Does Kelly Service Drug Test?

Kelly Service focuses on staffing and expanding its services to regions worldwide. In addition, Kelly service supports other organizations in their state and beyond to find effective employees in various sectors and categories.

In addition to being a bridge between job seekers and companies, Kelly Services has created job opportunities for many people worldwide within her company’s Jurisdiction.


This article focuses on the requirements for getting a job with Kelly Service, and especially, the drug policy test that guides most companies in their recruitment procedure.

For example, does Kelly Service drug test potential employees before they can be considered fit to work for their listed companies?

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About Kelly Service

Kelly Service was founded in 1946 by William Russell Kelly and was initially called Russell Kelly Office Service.


Services were provided internally at Kelly’s office. However, as client offices grew in size and needed more resources, they began asking Kelly employees to perform work in their own offices.

The temporary workers from the Russell Kelly Office Service soon became known as the ‘Kelly Girls.’ Adelaide Hess Moran, Kelly’s first temporary employee to work in a customer’s office, was immediately dubbed the first ‘Kelly Girl’.

The company’s name was changed to Kelly Girl Service, Inc. in 1957.

In early 1966, the company had already expanded to include technical and industrial services divisions and was renamed Kelly Services, Inc.


In a nutshell, Kelly Services is a global leader in workforce management solutions, offering HR services to top companies in various industries. 

Kelly Services, Inc. is an American office company operating worldwide. The company employs staff in various industries, including financial services, information technology, and law.

Address: 999 W Big Beaver Rd Troy, MI, 48084-4716

Does Kelly Service Drug Test Employees?

Kelly Service does drug tests for potential employees. Getting a job at or through Kelly requires applicants to be drug tested.

However, before you are drug tested, Kelly Service will determine if you have the necessary skills for the position you are applying for.

Of course, companies like Kelly Service are just trying to maintain their image and representation by ensuring they don’t hire the wrong kind, especially those who can ruin the company’s image by being influenced by drugs.

Therefore, the company’s rationale is to ensure that every applicant is drug tested before being hired and randomly tested when they become a stable employee.

The company is very cautious and hesitant to hire drug users to avoid future problems for the company.

When trying to get a job at Kelly, remember that they are a zero drug company and will not hire anyone who fails a drug test.

When trying to get a job at Kelly, remember that they are a zero drug company and will not hire anyone who fails a drug test. Kelly will not drug test you unless the company requires one.

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Kelly Service Drug Test

As for the application at Kelly, Kelly uses a 5-panel urine test that detects the presence of any form of recreational drug.

After the basic employment process, the applicant will be required to submit a urine sample for testing at some point in the employment process.

However, Kelly does not expect a fixed pattern of drug testing.

In most cases, especially when an applicant is getting a job through Kelly, the company will require the type of drug test they have accepted.

This is where different ways of drug testing applicants come in, almost simultaneously, and walk towards a company that is ready to hire from their demand.

Depending on the company, the drug test uses hair follicles, oral swabs, or even urine tests.

To get a job with Kelly, be prepared to pass their drug test. And if you are interested in working for a company that also drug tests through Kelly, be prepared to pass their test through Kelly. 

How To Pass A Kelly Services Drug Test?

If you recently took drugs, please do not apply for a job with Kelly Service or any other company that drug tests through Kelly.

You can’t fake it because you will surely get caught. The hair follicle is a body part that retains chemicals for a long time.

It takes 90 days for the hair follicles to rid themselves of the drug substances. So applicants can claim 90 days of abstinence from drugs or 100 days for a perfect result.

You will want to ensure you pass the company’s drug test. Fortunately, it won’t be difficult. 

Do not apply for a job with Kelly Services if you are on drugs. Instead, waiting until the medication leaves your system would be best. After all, this is the only sure way to pass the test. 

It won’t be easy to pass the test if you are on drugs. Not only will you lose your job, but you will also be banned from any company registered with Kelly Service.

In general, drugs stay in the hair for about 90 days. Therefore, you will need to wait 90 days before taking the test otherwise, you will probably fail.

If you are dealing with a urine or saliva drug test, the drugs will go through much faster.

Please note that this in no way encourages you to take drugs. On the contrary, the World Health Organization opines that using psychoactive medications without medical supervision is dangerous to health. 

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To answer the question, does Kelly Service drug test? Yes! 

In summary;

  • Kelly service drug tests for potential employees and for companies under their jurisdiction.
  • Drugs stay in the body system for a very long time. That being said, abstain from drugs.
  • If unsure about your drug status, do not apply for a job at Kelly’s or any company under their jurisdiction.
  • There are other requirements before drug testing; therefore, you should consider your skills and prowess before applying at Kelly’s or any company.
  • For any company under Kelly Service that does not require a drug test, Kelly Service will not drug test you.

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