What Does A Pet Sitter Do?

Many people often ask this question about pet sitters, what exactly is their job, well in this article you are about to find out most things that concern a pet sitter and he/she does.

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The Work Of A Pet Sitter

Pet sitters look after pets daily while their owners are away on vacation, or it can be said to be the act of caring for a pet when its owners are away.

They frequently stay in the owner’s home to allow the pets to remain in their familiar surroundings.

They may also provide basic tasks for the owner, such as collecting mail and cleaning pet hair, in addition to caring for dogs.

Pet sitting may be a very gratifying and fulfilling job, with the majority of employees expressing high levels of job satisfaction.

However, while many pet sitters like their employment, some problems might be discouraging. 

Low pay for the amount of work they do, as well as a lack of job stability between engagements, are examples of this. 

But burnout and compassion fatigue are other common complaints because the whole activity can be tiring.

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Other Duties And Responsibilities

Other activities carried out by the pet sitters include 

  • Take care of the pets by feeding them and changing their water bowls.
  • Providing opportunities for physical activity and play (may include walking the dog).
  • Cleaning litter boxes and any other pet-related messes.
  • If necessary, administer pet medications.
  • Take pets to the veterinarian for examinations or vaccines.
  • Meeting with pet owners to get information on pet care and discuss pet sitting responsibilities.
  • Being aware of animal behavior and capable of caring for a variety of pets.

Several pet sitters only work with pet owners who have cats or dogs. Birds, fish, small mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are among the animals cared for by others.

When clients are out of town, many pet sitters provide a regular dog walking service as well as pet sitting services on an as-needed basis. 

Most pet sitters recruit extra employees to expand their service area, improve the number of customers they can handle every week, and serve as a backup when they go on vacation or become ill. 

They can also make more money by starting a business and licensing pet-sitting services under their well-known brand name.

Pet Sitter Salary

A pet sitter’s pay is determined by their location and the number of clients they have. 

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not collect salary information on pet sitters. 

Nonfarm animal caretakers are a broader job category defined by the BLS.

  • $23,760 ($11.42/hour) is the median annual salary.
  • Annual Salary in the Top 10%: More than $37,250 ($17.91/hour)
  • Annual Salary in the Bottom 10%: Less than $18,160 ($8.73/hour)

A more detailed salary explanation for the BLS is the mean wage and its compared or given based on the following :

  • Mean wage by experience and
  • Mean wage by state

Both of them are different and determine the amount of the salary that would be paid to the pet sitter.

Well, most of their salaries can be negotiated with their employer, this is influenced by the schedule and duration of their services rendered. 

Note: Pet sitters are still considered among the lowest-paid workers in the animal-care industry.

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Pet Sitters Requirement/Qualification 

Pet sitters do not need any official schooling or training, but they should be knowledgeable about all aspects of animal care and behavior.

The majority of pet sitters have substantial hands-on expertise with the animals they select to look after. 

A background in animal healthcare, such as prior work as a veterinary technician or veterinary assistant, is also advantageous for pet sitters.

Animal CPR and first aid knowledge are valuable in this field, and they may be a huge selling point in a sitter’s marketing materials when seeking to attract new clients.

Work Environment

Pet sitters operate mostly indoors, but they do spend time outside on occasion such as cleaning kennels and exercising animals. 

They travel a lot for their business, whether it’s to visit clients’ homes, accompany pets to medical and grooming appointments, or even carry pets back to their own homes if they provide boarding services. 

As a result, a valid driver’s license is required.

Pet sitting is physically taxing work because you’ll be traveling from house to house and maybe also walking dogs, sometimes multiple dogs at a time, across neighborhoods. 

It also carries certain physical risks, like bites, scratches, and zoonotic infections, as do most jobs that involve working with animals.

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Work Duration

Pet sitters usually work around their clients’ schedules and don’t have a typical 9 to 5 job. 

This includes the early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and even public holidays are all possible options. 

Of course, you can set your hours, but the more adaptable you are, the more jobs you’ll get and the more customers you’ll get.

Pet sitters’ working hours are erratic and primarily dependent on when their services are needed. 

For instance, they might just have a few performances one day and a jam-packed schedule the next, which may entail an overnight stay. 

They do, however, work more during peak times, such as the summer, when pet owners are more likely to take vacations.


All the information about pet sitters, ranging from what they do, to their skills, their responsibilities, and more written are embedded in this article.

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