Tell Me About Something Not On Your CV.

There are certain questions in the interview that you are quite familiar with but are unsure how to frame correctly.

When asked about yourself, it is undoubtedly something you are extremely familiar with; but, if you talk too much about your skills, it may appear as if you are bragging about it, and if you don’t talk about it much, the interviewer will think that you do not possess such a characteristic.

There is a fine line between replying “Tell me about yourself” and Tell Me About Something Not on Your CV

When responding to the latter, you must demonstrate your talents in a way that emphasizes your talent rather than boasting about anything.

You should rehearse your response thoroughly because we all know that this question will be asked at some point during the interview.

You will need to go through two to three interviews to learn the art of projecting your talents correctly, or you may practice in front of a mirror.

The second alternative is realistic since, in the current economy, you cannot risk losing two or three job offers to learn how to answer questions.

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Tips to Answer “Tell me about something not on your CV” Interview Question:

When asked to “Tell Me About Anything You Don’t Have On Your CV” the first thing that springs to mind is “now what else do you want to hear from me?”

“All of the relevant information is laid out in front of you, and the items that aren’t stated there are the ones that may get me denied right away.”

You certainly don’t want people to know that I am usually late or that I speak too much, nearly to the point of driving you insane, or that I have some other personal issues!

You may want to shout this sort of response at your interviewer, but you also know that no matter how much you want to, you just cannot.

You must also come up with anything acceptable that will assist you in displaying yourself in the best light. You cannot claim to be always active on social networking sites, tweeting, updating photos on Facebook, or leaving comments.

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  • Tell Me Something About Yourself Which Is Not Included In Your Resume

Share your objectives:

If you have a goal that you want to reach within a certain amount of time, you may discuss it with the interviewer.

However, keep in mind that you must not propose anything that contradicts the principles or goal of the firm where you have gone for the interview.

Instead, if you can understand how your goals will help the firm develop larger and better, it is one of the greatest ways to answer the issue.

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Your job experience should be summarized:

In a few words, you may summarize important facts about your career and present them in a way that highlights your abilities.

Timing is critical:

The time of the question is significant; if it is asked at the start of the interview, it indicates that the interviewer is attempting to learn more about you. Some of the interviewers use it as an icebreaker.

If you are unsure of what they are looking for when they ask you this sort of inquiry, you may explain it with them.

Study the interviewer’s actions:

When an interviewer asks this question while examining your CV, it indicates that he or she is interested in learning more about your professional background.

As a result, you can begin in chronological sequence while also including some intriguing information about your work. You can also include the reason for leaving your previous employment and applying for this one.

She already knows what position you worked for based on your CV, so you need to tell them how you communicate with your coworkers or how you work in stressful circumstances.

It might be difficult to stop talking about all of your accomplishments and professional duties.

If you’re going on and on, it’s a good idea to constantly checking in with the interviewer. If you feel him becoming bored, simply cut it short and add a touch of comedy to make it a lengthy one.

It might be difficult to stop talking about all of your accomplishments and professional duties.

If you’re going on and on, it’s a good idea to constantly checking in with the interviewer. If you feel him becoming bored, simply cut it short and add a touch of comedy to make it a lengthy one.

How you led a team:

If you have worked in a team and were in charge of managing the team, you would have had instances when you had to go out of your way to solve a problem.

Here you may demonstrate your leadership abilities and how well you work with your team. When managing a team, there are numerous obstacles that you must overcome on a daily basis; you may explain some of them as well as the procedure that was used to overcome the issue. It will demonstrate your ability to manage a large group.

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Life outside of your work life:

The interviewer wants to know if you have a life outside of your professional life. Any unique passion will undoubtedly make for an intriguing narrative to tell the interviewer, allowing him to learn more about you.

Hiring managers are looking for individuals that not only have strong technical knowledge but also have some other talents. Choosing such personnel will benefit both the team and the organization.

Employers try to do this by asking different sorts of interview questions, such as behavioral questions, conditional questions, and so on, or by asking candidates questions that they did not include on their CV. The majority of candidates tailor their resumes to the job description for which they are applying. In such cases, companies find it difficult to evaluate the candidate in accordance with their needs.

As a result, you must prepare well and rehearse all sorts of trick questions that an interviewer may ask. Many of them are easily accessible via the internet.

“Tell me something that isn’t on your resume,” for example, is a question that an employer may ask an applicant. So, here are a few measures you should take when answering this interview question.

  • Share one of your strengths that you did not include in your CV.
  • Share one of your own qualities that is ideal for the position.
  • Explain why you are interested in this position.
  • Share the same activity or interest.

Your opinions matter:

If there is a societal cause that you are passionate about, it will make an excellent answer to the question. Don’t just make up a response; instead, express your own views regarding the problem.

When you share your thoughts and preferences about anything terrible that is going on around you, it shows that you are aware of your surroundings and care about the well-being of others.

If an occurrence prompted you to alter your professional path and that is why you chose this area, you may tell this intriguing tale during your interview to make them aware of your struggle as well as your drive to achieve.

When you appear in an interview, the employer wants to know what the applicant has to give and how they can add value to the organization, so if you have a goal set for yourself, discuss it with them simply to let them know you are thinking about the company’s growth as well as your own.

An unmentioned accomplishment:

You could have accomplished something in school, college, or your prior job that would be an excellent answer to this question.

You might also describe an incident in which you were the only female participant in an article writing competition and won first place, beating out all of your college’s guys.

You may also relate your story of assisting one of your coworkers in completing a task that appeared nearly impossible to everyone, but you both made it feasible and helped retain the customer.

Try something amusing:

Humor is timeless, and if you can make the interviewer laugh at your expense, nothing could be better.

