11 Essential Finance Interview Questions and Answers

Finance is a wide field covering insurance, retail banking, investment banking and other financial services.

Ever wondered what finance interview questions might be asked? Wonder no more! 


This article provides answers to common finance interview questions, as well as tips on how to answer them. 

So whether you’re preparing for your next finance role or just want to brush up on your knowledge, read on for some handy guidance!

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Finance Tips And Sample Answers To Interview (Questions And Answers)

Here are 11 common questions asked during  a finance interview with their answers  below:


1. Tell Me About Yourself?


This general question can be expected to start the meeting, so it’s in your best interest to be prepared for it with a polite, succinct response. 

The interviewer would like to understand you as a person, but also how your skills, background, and traits can benefit the company. Concentrate on your relevant prior experience and how you made the most of your previous roles.

Sample Answer:


I have maintained a strong interest in the finance industry since my high school years. I have followed my passion by working, interning, and participating in various internships throughout college.

As a result, I have a variety of cross-discipline skill sets that allow me to see unique perspectives, from managers to CEOs and right down to the customer. Following graduation, I aspire to study for my MBA, which I know will only add to my array of talents.

2. What Motivates You? 


This is the first interview you’ll ever have with a company so it’s important you see if the company will be an environment in which you’ll be able to thrive. Even if money is an attractive benefit, it should be only one of many factors for you to consider interviewing for a career.

Think about why you wanted to do this specific job on your own and what drives you to want to do a good job every day, and you will have a compelling answer that comes from deep within your heart.

Sample Answer:

“Ever since I was little, I had a natural curiosity about numbers and watched out for them throughout my education. That love proved enduring throughout high school, and it carried over to my next level of education, wherein I’m able to assist my roommates with their finances and explain complex subjects to them in a clear way.

Helping individuals to pursue and reach their financial goals is a huge motivator for me. I love that I can bring figures to life for my clients and help them discover a part of themselves to go after. Every new day presents a new challenge for me to overcome. ”

3. What Can You Offer That Other Applicants Cannot?


The interviewer is searching for a standout reason as to why you’re the perfect candidate. From this chance, you can demonstrate how you’re a strong match for the position and put yourself in front of your competitors. Whatever awards, accolades, or unique perspectives you may have could make you a great selection.

Sample Answer:

I am a youth, so I’ll relate well to younger coworkers who relate to the banking services that I am passionate about. You might also find that I am younger and willing to speak my mind, so I am resourceful and may be rated high on aptitude tests for logical thinking. I’ve also gained this experience through being my own boss and working at multiple entry-level positions in a variety of fields.

This one-on-one interaction with my clients creates strong relationships with them. I’ll combine my financial acumen with this knowledge to be instrumental in sufferers’ lives..”

4. Tell Me About Your Hurdles Or Obstacles You’ve Overcome


Employers ask it to find out about the way you respond to complications or adversity. Keep your answer pertinent to the job description, and make sure this will be a chance to focus on any points which can be a cause for concern in an interview

Assure that your response concludes with a positive note, mentioning how you accomplished your objectives.

Sample Answer:

“One of the most significant hurdles I had to overcome in my first internship was securing the opportunity. I had some stiff competition and was a rising junior, so most people who applied were about my age.

However, I continued researching, so I reached out to anyone who was in any way associated with me on LinkedIn. I spoke to them about the role and ensured someone would at least consider my application. My previous academic work was directly related to the requirements for this new role, so I applied this. 

By linking that experience to their requirements, I communicated to them why I could provide value to the company. I was offered the internship, where I took on practical challenges presenting my experience.”

5. What Would Your Previous Co-Workers And Managers Say About You?


This seemingly basic question allows the interviewer to ascertain whether you are a good match for the vacant position, why you’re not similar to any of the other applicants, and whether you are self-aware. It is essential to be completely honest in your response, as there is likely to be a follow-up call to your references.

