30 High Income Skills To Learn In 2022

In a quest to make a living in 2022, people are continually in search of high income skills to learn.

While there are thousands of skills out there that one can learn, not all are as profitable as the rest. 

Having said that, this article points you to about 30 high income skills to learn in 2022.

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What Are The Top High Income Skills To Learn In 2022?

Going forward, we will be looking a highly recommended skills one can learn to make meaning out of his or her life, as well as what is required of you to learn this skill.

1. Digital Marketing

The first on our list of high income skills to learn in 2022 is Digital marketing, and this shouldn’t come off as breaking news because irrespective of the area out of its numerous sub-areas you decide to specialize in, be rest assured to earn a decent pay.

The question remains “Which of the areas are you willing to specialize in?” because most firms would rather hire a specialist, however, don’t fret as you can start by learning all there is to know, and at some point, you can decide on the one(s) to specialize on.

Some specific areas within digital marketing include:

– Online advertising

– Email marketing

– Social media marketing

– Content marketing

2. Web Design

With the increased rate at which online businesses are emerging, the need for web designers continues to increase as it is the duty of a web designer to give their web pages a facelift.

Having a foundational knowledge of some type of art or visual design is an added advantage if you must learn this skill, and it is also an ideal alternative if you just want to expand your basic art or visual design skill.

I consider this to be a high income skill to learn in 2022 as it is able to make you $100,000+ richer.

3. Copywriting

If you are saying “Oh! I can’t approach people to make offers because I don’t feel confident,” well, as long as you have great skills coupled with the ability to put words together that will make an ideal sales-driven language, this skill is for you.

I recommend you get a mentor if you want to delve into this, and trust me, though difficult, if you are able to find your feet in this niche, you can easily make six figures. Check: Is Copywriting a Good Career [2022]

4. Trade Skills

You need to attend a vocational school to be able to learn this skill, however, this won’t take much time as two years is enough to get this done.

Thankfully, while you are still learning, you can begin to earn.

That being said, this job can fetch you from $100,000, and above every year.

5. Software Development

If you are familiar with software development, you should know that it requires a basic understanding of coding, and due to the numerous coding languages available, you must first decide the one you wish to learn.

To hasten your learning process as it requires lots of practice, I suggest you find a support group for coders, and I bet that once you are good at what you do, you will start earning six figures.

6. Legal and Administrative Skills

Legal and administrative skills may appear to be basic but it may interest you to know that these skills cover the universal skills needed in the entire business world.

This is to say that if you enhance these skills with the right company, you can reach greater heights in your career, and start earning six figures.

7. Sales

Do you have the natural ability to convince, and persuade people to buy things? If yes, then you will surely do well learning this skill.

Interestingly, your earnings depend on the number of sales you make (commission-based), so you get to decide what you want.

However, be prepared to have people decline your offer from time to time but if you don’t give up, you will surely excel in this area.

 8. SEO and SEM Marketing

It may interest you to know that more than 90% of online experiences start with a search engine, and as such, people with search engine optimization and marketing skills are needed to influence the power of search engines.

9. Content Writing

If you have the ability to tweak words to suit your audience, no doubt, you will excel in this skill, and interestingly, it cuts across various purposes ranging from entertainment to education, depending on your targeted audience.

It‘s safe to refer to content writers as hotcakes because no digital marketing plan sees the light of the day without properly written content.

Worthy of note is the fact that they are well paid, and there is an increased need for such services.

10. Editing and Proofreading Service

Another high income skill to learn in 2022 is Editing and proofreading services as people ranging from students to authors, bloggers, companies, and so on, and constantly in search of individuals that can help them proofread their blog posts, ebooks, stories, articles, scripts, and project documents.

The need for people with such skills can’t be overemphasized as they are needed to correct typographies, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

If you have a good command of the English language or any major Language, this skill suits you, and you can employ the use of applications like MS word,  Grammarly, and so on to improve the quality of the contents.  

11. Web Development

No modern company can thrive without a website, and that is where the need for a web developer arises.

In less than six months, you can be a seasoned web developer if you put in the needed effort.

Since websites are known to create the first impression about a business, no business owner plays light on this, and so learning this skill is an ideal step to make towards the future.

Expect to earn above $60,000 and with more jobs on your desk, you can earn more than $100,000.

12. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

It may interest you to know that in recent times, Artificial intelligence has grown by over 150% yearly, and surprisingly, it doesn’t stop there as it continues to grow.

You need no prophet to tell you that venturing into this field is highly lucrative, however, you need an understanding of all modern programming languages.

Interestingly, while learning this skill, you can as well learn to be a programmer as you need basic knowledge of it to excel in the former.

With this skill, you can work as a data scientist or a machine learning engineer, so consider this to be one of the high income skills to learn in 2022.

13. Coding

You can’t possibly be a software developer, for instance, without being able to code, and so coding is a lucrative skill that can fast-track your access into an open field of work, especially in this digital age.

