What Military Branch Accepts Felons?

What military branch accepts felons? Are there qualifications you may need to join as a felon? 

The military has different sections and each section has its specifications and requirement that must be fulfilled before you can join the forces.

In this post, we would look at the different military branches that accept felons into their camp.  

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What Military Branch Accepts Felons?

The military as a whole accepts felons, but they do this with certain limitations and requirements. 

For instance, an ex-convict who was imprisoned for murder, armed robbery, and other felony charges must meet all the requirements before they would be called to join the Airforce or Coast Guards.

Furthermore, those who were given a drug charge must undergo a drug test to prove that they are clean and safe from the usage of hard drugs.

What Is The Felon’s Job In The Military? 

Are you a felon? Do you want to join the military

As an ex-convict, you must meet all the criteria like being a citizen of the country you wish to join their military. 

You should have any serious criminal record, you should have the job requirements, you must pass the drug test and you must be physically and mentally fit.

Furthermore, Positions like special operations, infantry and combat arms, air and sea operations, and logistic and support groups are always open and accessible to felons who meet the military requirements.

For instance, someone with a medical background can work as an optician, a psychiatrist, a dentist, and any other medical branch needed in the military, while people with an engineering background can work as a flight engineers.

How To Join The Military If You Are A Felon.

Did you meet all the basic requirements for joining the forces as a felon?

Now it’s time, to go through different processes of evaluation testing and training to begin your journey as a military official.

These series of tests may include fitness assessments, drug tests, and drills in addition to training connected to the field you are pursuing in the military.

You must know that not all military positions are open to ex-convicts and felons. For example, openings that deal with security clearance, law enforcement, and secret agents these positions are not open to people with a criminal record.

To learn more about what military branch accepts felons you must explore your options. Don’t limit yourself to just the military or airforce. Ensure you study the requirements and qualifications of all the military branches in your county.

You must be straightforward and truthful when you are filling out the recruitment form. If you aren’t, your request would be terminated immediately and you might even be sent to jail.

Trust me a career in the Armed forces is one of the best things that can happen to you and your family.

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What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Military With A Felony Record

Financial support, specialized education, and training, skill and development, and an opportunity to become a citizen of your country of residence are one of the benefits of joining a military branch that accepts felons

The benefits of joining the military with a felony record can include financial support, specialized training and skills development, opportunities for advancement, and the chance to become a U.S. citizen through military service. 

While it is certainly not an easy path to follow, many felons find that enlisting in the military can be a powerful way to turn their life around and start fresh after serving their time behind bars.

How Many Felonies Can You Have & Still Join The Military?

Due to the nature of the army and how delicate its operations are, the army is the easiest force a felon can get into.

However, we cannot say the same for the Airforce and Navy. 

In the navy, the slightest wrongdoing or misbehavior can disqualify you from joining the Naval forces. 

If you have been sent to jail multiple times you wouldn’t be accepted to join the navy.

Irrespective of the offense, the naval forces don’t wave more than two charges. Serious charges like domestic violence and rape can disqualify you immediately even if you have waivers. 

In addition, moral character is a key criterion for the acceptance of felons in military branches

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Why Felonies Matter

As stated earlier, your moral standard is very important in the role you wish to take up in the armed forces.

The military has rigorous standards that all aspirants should meet, to be a part of the armed forces.

Here are some charges that can hinder your dreams of joining the military.

  • Rape
  • Fraud of any kind.
  • Drug usage as of the time of your application.
  • People under a restraining order.
  • Unrepentant driving offenses 
  • Kidnapping

Can A Felon Ever Become A U.S. Citizen By Serving In The Military?

As stated earlier, a felon can become a citizen of his country of residence through military service.

To achieve this you must meet all the qualifications and requirements needed for enlistment.

If you have served in the military for a minimum of 12 months you are eligible to apply for naturalization.


After reading this post, I’m sure that you have gotten vital information on the military branches that accept felons.

If you are interested in joining the military do not be discouraged to enlist in military service if you had a felony charge.

Just ensure you stay away from anything that can jeopardize your application, go through the requirements, get in touch with recruiters, and train your body and mind.

After you have done all these. You are now ready to enlist in the military.

Good luck! As you embark on this great journey.

Let me see your questions in the comment section below.

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