Management Sciences For Health (MSH) Careers And Recruitment 2024. 

The MSH group believes in, A world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life.

MSH is made up of a global body of more than 1,600 staff in countries around the world. Nearly 90% of its staff work in the countries they are from, which makes them a truly global and truly local organization, that is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all the countries where they work and among all the communities that they serve.

MSH is seeking volunteers, interns, and B.SC and M.SC Holders to Join them as they help solve the world’s public health challenges through innovation, dedication, and technical excellence.

MSH Is On A Mission To; 

  • Strengthening Health System Foundations. By means of partnership with; Systems Thinking for Health, through Data, Health Information, and Measurement.
  • Achieving Universal Health Coverage, by building Primary Health Care centers, engaging the services of Pharmaceutical and Supply Chain Management.
  • Addressing Key Health Challenges through Leadership, Management, and Governance.
  • Support the growth and development of Health Care Financing.
  • Invent and reinvent innovations, Products, and Health Technology Optimizations.

Career Opportunities At MSH

MSH thrives on a people-centered approach that ensures that those with whom they work are the drivers of progress and will lead their own way to optimal, equitable, and quality health systems. 

  • Director of Programs.
  • Technical Advisor, Health Financing Technologies, Market Dynamics.
  • Lead, Technical Strategy (MTaPS program).
  • Technical Director.
  • Practice Lead for Pharmaceutical, Health Technologies, and Supply Chain Systems.

MSH offers employment opportunities in its headquarters (Medford, Massachusetts and Arlington, Virginia), as well as in its field offices around the world.

They are currently also seeking qualified candidates for upcoming proposal opportunities in various technical areas such as women, children, and adolescents’ health; malaria; TB; HIV and AIDS; pharmaceutical and supply chain management; health care financing; and primary health care.

All credentials, qualifications, and CVs should be mailed to http://www.msh/careers.org 

At MSH there’s proffering of strength to health systems as a means of addressing key health challenges, achieving universal health coverage, and ultimately improving population health.

MSH improves health system functions through policy and practice changes that increase access, coverage, quality, and efficiency of health services, which leads to better health outcomes in the countries where they work. 

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MSH Staff Benefits

With a staff that works in over 30 countries, and with the majority of employees living and working outside the US, MSH  provides a comprehensive reward package within its various branches in its work countries, this includes salary, incentive opportunities, and benefit programs.

The programs are of the caliber that encourages the recruitment and retention of highly qualified and motivated staff. 

Providing supportive programs to meet the needs of its employees and their families around the world is top priority.

Benefit offerings vary from country to country in alignment with mandated requirements and local norms; eligibility for specific programs depends on one’s employment status.

Offerings may include healthcare assurance, retirement/long-term savings, leave/time-off benefits, and cash allowances/payments based on local norms.

Note: MSH total rewards programs and benefit plans are reviewed regularly and may not be construed as an employment contract, either expressed or implied.

MSH reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any aspects of the benefits package at any time, at its sole discretion.

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