14. Coach/Consultant

Coaching/Consultancy is yet another high income skill to learn in 2022 as you could be paid a huge amount of money for this.

You can go into how to do this professionally if you have an expansive knowledge regarding a particular area, you just have to sell your knowledge by rendering professional advice.

However, just like most startups, it won’t be easy at the early stage due to the low client base but as time goes on, through referrals, and most importantly, consistency, you will expand your client base.

15. Cloud Computing

In the contemporary world, over 96% of businesses employ the use of cloud computing, and if you learn this skill, you could function in different areas such as a database administrator, computer assistance professional, and the rest.

16. Video Production

Most internet users love to watch video content regularly, and as such, the number of videos churned out on the internet keeps increasing by the day, the same as the need for video producers.

From the analysis I made earlier, you can see that this is unarguably a high income skill to learn in 2022.

 17. Public Speaking

Sadly, a lot of folks have the fear of public speaking, and so, if you are lucky to escape this plague such that you can speak boldly before an enormous crowd, then it’s time to convert this skill into a source of income.

Glossophobia (fear of public speaking) can be dealt with by training, and constant practice, so even if you are not naturally gifted in this area, you can still make a living as a public speaker.

However, it’s important for you to note that you need to make sales as a public speaker before you can earn from it.

Even if you wouldn’t want to make sales, you can earn as a speaker by just getting invited for speaking engagements.

18. Brand Storytelling

Indeed no gifting is a waste including the art of storytelling!

If you can intentionally tell a story to captivate the attention of a customer, and bring them to see reasons why they should invest their resources in a particular product, then you should explore this skill.

Brands are in constant search of storytellers that can capture the story behind the brand, a complete picture backed up with facts beyond just a catchy tagline that is pasted on a billboard to attract attention for a short period of time.

If you are a good storyteller, you should consider this skill.

19. UI/UX Design

A UI/UX designer is one that helps to improve the interaction between a user, and an application, website, or device by helping the user to easily navigate through the website, and so on.

This way, the user enjoys his or her time on that website, application, etc.

As I earlier stated, most business owners don’t joke with their website, likewise software developers, so they would stop at nothing in ensuring that a user enjoys their stay on their website, and here is where the need for a UI/UX designer comes in.

20. Ecommerce Expert

With the increased rate of online shopping, as well as online shops,you will surely make a huge profit if you are able to learn how to manage well-known shopping platforms as most of them, although having amazing products, lack the skills to sell them online properly.

That being said, you have to work on your basic marketing skills, and in no distant time, your eCommerce expertise will be paying your bills. 

21. WordPress Developer

Although WordPress is by far the most widely used content management system worldwide, many users still lack the necessary abilities to independently manage their WordPress websites.

Many companies simply don’t have the time to update their own websites, so if you can invest a few months learning all there is to know about WordPress, you can start generating serious money right away.

22. Social Media Management

Many people are addicted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Teenagers are particularly addicted to these sites because they use them to have fun, chat with friends, and other things.

However, did you realize that you might make social media your workplace? That is, you can use your addiction to social media as a means of earning money.

This is possible by assisting entrepreneurs, businesspeople, bloggers, and others in managing their social media accounts.

You may make a lot of money doing this; I made my first internet income by managing a church’s Facebook page, which had more than 100,000 followers, and receiving a monthly payment for it.

Being a social media manager is a valuable talent in and of itself since you have to comprehend how the various social media platforms operate, their advantages and disadvantages, and you have to be reliable in the services you provide.

23. Blockchain

The blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrency is well-known to almost everyone.

A job in blockchain may prove to be a terrific long-term investment given the possibility that bitcoin will one day replace cash.

Because of how unconventional this sector is, you can readily discover everything there is to know about blockchain by conducting online research.

Additionally, you’ll need to identify an entrepreneurial path in the blockchain market that fits your objectives from there.

24. Mobile Development

96% of Americans own a cellphone in this digital age, and everyone wants the newest, most cutting-edge applications for their mobile devices.

Again, if you want to enter into mobile development, you will need to spend time to studying programming languages, but once you’ve spent a few months on this endeavor, you can start building and selling applications for very high prices.

25. Day Trader

The stock market is closely monitored by day traders, who buy and sell securities in response to upward trends.

If everything goes according to plan, you can make a lot of money in this field, but you’ll need an analytical mind and an eye for patterns.

You’ll need some starting capital and plenty of time to put into trial and error if you want to become a day trader.

Because it is an extremely difficult trade, in fact. However, there are a ton of internet resources that can assist you in learning, so be sure to do your research.

26. Ebook Author

Another high-income skill to learn in the world is how to write an ebook in your field of interest.

Some people desire to create a book, but they are unsure of where to begin or how to generate income from the book.

Finding a specific issue that many people in Nigeria are now facing and writing an ebook about it is the first step before you even begin to make a plan to create an ebook.

To write an ebook, it’s best to get advice from a specialist in the field. 

