​producing a product with a targeted product or idea of ​​a product or service that the business hopes to create.

They will do market research to understand current trends and customer interest. An example is in the launching of a new product, are there any competitors? How successful are they? What consumers say about the products available, and how can they be improved should be of great importance.

Understanding consumer interests and behaviour is the key to starting this process.

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Marketing Manager
Strategic planning

After identifying markets and understanding trends, marketing executives will develop a marketing strategy that they will use to implement their strategy. This program identifies the target audience, specific campaign strategies, budget, and goals.

They will work with various teams, such as UX product design, finance departments, and marketing engineers, in developing a strategy that will allow the product to meet its intended objectives.

For example, although the marketing manager is a great decision-maker, there may be financial factors he is not aware of. Collaboration between all parties ensures that the marketing process is as broad as possible.

The marketing manager will likely evaluate the target audience to ensure that the final marketing plan will earn the most revenue before launch. This may be done in focus groups, personal modelling, or customer interviews.

Result Implementation

Marketing Manager
Result implementation

The marketing manager will work with his team to implement the completed marketing plan at this stage. The timeframes will be set for campaign track metrics, using data to adjust strategy if necessary.

Apart from the campaign results, all research and data will inform future marketing processes.


This article has discussed the concept of marketing and, most especially, what a marketing manager does?

Summarily, the Marketing Manager is the chief executive of any marketing team. He acts as the director, bears all risks, manages risks, and sees the marketing team’s success. Therefore, the responsibility of making productive decisions that will propagate good results rests on the shoulders of the marketing manager.

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