Jobs For High School Dropouts

Many teenagers are High school dropouts and the very surprising question that comes next in their mind is, What next?

How will they enjoy a safe and happy life?

But do not fear, there are several occupations that do not require much resume formality or skills.

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Even if there are no opportunities for high school dropouts in top MNCs or as skilled professionals such as Chartered Accountants or doctors, you can still have a promising career.

There are several positions open where you can have a decent career for the rest of your life without worrying about work security.

Many high school dropouts have gone on to become millionaires and billionaires, proving that becoming a high school dropout is not a big deal and that you can actually work and prosper in this country.

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21 Best Jobs For High School Dropouts

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1. Roofers job For High School Dropouts

A person does not need an educational degree to become a roofer; all that is needed is a steady hand and no fear of heights. A roofer is responsible for the maintenance and restoration of individual houses and buildings’ roofs.

An individual living in the suburbs would profit from starting a career as a roofer. Depending on the type of roof, the appropriate equipment and tools should be used to complete the task.

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2. Security Guard job For High School Dropouts

Such citizens would have a sharp mind and body, as well as a well-maintained physique. A security guard can also begin by working for a security firm to increase their odds of getting a job quickly since the pay is good and no educational qualifications are needed.

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3. Painter

The individual may have been intrigued with paints during their school days, and if they have dropped out of high school, they may begin by working as a painter. People typically seek to remodel both the interior and exterior of their homes, and they begin by changing the color of their walls and other surfaces.

A painter should be familiar with various colors and be able to combine and blend them appropriately. Their primary responsibility is to paint surfaces such as walls, canvases, doors, cabinets, and so on. They should also have all of the requisite tools on hand, such as high-quality paint brushes, sandpaper, cleaners, and so on.

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4. Cement Masonry

Masons are needed for people living in houses as well as for government cementing projects.    Masons work on building sites to smooth and level the concrete and cement. They are also hired to smooth out parks, sidewalks, and bridges. If an individual is a college dropout, they may start working as a mason to supplement their income.

5. Plumber

Where there are homes, there are pipes, and some residents require the services of a plumber. A plumber would not require any formal education; instead, he or she must be familiar with pipes and the water delivery system.

They must have a fundamental knowledge of pipe construction and maintenance for all types of buildings and homes. Plumbers must be equipped with the advanced tools and equipment needed for plumbing work. The higher the standard of productivity, the better the person’s career status will be in the future.

6. Heavy Equipment Operator

Cranes or heavy machinery are used in construction work, and in order for the machine to function, a heavy equipment operator is needed. A heavy machinery operator must be licensed and have prior experience running those devices.

It is not an easy task since it involves heavy equipment, and even a minor error will result in significant losses and damages. The task can be completed at any time of day or night, but it has irregular hours of work time.

7. Welder Job For High School Dropouts

A welder is a person who joins metal parts together and does some finishing work, such as filling holes. Welding workers necessitate working in confined spaces or in locations that are suitable for welding materials.

Welding is a difficult job because it exposes you to many dangers, such as fire and injury. There could also be a need to carry heavy objects. Since welding is a talent that not many people will master, you will need to train for this work.

8. Carpenter Job For High School Dropouts

Carpenter is a good choice for high school dropouts because it requires less training. These positions are in need for a wide range of tasks.

Carpenter occupations include constructing door frames, stairways, rafters, tables, benches, and a number of other products that require the carpenter to specialize in order to create a variety of items. If you need to add drywall, kitchen cabinets, or siding, a carpenter will help.

9. Cosmetologist Job For High School Dropouts

Hairdressers and barbers make a decent living, and it’s much better if you have a buddy who works as well. This work will pay well if you have excellent hairstyling skills or are an expert at applying makeup.

Many people apply for this work who have excellent taste and are very imaginative. While no formal education is in need to work as a hairstylist or makeup artist, taking certain courses or classes will assist in gaining entry into top hairstylist companies.

10. Construction Worker Job For High School Dropouts

Construction workers may not need extensive training or formalities such as attending workshops or lectures. This work is for you if you are physically fit and skilled at heavy lifting.

