Can Felons Go To Gun Range?

With the rise of felons in the world today, most people with felony charges have asked the question “Can Felons go to Gun Range”?

Well, Keep reading this post and find out if Felons go to Gun Range.

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Can Felons Go To Gun Range? Answers Revealed

If you were in jail because of domestic or public violence, drug, robbery involving guns, and prohibited materials you might be barred from accessing a shooting range. 

An ex-convict who was in jail for more than 12 months would be apprehended for violation of the federal firearms act if found close to a Shooting Field or with a firearm.

So, if you don’t want to be in such a situation, then you must not go near a shooting field.

Now your question “can felons go to Gun Range” has been answered. 

Let us check out what a gun range is. 

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What Is A Gun Range?

A gun range is a field mapped out for the safe discharge of firearms. A gun range can be privately or publicly owned. 

People visit a firing field to watch shooting competitions and to practice their shooting skills.

Furthermore, a gun range is mostly set up in an open field far from residential areas for safety purposes.

Some certain rules and regulations guide a Gun Range which everyone is expected to follow for the safety of everyone. 

One of these rules is keeping a firearm unloaded till the marksman is ready to shoot.

Expulsion Of Firearm Rights.

Here in the United States, the laws guiding firearms are very strict in terms of letting a felon own firearms.

The law prohibits felons from owning firearms or handling firearms in a public and private setting.

Any ex-convict who doesn’t abide by this rule would face a class 6 felony charge and you would be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in prison.

In addition, even if you are not holding a gun, if a gun is close to you or you are around a shooting field you would be sent to prison according to the federal firearm act.

Due to the Gun Control Act Many states in the US steer clear of giving out gun licenses to ex-convicts. 

Especially if they were convicted of crimes like assault, robbery, rape, drug abuse, and murder.

The Background Check At The Gun Range.

If you have visited a gun range, you were certainly asked to sign a document that should include your criminal history. 

Ensure you are straightforward and sincere when the form. If for any reason you fail to be trustful when filling the form, you might be sent to jail because it’s a criminal offense.

In addition, a shooting field conducts identity verification on their own to checkmate the information you provided on your form.

The information that should be present on your form should include:

  • Your driving record.
  • Credit record.
  • Criminal record 
  • Academic record.
  • Date of birth 
  • Next of kin.

All this information is used to keep the Gun Range safe from hardened criminals.

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What Can A Felon Do To Restore His Shooting Rights?

By keeping certain rules and maintaining good behavior for as long as 15 to 20 years since your release. 

It’s easier to reimpose your rights to firearm possession. If you meet these requirements it’s proven that you are no longer a danger to society you can be eligible to own a firearm.

Furthermore, your right to a firearm can be restored by seeking a presidential pardon. This should be after you have served your prison term.

Engaging in community and voluntary service can also fast-track your right to a firearm. 

Additionally, as stated earlier, an ex-convict must be truthful about their criminal record to speed up their right to a firearm.

When Can The Police Seize Guns?

Lawmen can seize weapons if it promotes domestic violence and causes harm to the public. 

They can also confiscate the firearm purchaser identification card and permit the alleged to be guilty. 

Furthermore, if you unlawfully discharge a firearm you may never have firearms irrespective of whether the firearm was used to commit a crime or not.

If you are guilty of any crime involving violence, you would be asked to submit all firearms in your possession within five days of the court order.

Ensure that The officer who receives your submitted firearms gives you a voucher containing your name, the serial number of the item you submitted, the date of your submission, the kind of item you submitted, the manufacturer, and the model.

Gun Range rules.

  • Only one round should be loaded during shooting sessions. This ensures the safety of the shooters and other people present in the field.
  • A shooting range must be set up away from the residential area.
  • All Paper targets must be sealed to backboards.
  • Firearms should be discharged from designed and established gun range stations under the supervision and guidance of a range officer.
  • All firearms must always be kept pointed downrange.
  • All firearms must be unloaded when they are not in use. 
  • During a target session, shooters must shoot from the yellow line mapped out at the gun range.
  • No incendiary, ammunition, or explosive should be carried inside the shooting field. 
  • On no account should a flammable material be carried into the shooting arena. Smoke only in the area mapped out for smoking.


Have I answered your question “can Felons go to Gun Range”?

If you are an ex-convict and you want to join your friends at the shooting arena.

Ensure you have obtained all the necessary permission you need to access a gun range.

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