National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Recruitment 2021/2022.

NEMA is a federal agency charged with the responsibility of meeting the government’s emergency needs. Such as; grappling, stopping, or subduing disastrous or relative issues, through the establishment of Tangible Constructs and Measures within its organization. 

Vested upon the organization is the sole authority to carry out all functions in its capacity. 

Formulate and coordinate plans and programs as well as effect efficient response to disasters in the federation.

Keep a close watch on the readiness, preventive methods, community resilience of response teams to grappling with disasters, and taking preventive steps and measures to curb disasters. 

NEMA provides first aid relief materials to victims of disasters across the federation. Makes available caution guide materials to educate the public on the safest measures to prevent disasters. 

With operational, regional, and zonal offices across the federation, the national emergency management agency aims at recruiting capable hands to facilitate social development. 

Article Road Map

Office Structure

Directors of Authority include:

  • Directors of finance.
  • Directors of compliance and enforcement.
  • Directors of Environmental Education Information and Public Participation.
  • Directors of Environmental Research and Planning.
  • Directors of legal services and chief officers in Procurement, Audit, and Cooperate Affairs Communication.
  • Database Administrator.

At a standard salary base of 115,000 and above monthly pay.

For more info, visit www.nema.org 

Facilities And Infrastructure

Mission Control Center (MCC)

Located at the headquarters, is the computer-based satellite tech. That used the COSPAS-SARSAT Hi-Tech system facility.

The MCC is designed to pick up distress alerts as well as location data to assist in the agency’s operation search and rescue, through the means of a spacecraft and ground-level facilities. It is used to detect and locate distress signal beacons on a 406MHZ operation. 

When there’s a distress call alert sign from the beacon placed on an aircraft, or ship, the satellite system helps to transmit the signals to the ground, while data is processed and transmitted on the MCC.

After which an alert is received at the nearest  Rescue Coordinating Centre (RCC) or Disaster Reaction Unit (DRU) of the Airforce, Army, or Navy for immediate action response. 

Geographic Information System (GIS) 

Does the job of a functional laboratory for early warnings as well as precisions in response, for the management. The GIS collects spatial data analyses, which in turn prepares useful information, which helps to aid responses to disasters. 

It is a significant facility valued and used by the agency to aid risk reduction proceeds and programs. 

Others include, mobile clinics and helicopters to convey search and rescue teams, and provide immediate aid and care to victims of disasters. 

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Agency Policy And Strategies

  • Contingency and Stockpiling: In order to maintain an effectual, prompt and efficient response, a warehouse is established and fully equipped with rehabilitation items. 
  • Search and Rescue (SAR): An Epidemic Evacuation Plan. That allows for a system where stakeholders draw strength from each other and together erect a formidable group of highly motivated, dedicated, and trained workforce providers.  
  • Collaboration with Security Agencies: for the longest period, the security agencies have constituted the major stakeholders of the agency. And have over the years ensured a successful collaboration, through meetings, workshops, simulation exercises, and training. Each opportunity is being utilized to advance disaster management.
  • National Disaster Response
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Awareness Generation
  • Disaster Risk Reduction

Recruitment Requirements

Due to the current disasters ravaging the local remote areas of the federation, the agency has an objective to recruit/employ 14,000 grassroots emergency volunteer corps across all local government areas. 

Eligible applicants should apply at www.nema.recruitment.gov.ng  

Applicants should log in to the website for info on; 

  • Portal log-in
  • Educational 

qualification requirements/credentials

  • Age limit
  • Medical certificate recommendation.
  • National identity 

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