If you want to work as a construction worker, you can only do so for a brief period because there is no opportunity for advancement and it is not a long-term profession. A construction worker’s wage is normal, which is sufficient for daily living expenses and necessities for High School Dropouts.

11. Mechinist Job For High School Dropouts

A machinist’s work entails creating equipment pieces, machines, and instruments. Many high school dropouts want this career because it is a very straightforward job that does not need many qualifications.

This work necessitates certain technological and mechanical knowledge, but it also necessitates a mathematical mind since certain occupations necessitate caution and foresight. A Machinist’s salary is average, which is sufficient for healthy life.

12. Professional electrician

Electricians are always in demand, so working as an Electrician is always a good idea. Many businesses, such as industrial and automobile businesses, need electricians because they are mostly concerned with replacing, restoring, and maintaining equipment.

Electricians make a comfortable living by charging a reasonable hourly wage for High School Dropouts. Repairing equipment, assembling, servicing, and lightning are all duties of an electrician, and strong communication skills are essential.

13. Service Mechanic (Diesel)

The diesel engine in cars and trucks must be checked to see if it is running smoothly. You will earn a good living. According to analysts, the job rate will rise by 2024.

You must have excellent coordination, customer relations, technical, and troubleshooting abilities. This work often necessitates a high level of physical power.

14. Housekeeper

Many old age homes need volunteers to assist with the treatment of the elderly, such as giving them a bath or administering the medication on schedule.

To work as a caretaker, you don’t need a lot of qualifications. However, in order to get this job, you must have a humble demeanor, strong physical endurance, and excellent communication skills. It is not the highest-paying career, but it is for people who like to support others and do social work.

15. Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person with a career who has brilliant ideas and wants to bring them to life by showcasing his or her product or service.

There are many success stories of high school dropouts, such as Richard Branson, who was a high school dropout before going on to found Virgin Group and becoming one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. Take some management courses to learn how to lead and grow your company.

16. Assistant Administrator

There are numerous positions that require Administrative Assistants, and the great thing about this position is that it does not require a lot of rigorous qualifications. This work requires a clear understanding of computers as well as excellent communication skills.

The biggest difficulty would be that you will have to pass an exam, and only a small percentage of people pass those tests.

17. Sales Associate

Working as a sales agent is a fantastic work that comes with a plethora of opportunities. Several prominent founders began their careers as sales representatives and rose through the ranks to become the company’s CEO or chairman.

People are very enthusiastic about this work because it still provides a variety of chances to learn new things. A sales agent receives a fantastic remuneration plan.

18. Mechanic for Automobiles

If you enjoy cars and automobiles, and particularly fixing them, the Automotive Service Mechanic job is the best choice for you because you can make this job your career with the requisite experience and training.

Working in larger organizations necessitates a high level of technological competence, so you can enroll in programming courses to make your job simpler.

19. Heavy Truck Driver

You only need a commercial driver’s license and a lot of experience driving a heavy truck for this work. You would only need to move goods from one location to another in this role, and technical skills are not so important.

Due to the high volume of work for this role, you can be required to work alone for days. A work like this comes with a lot of risks and they will have to travel across the mountains.

20. Executive Assistant

An Executive Assistant Position is the right job for you if you really like working in an office and are good at working in groups. You don’t need much training or education to work as an Executive Assistant if you have a basic understanding of computers and business management.

However, cracking this interview would be difficult due to the large number of applicants who apply for this position with just a high school diploma.

21. Restaurant General Manager

A career as a General Manager in a Restaurant is also a good option for you as a dropout. If you are good at communicating and operating a kitchen, you would have a better chance of getting this job as a Restaurant Manager.

Food service operators are another name for them. They’re also in charge of the restaurant’s day-to-day operations, such as whether enough food and drinks are available for customers consumption.


People without a degree should not be intimidated by the fact that their technical careers have come to an end. There are several opportunities that the person must carefully consider in order to choose and seize the best opportunity available.

Dropping out of school might just be the beginning, and there would be something bigger in store in the future.

It all comes down to how people choose their choices and have a healthy attitude. The most important thing to hold in mind is to never give up untill you achieve your objectives.

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