To promote your new ebook and attract customers, you can list it on Amazon or run ads on Facebook or Google.

27. Business Development

This is about seeing opportunities that others are blind to, and if you are one of such people, how about considering improving your business development skills as it is one of the high income skills to learn in 2022?

By doing so, you will be able to generate leads, create strategies, and complete negotiations to excel in this industry.

28. Creating Video Animation

Do you know that the ability to create video animation can land you a job at some of the well-paying companies in the country as most businesses would rather communicate with their target audience using an animation object or image instead of their face?

Interestingly, you don’t need to break the bank to learn this skill as you just need your smartphone, and YouTube videos, which are, by the way, free of charge, and in a month’s time, you should be earning from this skill.

29. Facebook ADS

The interesting fact about this skill is that having mastered it, you don’t need to do much work anymore.

Personal brands, organizations, and business brands run thousands of Facebook ads daily in a bid to get more customers, and gain visibility, so, they would always look for people who can easily help them reach their target prospects and clients.

30. Blogging

Even if you have a full-time job, you can consider blogging if you want to supplement your income as it isn’t time-consuming.

If you have a blogging skill, you can turn this skill into a source of income where you can earn about $2500 per month.

How To Develop and Learn High Income Skills

In this section, we will be looking at how to generally learn and develop the aforementioned high income skills.

Below are some of the options to explore:

1. Take Advantage Of YouTube And Other Free Resources

YouTube is one of the best things that has happened to us in recent times as you are sure of finding a truckload of content on anything, and everything ranging from software engineering to carpentry to sales skills. 

Interestingly, most of these contents are shared by professionals in that area FOR FREE but you may not easily see them if you don’t spend adequate time searching. 

Having followed some of them, you can then decide to subscribe to their channels as well as their paid courses (if they offer one)

2. Invest In A Paid Course

Information is key, and so if we are being honest with ourselves, you will know that there is certain information you can get for free.

Having said that, before you jump at paying for courses here and there, ensure you’ve followed the instructor’s tutorial for a while, and you understand their teaching style so as not to waste your funds.

So, if you feel the need to invest in a paid course in order to take your skills to the next level, why not?

These courses help to teach you the skill faster and take you into a more advanced part of the skill. Consider this to be an investment, and of course, when you must have mastered the course, you can start reaping your reward.

3. Enroll In Formal Classes

There are some skills that you may be required to learn in a formal setting, and trade is one of such skill where you are expected to enroll in a trade school.

Another example of a formal class is a boot camp where you will be taught a lot within the space of a few weeks, so I recommend this for people who want to learn software engineering and programming languages, and have little or no background knowledge in Computer Science. 

4. Subscribe To Mentorship

I will always tell anyone who wants to improve their skill set to find a mentor as mentors have a way of improving your chances of success in that field.

If you are wondering How? Mentors will give you a blueprint to follow, prevent you from making mistakes peculiar to people in your field, and offer connections, and encouragement also.

5. Find An Internship Or Job

You may have envisaged being your own boss, however, at the early age of your career, it’s always advised to attach yourself to a system that is working by taking a job in the field or finding an internship.

This way, you can achieve two things at once – developing your skills and getting paid while learning.

6. First-Hand Experience

Having taken lots of classes, and working as an intern, don’t you think it’s high time you started practicing all that you have learned?

Download some software and start practicing, this way, you will know what areas to improve on, and how far you have gone in your learning process.

7. Networking

Just like the popular saying- “Who you know is more important than what you know”

Strive to connect with people in your field so as to share knowledge and experiences. 

You can easily be referred if they have lots of jobs on their hands, and vice versa. You never know how much influence networking has on your career journey until you start.

Why Do You Need High Income Skills In 2022?

There are several reasons why people are constantly in search of high income skills to learn in 2022, and in this section, we are going to be looking at some of them.

1. Value

The fact that you have some of these highly demanded skills makes you a person of great value wherever you find yourself; workplace, or in a community, and such people, if they are in a work setting, for instance, rarely lose their jobs.

2. Financial Security

No doubt, this is one of the major reasons why people opt for high income skills.

Interestingly, you can render services using some of these skills while maintaining your paid employment thereby having an additional source of income.

This way, you can easily attend to your needs, and even wants.

3. Become Self-Employed

Another top reason why people learn high income skills is to be gainfully employed by themselves.

This way, you become your own boss, decide, strategize, and implement decisions. 

Interestingly, you have no one to share your profit with unless you decide to employ more hands.

4. Job Security

With the increased use of machines, automatons, or robots to carry out tasks, people are constantly losing their jobs.

To ensure job security, high income skills are your best bet because your business or source of income is safe.


Having discussed 30 high income skills to learn in 2022, what they are, how to improve these skills, and reasons why people opt to learn these skills, It’s safe to refer to this article as an expository one!

That being said, are there other high income skills that you think should have made it to our list but didn’t? Feel free to let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to back up your claims.

Finally, which of these skills are you willing to learn so as to start earning six figures? Best of luck!

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