Top 20 Target Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

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Target is an American company that is presently ranked the 8th-largest retail company in the US.

Lastly, as an applicant, you must go through the job description before your target job interview date approaches.

Keep reading this piece and find out some of the top Target interview questions and answers.

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Top Target Interview Questions And Answers.

1. Why Did You Choose To Work For Us?

Hint :

Try to know why you like to work with Target. 

Tell the interviewer something that distinguishes the target from other companies.

Good Answers:

For a while now I have been shopping at target. I love the quality of goods that are sold here.

This has made me realize that this is the best place to shop and work.

In addition, I live just ten minutes away so coming to work would be a piece of cake for me.

2. Why Do You Want This Position?


Let them know that you have the best abilities, experience, and skills that are needed to carry out the job.

This would be one of the target interview questions you should expect.

Sample Answers:

I believe to have the best requirement for this job because I have great communication skills and I love being around people.

In addition, I love doing this type of work. So it would make me so happy if I’m given the chance to work in your store.

3. This Job Is A Routine Work. 

What would motivate you to do it well every day?


Your answer should be why you love routine jobs.

You mustn’t use money as part of your motivation. 

This is because Target wages aren’t so high.

Sample Answers:

To be sincere, I love routine jobs. Once I learn how the job works, I would carry out my duties effectively.

I love serving customers. I always want to see that they are satisfied, this makes me proud of myself.

4. What Can You Improve About Target?


Target managers ask this question to see if you have any leadership qualities.

This is a very tricky question, try not to personalize this question. But rather let your answer display your observative skills and the value you would bring to the store

Sample Answer:

From my shopping experience Target is an outstanding company with a strong management system.

Nonetheless, if I am given the chance I would help improve the store’s effectiveness. To enable Target to be the number 1 shopping store in the US.

5. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?


This is another tricky Target Interview question.

I advise that you state a weakness that is not related to the job you are applying for.

 Not only a weakness but also the ways you are trying to improve yourself.

 Sample Answer.

Because I love customers so much I have the likelihood to be over-friendly sometimes.

Although this has helped me to have good listening skills. I can settle the needs of customers.

On the contrary, my colleagues say I am very diligent in my duties because I have no issue working overtime.

6. Tell Us About A Time That You Made A Mistake And What You Did To Amend The Situation?


 Mistakes can be very bad especially if you are handling a very important position in the company.

However, we are human beings and human beings make mistakes.

The target interviewer is interested in knowing how you can quickly correct yourself in case you make a mistake. 

Sample Answer:

I always cross-check my work at the office to avoid making mistakes. But in my previous job as a cashier, I once made a mistake because of my tiredness.

To correct the mistake I paid the missing balance from my pocket. I learned a lesson and never went to the office whenever I’m not feeling well.

7. Describe a time when you went out of your way to help somebody?


You don’t have to talk about a working situation, because there are many times we have gone out of our way to assist someone.

This Target interview question seeks to know how friendly and team-spirited you are.

Sample answer:

I attend a party during summer. After the party, I notice that the girl who was standing next to me was drunk.

Immediately ordered an Uber Ride for her to go home. I ensured that she got home safely that night. The next morning I stooped by her house to see how she was doing.

8. What Would You Do If You Rang An Item Up To 20$, But A Customer Insisted It Was 18$?


Customers are always right, so I would never argue with a customer.

The interviewer is interested in knowing how tolerant you can be. 

Sample Answer:

I would never argue with a customer, rather I would apologize and crosscheck the item.

If they were not right I would convince them to take something else that suits their budget

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9. Describe A Time When You Were Under Pressure At Work.


During your Target Interview session ensure that you are relaxed. This would give the interviewer proof that you can handle a  stressful situation.

 Sample Answer:

At my former workplace during the pandemic, we had only a few workers with so many customers requesting that items should be delivered to their houses.

I suggested that we recruit more delivery guys to ensure that, the goods get to their owners at the appropriate time

10. Give Me An Example Of A Situation When You Exceeded Someone’s Expectations. What Was The Outcome?


As an employee, you must exceed your target at work. If you don’t have the working experience you can use an experience from school.

