Does Foot Locker Drug Test?

Both consumers shopping for their next pair of athletic shoes and job seekers looking for retail employment frequently choose Foot Locker.

With stores open seven days a week, it’s simple to find a shift that works with most schedules, and pay working conditions and benefits are all favorable.

These days, one question frequently asked is, “Does Foot Locker drug test?”  asking questions is usually a good idea since, once you know the answer, you can take the appropriate actions to increase your chances of success.

Want to go out for a foot locker drug test? Keep reading to find out.

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Does Foot Locker Drug Test?

Foot Locker conducts drug tests using mouth swabs, according to accounts from employees who communicate online about the company.

In mouth swab drug tests, saliva is drawn from under the tongue or from the inner cheek using a long Q-Tip-style swab. The sample is immediately tested or submitted to a lab for processing.

Some businesses conduct drug tests on-site, while others ask you to submit to one at a nearby clinic.

Although we could not learn the location of Foot Locker’s pre-hiring drug testing, they will specify the site when extending an employment offer.

We are aware that if a job offer is made conditionally and a drug test is requested, there is a deadline within which you must submit the test. Usually, this is 48 hours.

Considering that you still have drugs in your system, consider that timeframe before accepting an offer.

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Will You Get Tested In Footlocker Job Interviews?

No, interviews at Foot Locker do not include a drug test. For retail personnel, the corporation does not do any pre-hire drug testing.

To work at one of their distribution centers, they occasionally request a drug test, but only after they have extended a conditional job offer.

What Drugs Will Foot Locker Test For?

Typically, mouth swab saliva samples undergo a 5-panel drug test that looks for the following substances:

  • Heroin and morphine are opiates.
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamine, marijuana, and amphetamines
  • PCP (phencyclidine), angel dust

Forty-eight hours after your last medicine use, these chemicals will typically no longer be detected in your saliva. 

Marijuana can, however, occasionally stay in the mouth for extended periods.

This may occur if you frequently use potent strains of the drug or if you have a lot of body fat, which serves as a THC storage facility.

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Foot Locker’s Policy On Medical Marijuana

Since several jurisdictions have legalized medical marijuana, there is a lot of interest in the subject of permitted usage at work.

While the use of medical marijuana may be permitted in some areas, it is entirely legitimate for companies to forbid use during working hours and to screen applicants for marijuana use during pre-hire drug testing.

Although it might seem incongruous, it truly isn’t. Many activities are lawful, but if you want to keep your job, you can’t do them at work.

Almost all businesses don’t want their personnel impaired and less productive due to marijuana usage, just as you can’t show up to most jobs while drunk.

The use of medical marijuana is forbidden explicitly by Foot Locker in the portion of their policy labeled “Safe Workplace Behaviors.”

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Does Foot Locker Carry Out Random Drug Tests?

According to employees, Foot Locker reserves the ability to conduct a drug test if necessary. Still, as far as we know, the company does not regularly conduct random drug tests on its workforce.

They may provide a drug test to you if you are at work and obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which is against company policy.

After a workplace accident, you can also be required to submit to a drug test. When there is a suspicion that a workplace accident may have been caused by drug use, it is common practice for businesses to demand a trial. This exposes the company to potential liability issues.

Likely, any worker’s compensation benefits you would typically qualify for would be denied if you were hurt at work in an accident and tested positive for drugs.

All workers are required by Foot Locker’s company policy to report any possible policy infractions.

Therefore, if you are at work while inebriated, even if you can conceal it from your manager or supervisor, your fellow Foot Locker employees have a responsibility to report you; failing to do so will result in them breaking company policy.

Does Foot Locker Conduct A Background Check?

Before Foot Locker considers hiring you, you must pass a background investigation. You will be prompted to permit to conduct a check on your application form.

Once you accept a conditional job offer, background checks are conducted.

If you haven’t been convicted of a felony, your background check can only reveal information from the last seven years.

Make sure you brought up the subject at your interview if you are aware that a background check will reveal you’re criminal history.

You should describe your crime to the interviewer, along with the circumstances surrounding it.

Don’t downplay your transgression or assign blame for your decisions to others. Instead, say that you recognize that you made a mistake, that you’ve since learned from it, and that you are now a changed person looking for a chance to put in hard work for a reputable organization.


You don’t need to pass a drug test to start working at Foot Locker if you’re applying for a retail position there.

However, the company has a no-drugs-at-work policy, so take care not to use drugs or drink before work.

We hope you got the answer you’re looking for.

Have a great day.

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