Motivational Interview Questions And Examples Of The Best Answers

Motivational interview Questions are a way of discovering the way individuals feel about themselves and their work. This type of interview takes the format of open-ended questions, where you are free to say things in your way.

In the work environment, there are different ways people are motivated and this is what these questions find out.

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Are you going for an interview, you should be ready to answer questions that are motivational and there is no better way to prepare for this than rather knowing what to expect.

In this article, we will be looking at some of these questions and also examples of the best way to answer them.

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Motivational Interview Questions and Examples of the Best Answers

What you have to understand about motivational questions is that the questions asked are personal too. That is, the questions tend to bring to light what you feel about your work at a certain point. We will be breaking down the questions and also giving you examples of the best answers you can give.

1. How Do You Define Success For Yourself Personally?

This question tends to bring out your thoughts and feelings about your career. When you answer, help your interviewer understand your definition of success and how you have patterned your career to achieve success.

2. In What Working Environment Are You Most Productive?

The purpose of this question is to help find a suitable environment that is best for you. Every organization needs someone productive and the only way to achieve this is to find out how to make a person productive.

3. How do you stay motivated while doing repetitive work?

Most times, carrying out a repetitive task can be boring. That is why they want to know how you handle situations like that. Your answer will help determine how to place you when you get the job eventually.

4. Which Would You Prefer, An Ideal Work Environment With Less Pay Or A Less Ideal Work Environment With More Pay?

This is a tricky question that requires you to think through it before answering but unfortunately during the interview, you do not have the luxury of time.

Be honest enough to let them know how you feel and what you will prepare.

5. Tell me about a time you felt you were going to miss a deadline. How did you resolve it? 

The interviewer wishes to know how you handle working under tight and difficult situations. You should be honest enough to explain how you were able to scale through such a difficult situation.

6. What Are The Good Things About Work? 

This question tries to know first if you love your job and then secondly if there are benefits you have derived from doing the work you are doing.

7. How Would You Improve Your Work?

Your interviewers don’t expect you to be static in your work or career, so they want to ensure with the help of this question that they recruit someone always willing to learn.

8. How Will Changing The Way You Work Make Things Different?

This question tries to find out how trying out different work situations improves productivity. Explain vividly those things you tried differently, and the effect after you tried them.

9. What Were Your Goals When Seeking This Job?

They want to know what made you apply for the job and what you want to achieve in the job

10. How Would You Describe Your Relationship With Your Colleagues?

Your interviewers are aware of the importance of working relationships, which is why they throw this question at you. You should be careful in answering this question because your interviewer is very much interested in this question.

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