Sample Answers.

I must always give my customers 110% satisfaction.

I try my best to give my customers the best in any situation. I would always ensure that my customers are happy.

11. Tell Me A Little About Your Past Experience.


This is another tricky Target interview question.

here, the interviewer wants to know if you are fit to handle the role.

However, if you don’t have the experience you can talk about your college days showcasing the lessons you learned

Sample Answer:

Working as a cashier at Fargo I learned how to communicate effectively with people and deal with disapproval.

If I am chosen for this role. I believe my experience can help me work better at Target.

12. What Would Your Teacher/Former Colleague Say About You?


Interviewers use this to ascertain your level of trustworthiness and sincerity.

Most times they would call your referee or even your former workplace and ask them about you. 

So you should contact your referee before your interview session.

Sample Answer:

My colleagues would say they had an imagine time working with me.

They would say I’m a diligent worker and I enjoy my time at the office.

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13. If Other Co-workers Were Gossiping About A Colleague. How Would You React?


At this point they are not interested in how you solve the situation. all they want to know is how focused are you during working hours and don’t care about backbiting.

Sample Answer:

Gossips are always present in the workplace. 

However, I would tell them that what they are saying about my colleague is not true and immediately go back to work.

I focus on my work and try not to listen to gossip at the office.

14. If A Customer Accused You Of Bad Service, What Would You Do?


This is a popular Target Interview question.

The interviewer is interested in knowing how tolerant and open-minded you are.

Sample Answer:

I think the likelihood of a situation like this happening is just 1% because I effectively carry out my duties.

However, if it happens, I would apologize to the customer immediately and ask them what I did wrong.

I would stay calm, handle the situation and make them happy.

Excellent customer service is important to me.

15. If A Supervisor Asked You To Change The Way You Carry Out Your Job Even If You Know You Are Doing It Right How Would You React?


Target’s number one rule is that employees should always listen to their supervisors.

Therefore your answer should be, that you would carry out the instruction given to you.

Sample Answer:

My supervisor has been working for a long time which means that they are very experienced.

They understand things that I don’t understand. And I believe that my supervisor would not put the company in harm’s way. 

So I would always follow their instructions.

16. Explain A Time When You Were Very Busy And Needed To Prioritize The Tasks In Your Work.


This Target interview question wants to test your management skills and your ability to focus on your work.

If you don’t have any working experience you mention a time in college when you were handling a project.

Sample Answer:

I remember during my college days I had a project I was working on. 

During this period my sister fell sick. I had to map out a plan to help me handle my work effectively and also take care of my sick sister.

This plan helped me carry out my daily duties properly.

17. How Long Do You Want To Work For Target?


The recruitment process is very tasking. An employer wouldn’t want to hire someone that wouldn’t work for a long time.

So don’t tell the Target interviewer that you only want to pass time with the job.

Sample Answer:

I love everything about Target. 

I would love to grow with Target because I believe it’s going to be one of the best in the world.

18. What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Sample Answer.

The best way to answer this question is to tell your interviewer about your skills and working experience.

Let this skill and experience be related to the job offer you are chasing at Target.

Read the job description and tell the Target interviewer that you have the skills they are in search of.

19 What Is Your Motivation To Work?

Sample Answer.

I love meeting the company’s goals and I find happiness in guiding and directing others.

As an employee, I’m open to learning new things from my supervisor and colleagues.

Problem-solving and customer satisfaction are my priority.

20. Do You Know That You Would Stand On Your Feet All Through The Day? How Do You Feel About This?

Sample Answer:

Target is a retail company and my job description requires standing on my feet.

Sincerely, I do not have a problem with this. 

All I have to do is o wear comfortable shoes stay hydrated and maintain a good posture.


Target interview questions can be tricky at times. 

Here at Target, all they are searching for is sincere and confident people who know what they want.

Therefore create your checklist using this post. 

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