To answer the question thoroughly, it is crucial to consider whether you have an accurate self-image. Use your reply to provide two positives and one drawback.

Sample Answer:

“I believe that my previous managers would say that I’m pretty detail-oriented, disciplined, and meticulous and that sometimes, I need to be a little easier on punctuality than on perfection.

Even a tiny mistake in a calculation may disastrously impact the outcome, which is why it’s vital to make sure a minute detail is double-checked before sending out an invoice or spreadsheet to a client or staff member. 

Because of this, my colleagues and previous managers would often ask me to check reports or spreadsheets before they went to the client or sent to print..”

6. Tell Me About Your Approach To Teamwork


Finance interviews ask about your ability to work effectively with other people in the finance industry. Your capability to adapt yourself to different coworkers is essential to success.

 Explain how you have examined each team member and chosen the best strategy for their own special needs. Flexibility is the key to success.

Sample Answer:

“I believe that teamwork is key to success. I approach work with a positive attitude and aim to contribute to the team as much as possible.

 I am always willing to put in extra effort, and I take pride in my work. I believe that a good team atmosphere is essential for success, and I strive to create it wherever I am.”

7. Tell Me About A Time When You Successfully Dealt With A  Difficult Client.


The employer is assessing your harmony and capacity to continue even when confronted with a mishap. 

Past difficult customers and setbacks are part of the financial world and, by demonstrating your potential to endure under these conditions, you present your skill and readiness for this kind of work.

Sample Answer:

“My experience dealing with difficult clients has been mostly positive. I have never failed to get results from them, even when they were resistant to change. In fact, I’ve found that it is often the case that the more difficult the client, the more successful I am.”

8. What Has Been A Major Achievement In Your Working Career


Discuss an achievement that is relevant to the finance job at hand, discussing the obstacles you overcame in earning that achievement and the reasons why it was significant to you. Daltonize the reasons why this achievement is important to the finance post you are currently interviewing for.

Sample Answer:

When it comes to achievements in one’s career, few things I see as satisfying as seeing a project through to completion. 

From landing that big client to helping coworkers achieve their goals, there are countless examples of what  I can constitute a major success. “

9. Tell Me About Your Approach To Teamwork


Finance interview questions about teamwork will require you to demonstrate your ability to work effectively with other members of finance.

 Your capacity to collaborate with individuals in finance is likely to influence your ability to differentiate the best approach to all those on the team. Being agile is important for success.

Sample Answer:

“I approach teamwork with a focus on communication and collaboration. I believe that effective teamwork requires open and honest communication between team members, as well as cooperation in order to achieve common goals. 

I often encourage my team to take on new challenges and work together to succeed.”

10. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A  Finance Professional?


Construct an answer that shows your self-awareness and insight. Use the strengths and weaknesses provided to ascertain your answer.

Sample Answer:

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses, which can be helpful to know when assessing their suitability for a finance career. Below are some questions to ask yourself in order to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a finance professional: 

  • What are your skills in accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, and investment management?
  • Can you work independently and manage multiple projects at the same time?
  • Are you able to think critically about finances and make sound decisions under pressure?
  • Do you have a good sense of communication and interpersonal skills?
  • How do you deal with stress and deadlines?

11. How Can You Add Real Value To  This Organization?


Your interview response should display your comprehensive understanding of and familiarity with the company as well as how well you understand and appreciate it.

 Please elaborate upon the skills, ideas, and knowledge you bring that would result in contributions to profitability and growth.

Sample Answer:

“I Understand the company’s mission and goals and it would help me know what the company is trying to achieve, I know my skills and experience could be used in a beneficial way. 

This would allow me to come up with ideas for ways in which you can contribute beyond your current role.

Furthermore,  I am willing to learn new skills. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is important for me to keep up with changes in the industry or marketplace.

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In conclusion, remember to keep your answers concise, sincere, and professional. Following these tips will help you land the finance position of your dreams!


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