This indicates that you are on the correct path. You can tell us about some remarkable events you’ve had or anything humorous about yourself.

Interview Question – “Tell Me about Something Not in Your CV” Sample Answer

Sample Answer1

I’m not sure whether this has anything to do with my profession, but I’d like to inform you that I am an avid collector of other nations’ currencies.

I’ve been collecting them since I was nine years old, and I’ve gathered currencies from all over the world, including the United States of America, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, and many more.

I didn’t include this in my resume as a pastime since I don’t go out of my way to collect them, but I do enjoy preserving the notes in my collection album as and when I receive them from others. I have kept a nice collection of currencies in a safe place, which I am pleased with.

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Sample Answer 2

As you go through my CV, you will see that I was not a particularly active student during my school years, but that the latter years of my education, that is, my college years, contain many of my accomplishments.

This is not a coincidence, but rather the outcome of a shift in my worldview. I used to assume that because I was brilliant at academics as a student, I could only focus on one subject. But it wasn’t until I was in college that I discovered I could be good at several things at the same time.

I can concentrate on my schoolwork while also participating in college societies and contests. I may or may not win, but the experience will be invaluable. And this insight aided me in being an ‘all-rounder student during my college years.

Sample Answer 3

My sales record is the one item on my CV that many people notice, so I would discuss that. I’d like to state that I owe my sales record to the degree of competition I had to confront, as well as my competitive personality, which has made me stand out from the crowd on several occasions.

I’m always looking for new problems and new strategies to overcome them. That is a major factor in my decision to pursue a career in this sector.

Sales and marketing, I feel, are the most competitive industries, and I enjoy taking on new challenges every now and again.

I raced in my first triathlon last year and have been hooked ever since. In my spare time, you can typically find me working out. I also cherish the calm and focus I’ve earned as a result of my efforts to always improve.

Sample Answer 4

My resume does not directly state the experience that I will now share with you, but it does allude to it. Because my CV states that my former sales team exceeded its yearly objective by 15%, I’d want to share an event connected to that.

That accomplishment was not the result of a lucky break; rather, one of the reasons for that success was a different technique that I utilized here.

We opted to make extra sales calls with the employees in order to assist clinch agreements with large clients. The potential of this technique was unclear previously, yet it proved to be a success in the end.

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Sample Answer 5

In my resume, I make no mention of my affiliation with the animal care hospital. I didn’t mention it since I didn’t believe it would be a good idea because the work has nothing to do with animal care.

If individuals have a different opinion, my involvement with animal care clinics can be attributed to my devotion to working for the underprivileged for over 6 years. This was not part of any responsibility I had, but the desire to help others drew me in this direction. I’ve always wanted to do my part to help rescue mankind, and I feel this is the way forward.

Sample Answer 6

There is no formal record or appreciation letter that has been given over to me to lend weightage to one of my prior employment experiences that I will discuss today. But I feel compelled to address it during this interview.

I was named office manager at my prior employment. During the course of my duties, I discovered that the firm was spending lakhs of dollars each year on office supplies that were never used.

Following this discovery, I looked through my company’s prior orders to identify the “least utilized items” in order to reduce my company’s unnecessary costs. And it worked; our costs were lowered by 5% over the next year. I am very dedicated to the company for which I work. I like looking for ways in which my organization may profit.

Sample Answer 7

There is nothing missing from my CV, however, I do have something to say that is not included in my resume. I purposefully did not mention my coding abilities in my CV because the job I am looking for at your business appears to be more focused on visual design and branding.

However, I should note that I am familiar with HTML, CSS, and javascript. And I can put these abilities to work on other web development projects that may be allocated to me.

Sample Answer 8

I opted not to include on the CV that I volunteer at two non-governmental groups. One of the two works for the education of underprivileged children, while the other works for stray and injured animals. I’ve been involved with both groups for the past five years since I began my graduation. I’m not involved with them for any reason other than the ‘feeling of giving’ that I have.

I think that society has provided me with more than I require. As a result, I want to share any extra I have. I enjoy working as a teacher for underprivileged children and assisting in the treatment of injured animals.

I believe I would be the first to sign up for any social cause volunteering initiative that our business may come across in the future.

Sample Answer 9

So, that’s all I’ve got and have indicated on my CV. However, one experience that I did not include on my CV is my stint as a campus tour guide for my business school. As a campus tour guide, I was responsible for showing potential students and their families around our business school campus.

Along with educating them about the campus’s activities and characteristics, I also shared my experience as a student there.

And, despite the fact that I was not requested to do so, I created a brief presentation of all the contests, seminars, and other events that take place at our business school in order to make an impression on both students and their parents.

I’m constantly looking for the best way to accomplish things. I knew the presentation would be useful to our school, so I gave it even though it was not my responsibility.

Sample Answer 10

One thing I’d like to add here that you won’t find on my CV is the time I had to conduct emergency CPR instruction. I was at a lake the previous month. I was strolling through the park when I noticed a little girl who appeared to be drowning in the lake.

When I was in high school, I used to be a swimmer and had some training for the same thing. So, without further ado, I swam out, dragged her to the land, and began CPR.

This might be a one-time occurrence illustrating how I would remain cool in tough situations and focus more on doing things to fix issues than fretting about them.


To begin, understand why interviewers ask this question. It’s because they want to know who you are as a person outside of your work obligations.

Next, review the job posting to determine which talents are most important to this business. Find your soft-skill superpower that has most benefited employers.

Finally, describe the story behind one of your resume accomplishments, demonstrating how you used that talent to make things happen.

You don’t have a similar story? Concentrate on anything you like about the firm and how it relates to your personal narrative.

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