Does UPS Drug Test? (All You Need to Know)

In the job world today, it’s not unusual for companies to perform drug tests on their employees.

 But what about UPS? Does UPS Drug Test? And if so, is it doing so on a random basis or only when there’s suspicion? 

This article entails everything  you need to know on the UPS drug test .

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About UPS

UPS ( United Parcel Service) is a delivery company that specializes in shipping packages and freight. Founded in 1978, UPS employs more than 330,000 people and operates in more than 220 countries and territories. 

UPS has developed an extensive network of delivery points that enable it to deliver packages quickly and efficiently.

The company is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. UPS provides customers with Same Day or Next Day delivery of packages worldwide.

 UPS also offers a wide range of freight services, including international express, transportation management, truckload, and courier services.

 In addition to its own fleet of trucks and airplanes, UPS contracts with independent carriers to provide delivery service to customers throughout the United States.

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Does UPS Drug Test?

When UPS management hires a staff and red flags are exhibited in an employee duty, 

The candidate is going to be subjected to a random drug test.

A drug test is deemed necessary due to an unacceptable change in the behavior of the employee at work or an inappropriate change that exists, it will be administered.

When an employee arrives intoxicated at work, they will be required to submit to a drug test. At UPS, the most commonly used drug testing approaches are oral swabs and urine samples.

Types Of Drug Testing UPS Perform

There are three types of drug testing that UPS performs: 

1. Pre-Employment Testing:

UPS has a structured interview process with several rounds of numerous stages that test a prospective hire’s ability to perform a specific position on numerous levels.

Since there are a large number of candidates, early stages in the recruitment process are administered without a drug screen.

Unless it is certain that you are a suitable candidate, you will be asked to submit yourself to a drug test in order to join the team at your company.

You will be routed to this conclusion to see if you’re an appropriate candidate for the job, and if selected, you’ll have to pass a drug screening. During the preliminary background check, the drug test verifies that everyone is drug-free.

Here are some of the most common types of pre-employment testing: 

  •  A hair test looks for drugs that are stored in hair follicles. 
  •  A urine test looks for drugs that are excreted in urine. 
  •  A blood test looks for drugs that are present in blood plasma or serum. 
  • A saliva test looks for drugs that are present in saliva. 
  •  An oral fluid test looks for drugs that are dissolved in oral fluids such as saliva and tears.

2.  Random Drug Tests

While UPS requires you to take close attention when you work, you’re subject to random drug testing for safety reasons. 

The goal is to help nobody be impaired or distracted by anything that might impair reason and cause an accident if employees are driving UPS trucks and handling lots as well as other types of machines and equipment.

The UPS drug test administrator can choose to perform testing at random and at no prior notice.

This makes planning difficult, and the best way to do this is to stay clean. If suspicions arise that you’re using a restricted substance, a random drug test can be performed.

A failure to pass the assessment will most likely prompt you to end your job.

3. Post-Incident Drug Tests

Surveillance is required when using all of UPS’s equipment or machinery.

Any type of incident, regardless of whether it’s severe, may demand a drug screening to prove you were sober due to intake of  substances at the time of the incident.

The act will determine whether or not your contract is terminated or you’re kept in the position.

Time Duration Of UPS Drug Test 

The results of the UPS drug test are generally available within a few days. Furthermore, an employer may ask that the screening be performed using a rapid test to provide results on the same day.

Negative results are usually obtainable within 24 hours however, positive results may necessitate further testing, which could take days or weeks. The lab will provide you with a copy of any outcomes if you passed or failed the assessment.

You’ll be informed of the outcome, so you can follow up with instructions. It will be sent to you, while it will simply be delivered to your firm through courier or fax.

If you prefer to find out your screening results via telephone, you should phone the human resources department within two to three days. 

After you receive a negative screening for hiring purposes, you will not be considered for the position.

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What Types Of Drugs Are Tested For At UPS?

UPS tests for the following drugs:

  • MMJ
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Barbiturate

Frequently Asked Questions From Employees And Aspiring Candidates At UPS

Are Driver Helpers Subjected To Drug Testing?

The answer is no.

A regular driver’s assistant is not required to submit a drug test since he or she is just assisting the driver in unloading the boxes and bringing them to their final destination.

Are Package Handlers Drug Tested?

The answer is yes, UPS administers drug tests to package handlers as part of a pre-employment wellness check. 

The package handlers must pass the required drug test according to the UPS health care policy.urine samples are used during the urine drug test required prior to employment.

Do Dock Workers Undergo A Drug Test?

Like package handlers, dockworkers must pass pre-employment testing at UPS.

UPS has a rigid hiring policy designed to maintain the productivity of its workers.

Is A There A Urine Test At UPS

The company performs a 5-panel  urine test for each of its applicants. Mouth swabs are also not administered.

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If you’re an employee or job seeker at UPS you should  be informed that the company performs drug tests.

However, it’s always a good idea to be safe and not put yourself in a compromising position. 

If you are ever questioned about drug use, be honest and upfront about what you have taken. You can also contact an attorney if you feel that your rights have been violated.

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