Top 20 Bank Teller Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

Ultimately, bank tellers are the face of a bank and thus need to be of a good and friendly personalities, organized and efficient in carrying out their duties. Their position is extremely crucial to the overall success of a bank. 

Bank tellers are responsible for handling customer cash, processing transactions, and providing good customer service. Since the role is very important, interviewers take time to scrutinize candidates to ensure that they are qualified and well-equipped for the role. 

Bank Teller interview questions cut across different areas to assess your behavior and competency. Here, we have compiled a list of the top bank teller interview questions with sample answers to guide to on how to give effective answers during your interview

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Bank Teller Interview Questions And Sample Answers

1. Why Are You Interested In This Position?

I have always been interested in working with money. I started my career as a junior cashier at a government bank where I learned all the basics of the banking sector. I stayed there for three years and with each that passed by my passion for accounts and banking grew. 

2. What Are The Roles Of A Bank Teller?

Bank tellers are responsible for handling customers’ financial transactions including money transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.

They also convert cheques to cash, provide account services, issue savings accounts, and salary accounts, and process pensions.

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3. What Skills Or Qualities Does A Bank Teller Require To Be Successful? 

A bank teller should be detail-oriented, patient, honest, and have good communication skills. He should have efficient knowledge and a good understanding of accounts.

A bank teller gets to handle large sums of cash every day, it’s important that he is attentive and of a calm mind. 

4. Did You Face Any challenges At Any Of Your Previous Roles? How Did You Handle It?

Early in my career, a client passed me a bunch of fake notes. I was a bit skeptical but couldn’t identify they were fake at first glance as I was inexperienced and hadn’t learned the ropes well.

So I double-checked and spotted some fake notes and handed them back to the customer he politely apologized and left the bank without making the deposit. I was able to handle the situation without taking the matter to a higher authority.

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5. What Is Your Daily Routine As A Bank Teller Like?

On arrival at the bank, my first task would be to collect all the deposit slips from the desk and update them. Then I would attend to the customers in the queue and perform all their cash transactions including withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and cashing out cheques. I would also balance my accounts before leaving the office at the end of the day. 

6. What Kind Of Strategy Is Required For This Role?

To excel as a bank teller, I believe the best strategy and mindset to have is hard work and attentiveness. A clear mind with a sound knowledge of accounting, banking terms, and conditions is essential. Also, patience and honesty will contribute greatly to a person’s success in this role. 

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7. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

Every job comes with its unique challenges. I like to take risks and love challenges. As an employee of your organization, I will do my best to surmount every challenge with confidence. 

8. What Keeps You Motivated At Work?

Passion is my motivation. I love accounting and numbers and my passion is my driving force. Some days when I feel tired and lack motivation, I read books about famous personalities who made a great impact through their works, then I get motivated again and it keeps me going.  

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9. Tell Us About A Time You Failed And The Lesson You Learnt.

At my first job as a junior cashier, I was going to count the balance for the first time. I had never handled such a large amount before that time. While I counted the money I was nervous and that made me make mistakes during the counting.

I counted it about 5 times and obtained different results. So I tried to be calm, took a deep breath, and counted it for the 6th time, and thankfully, it was the last time. The incident taught me to always be calm, patient, and concentrated.

10. Why Do You Feel You Are The Most Suited For This Role?

I have had three years of experience as a junior cashier and two as a senior cashier. In these years I’ve learned the tricks, tactics, and basics of the banking industry.

I’ve learned patience, focus, and perseverance. I am well-organized, detail-oriented, and skilled in communication. I also put my work ethic and discipline before everything else. 

11. What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

At my previous job as a senior cashier, I witnessed a change in government policy that indicated a currency ban and the banking sector was about to crash with the extreme workload.

My colleagues in the bank were tensed and somewhat burdened by the workload and customers pouring in for endless money exchanges.

As a responsible chairholder, I directed my team to be calm and deal with patience and my effort saved our bank from crashing. 

12.  As A Bank Teller, What Does Customer Service Mean To You? 

I believe that maintaining good customer service is vital to the overall success of the bank. To me, customer service is about keeping the customer happy and satisfied from when they step to when they leave after they’ve completed their transactions.

A bank teller should be able to provide help and assistance with patience to customers. 

13. Are You Comfortable Handling Large Sums of Cash?

Yes, I am. At my first job, I used to be nervous but I overcame that and I do not feel pressure in my mind anymore. However, I believe that a person should be careful and check his calculations when dealing with public funds. 

14. How Do You Spot Out Fake Notes And Fraudulent Cheques?

I once had an encounter with fake notes at my previous job when a customer tried depositing cash in the bank. After that incident, I learned how to identify certain discrepancies while checking cash visually.

For instance, in the denominational number with the rupee’s sign on the front note, the Ashoka Pillar, the number’s colors change from green to blue, and more. For cheques, I look out for the logo of the bank. If the logo is missing or faded then the cheque is fake. 

15. How Would You Ensure Great Customer Service?

I understand the importance of great customer service. With friendly gestures and a positive attitude, while talking with customers, I would attend to their needs. I would also be willing to offer help when the need arises.

16. How Would You Handle An Angry Customer?

I’ve had many experiences with angry customers. One time a customer came up with a complaint that his cash deposit was miscalculated. He was furious and it was understandable. As a senior teller at the bank, I had to handle the situation.

I tried to calm him down and I listened to him. I also assured him that his issue will be sorted out and I promised to help him. Thankfully, his case was sorted out in no time. 

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17. How Do You Handle Pressure At Work?

With my years of experience, I’ve understood the importance of work pressure. When working in a fast-paced environment, I try to focus on the work instead of panicking as it can be disastrous.

From time to time, I practice meditation and it helps me have a calm and relaxed mind. 

18. What Are Your Thoughts On Multitasking?

As a bank teller, being able to multitask is essential to effective performance. Multitasking helps me to enhance my productivity and keeps me motivated at work. I can incorporate more work into my daily routine. 

19. How Do You Prioritize Tasks On The Job 

I always have to greet customers as they come into the bank. It’s my first priority and helps me set a friendly model and build relationships with the customers.

After that, I like to handle the transactions brought to me right away and then I move to other tasks based on their importance. 

20. What Would You Do If You Noticed An Irregularity In A Customer’s Account?

If I noticed an irregularity in a customer’s account, I try to resolve it with them before contacting the higher authorities. I ask the customer if there was anything that may have caused it and with my knowledge of banking procedures. I try to resolve the issue.  


The position of a bank teller is an extremely sensitive and delicate one as it demands handling the financial transaction and constantly being in contact with people and money. 

Interviewers ask a series of questions to candidates applying for the role to ensure that they hire the most qualified to fill the position.

Listed above are the top 20 bank teller interview questions frequently asked. We advise you to go through them when you prepare for your interview to give effective answers.

We wish you all the best!

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