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Acquiring a job after being detained for a felony is quite difficult. In most cases, once you reveal your past misdemeanours, an employer in charge may refuse to listen to your pleas and promises to behave ethically at work. 

He or she becomes uninterested and may call off the interview abruptly. Literally speaking, everybody -including felons- deserves a second chance. 

This article offers a description of practical means through which you can acquire a job at the United Parcell Service (UPS) as an ex-felon in 2023. 

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About UPS

The United Parcel Service company has been operating since August 28th 1907 till present and was founded by James E Casey and Claude Ryan. 

The company is one of the most trusted & largest well-established logistics, shipping and package delivery companies worldwide, located in Seattle, Washington DC, United States Of America. 

Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States Of America. 

Does UPS Hire Ex-Felons In 2023? 

Based on extensive research and facts, it has been discovered that the united parcel service grants job opportunities to individuals who have a felony record without negative judgement or hurtful discrimination.

UPS is lenient to Ex-felons who have light criminal charges and records. Those who have committed severe crimes do not enjoy the company’s leniency.

The UPS Recruitment Policies For Ex-felons

It may appear to you that the united parcel service recruits offenders easily. The truth is, it is not that simple. 

The united parcel service has some felon recruitment policies and standards, and not all job positions in the company can be acquired by felons. Only a few job positions are open to felons. 

Asides from all this, the recruitment procedure of certain job applicants totally lies in the hands of the human resource management team.

The United Parcel Service Hiring Policies For Felons Include The Following:

1. The UPS employs Ex-felons on a case-by-case basis. A background check will be conducted, and you will be rated based on the committed crime, the circumstances of the felony, your time in prison and if you completed your time.

2. When the background investigation is done, you will be recruited if they seem worthy enough, and you will be disqualified if they seem unworthy of the job position.

3. The UPS will not employ a felon who just got released from prison. No felon is to apply for a job in the company just after being released from detainment, or the job application will be rejected. Leave it to UPS to figure out a time frame regarding the felony that a criminal engaged himself in.

4. The UPS runs a background check to find out whether an ex-felon has been detained for more than one felony or not. If a criminal has more than three convictions on his record, UPS will reject your job application.

5. The company will assess Your skills and expertise regarding the field you want to specialize in. Per Adventure, the human resource management team figures out that your individual skills and expertise correlate with the job position you will be employed in.

6. The UPS pays close attention when interviewing a felon to make sure that he is being entirely honest about the crime he committed, and this is considered a tangible reason to grant him a job. 

It has been observed that most ex-convicts hide some details regarding their felonies when being interviewed. Felons who engage themselves in the act of dishonesty often get disqualified by UPS.

Job Opportunities Offered To Felons By UPS

The united parcel service company offers the job positions of a main delivery driver, assistant delivery driver, doorstep delivery package handler, truck unloader and loader, warehouse operator/assistant, and seasonal jobs. 

Now, these may not be the best-paying jobs worldwide, but at least with a little working experience in these job positions, you may be promoted to other distinguished job positions.

The united parcel service company provides an average salary compensation of $15 an hour as starting wage for part-time employees, then employee perks, an array of promotion opportunities and a 401k plan are all offered after a long period of working at the company.

If you would like to achieve all these compensations, it is best to put in your best and work hard to succeed in any job position.

More On Felons

Felonies That Will Disqualify A Job Applicant

Granted, UPS hires felons, but it is worth bringing to your notice that they hire felons based on the severity of the crime committed, and certain criminal acts are totally unacceptable to them.

Description Of Certain Felonies That UPS Rejects

1. First and foremost, the management of every united parcel service company is very particular about rejecting job applicants who have engaged in violent crimes. Suppose you happen to be an ex-felon with a criminal background in domestic, public or child abuse. In that case, it is very unlikely that your job application letter will be accepted. You may still try to apply for a job at UPS, regardless.

2. Secondly, the management of every united parcel service company is very particular about rejecting job applicants who have engaged in substance trafficking and alcohol abuse. Happen to be an ex-felon with a criminal record of drug dealing and abuse. Accepting your application letter will be totally against the company policies of united parcel service, and so you will be rejected.

3. Thirdly, if you have a criminal history of theft and have been charged. As a result, the UPS management will run a deep background check on you and may reject your job application.

4. If you have physically abused an individual with the intention of killing him or her (attempted murder), or you have actually killed someone (murder), the united parcel service company will immediately disqualify you and reject your application.

Ideally speaking, with any of these four cases on your criminal record, the chances of being employed are about 50-50. You may still apply to see if you would be pardoned; after all, there is never any harm in trying.

The Hiring Process At UPS 

This hiring procedure serves to keep you aware of what to do when you want to send an application to UPS. 

The job application processes vary depending on your area of speciality, so continue reading to learn how to apply for your desired job position.

1. Warehouse Operator & Package Delivery

  • The job applicant should fill out the provided application form and submit it. Once a background check is complete, he could receive an acceptance notification in no time.
  • The job applicant is allowed to set the time he would love to go for his biometric screening appointment (This offer is granted only for the airport locations) 
  • The job applicant is allowed to make his choice on when he would like to start work.
  • The final recruitment steps will only be completed when the job applicant has visited the company.
  • The ex-felon is officially hired.

2. Main Or Assistant Driver

  • Fill out the application form and submit it.
  • A background check will be made, and you will be accepted if your profile suits the job position. 
  • You are allowed to pick a day to start working.
  • The final employment process will be completed once you pay a visit to the UPS facility.
  • You will undergo a paid CDL training program and then start working effectively immediately.

3. Seasonal, Personal Drivers

  • You are expected to submit the provided form after filling it.
  • Once the job position has been offered to you, a clear photo of the vehicle – which will be used – is expected for a thorough inspection to be done.
  • You get hired and then complete a paid driving lesson and work ethic training.
  • After completing the training programs, you will start making package deliveries with your own personal vehicle.

4. Tractor Or Trailer Driver

  • Submit your filled application form
  • Undergo a job interview
  • You will schedule an appointment for road tests to be conducted and completed.
  • You will be expected to complete pre-tests and drug tests and submit them online
  • The ex-felon will have to visit the UPS facility to complete his onboarding process
  • You will be recruited if your criminal background check is acceptable.

After getting employed in any of these positions, you will get a call from the UPS management, and undergo an interview, a tour and orientation training. 


You can apply for any job position that suits your interest on the UPS job application platform now you are well aware that they will hire Ex-felons in 2023. 

In order to have peace of mind, it is essential that you exercise patience when waiting for your job application to be approved by UPS; granted, it will take either weeks or months before you can finally start earning satisfactory wages after being released from jail, but whenever you do so, it will be worth the wait because united parcel service company is an excellent one to work for and you may be offered employee prerequisites while working with them.

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