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In recent times, interview patterns have taken a new twist, which has left many stranded during interviews. The question now is, how well are you prepared for that job interview you want to go for? 

If you are having a challenge when it comes to interviews, there is a solution for you: Interview coaching services are available for you. You will be doing yourself a whole lot of good when you contact them.

Whatever kind of job you are seeking, be rest assured that your knowledge will be tested, for this reason, you should have your skills polished before entering the interview room.

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With the help of an interview coach you get yourself polished and prepared for any kind of job interview.

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List of  Some of the Best Interview Coaching Services 

For those who want to engage the services of one of the best interview coaches, here is a list of some of them;

  • The muse
  • Top interview
  • Entry Level career coaching
  • Expert interview coaching
  • Jody Michael Associate
  • Big Interview

The Muse

The Muse is a coaching and advice blog that has helped millions of people advance their skills to enable them to take up their next role.

It was established in 2011and ever since they have been offering outstanding services, at different prices with the same standard.

The price of their offer differs due to the different services they offer and it also depends on the type of service you are going for. The services they offer are mentor, coach, and master. The mentor level though with fewer years of experience but still does great, the coaching level is better for mid professionals while the master level is for senior executives and management top leaders.

The prices for the different levels of coaching services vary and they are categorized as follows; every 75 minutes with a mentor is $139, and with a coach is $229, while the master class is $559.

Coaching sessions are usually booked via telephone or video depending on your preference. There are Coaches for resume and cover letter reviews, LinkedIn profile audits, networking, and job search strategy available on the muse.

Top Interview

This is an interview coaching that provides interview coaching services for job seekers in different industries and levels. 

They provide three essential services which are the Essential package: $149 for one coaching session covering mastering your elevator pitch, session notes, and a customized plan of action.  

Standard package: $249 for two coaching sessions that cover your elevator pitch, practicing an unstructured interview, how to negotiate your salary, session notes, and a customized plan of action. This is Top Interview’s most popular package. 

Professional package: $349 for three sessions covering your elevator pitch, practicing an unstructured interview and behavioral interview, session notes, and a customized plan of action.

If you wish to apply for any of their packages, you can do that through their website. Sessions are held over the phone or by video call.

Entry Level:

Entry level coaching has been guiding young adults 14 to 30, they also carry out resume assessments and career planning for high school students to give them a balanced future.

They offer four service packages and they are as follows;

  • One-hour career Tune-up for $175.
  • Five session career exploration (five-hour coaching session for $625).
  • 10 hours of coaching for $1500.
  • 10 session career expert package, includes 10 hours of coaching for 1250.

If the above-listed packages do not suit what you are looking for, you can contact Entry Level career coaching directly about your specific interview coaching needs so that you can receive a customized package.

Expert Interview Coaching

They have been providing c-level coaching services since 2013, it is one of the best options for executive interview coaching this is because of their expertise, dedicated staff, and programming for executive-level clients.

They offer two services, which are;

In-person: Two 90-minute in-person sessions and one 90-minute session via phone or video conference. Includes digital copies of your mock interviews, and unlimited email support for the duration of your coaching.

Video coaching: Starting at $349, this is a one-time 90-minute training session. This can include networking training, resume and cover letter reviews, LinkedIn assessment, career planning, job search strategy, digital copies of your mock interviews, and unlimited email support for the duration of your coaching.

Jody Michael Associates:

Jody Michael Associates(JMA) has been helping people reach their professional and personal goals since it was established in 1996.

They are a Chicago-based coaching and consulting company that is very much concerned about facilitating organizational and personal and team change.

They are involved in advanced training in human behavior, neuroscience, and psychology, this enables them to provide you with unrivaled guidance to help you achieve professional and personal goals.

JMA specializes in individualized career coaching, executive coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, and trader coaching. It focuses not on tactical change, but rather on change on a deeper level.

Michael believes in coaching the whole person. Stress at work, she says, can have an impact on one’s family, health, and well-being.

No doubt, Jody Michael’s associates have proven over the years to be one of the most competent coaching services you can find around.

They have a special team and each member of the team brings something special to the team. The love and commitment they have for their work are equal to none, this shows in every interaction they have with every client.

Big Interview

This is a renowned career coaching service, developed by Pamela Skillings. This interview coaching service has impressive backing and features which uses pre-recorded practice modules and Al-powered feedback to coach job seekers at all levels., all of which are highly affordable.

Their programs include four modules with over 100 video lessons: Interview Basics, Acing Common Questions, Behavioral Interview Questions, and Playbooks for Common Challenges. You also have the opportunity to watch advice videos at your own pace and reply to anyone you find valuable.

As much as their program is designed for people in any industry, they have two main focuses which are government jobs and those going for higher roles in education.

They operate a subscription-based pricing model and currently, the subscription costs $79 per month. Just in case you are not satisfied with their services, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusively, getting yourself ready for an interview gives you an advantage over any other person that is coming for the same interview as you, that is the more reason you should engage the services of a professional coaching service.

You cannot afford not to be ready when you are face to face with the interview panel, to avoid the embarrassment of not being prepared. Hurry and get an interview coach.

When it comes to delivering quality interview coaching services, be assured that the above-listed interview coaches offer the best. Make plans today and get any of the above-mentioned interview coaches, they are going to be of great help to you.

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